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received through and written down by Bertha Dudde

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Battle.... Works of destruction.... Against God's will....
A world of battle will smother love and this signifies the spiritual breakdown of that world. For where love is present there is also peace. Combatants, however, shelter the spark of hatred in their chest and hatred wants to destroy and inflicts countless wounds to the opponent. But since every work of destruction entails the devastation of the divine creation and is therefore a violation of the Creator's will, God will never be able to sanction such works of destruction, and thus the battle will never correspond to divine will.... unless a battle is waged against blatant heartlessness, for a righteous cause which will be a blessing for the world. Hence, love for one's neighbour must be the driving force for a battle. Without it people would have to endure suffering through no fault of their own, which a responsible ruler's sense of justice wants to stop happening. In that case a war is justified, and God will lead him to victory for the sake of these suffering people. Every evil deed will result in evil deeds time and again, and thus a battle evoked without justification will give rise to countless evil deeds again. Once the heartlessness has reached its climax, humanity will be ready for its downfall, for humanity's conduct is not only directed against their fellow human beings but also against God, by destroying God's creations. Apart from the dreadful earthly consequences every act of destruction also has inconceivable spiritual results which affect the human race itself. Every work of destruction interferes with divine will insofar as that it destroys the divine order, thus it callously destroys the works which God's wisdom and love had created, which must therefore understandably have a direct effect on the perpetrators themselves. God is righteous and His punishment will come upon the guilty, and guilty are those people whose actions only ever express heartlessness. Love will never be able to prevail among people who fight each other and aim to cause damage in order to render the other incapable of fighting.... Everything came forth from God's love; consequently, love was the divine creative power. Lack of love must therefore signify the ruin of what God's love created.... And thus the heartlessness is directed against God. It is something that God can never approve of and therefore He cannot support a battle which will drive heartlessness to perfection. God is love.... and anything that lacks love is part of God's adversary.... __Amen
Destruction of works of creation and its consequences....
Everything visible to your eyes testifies to God's love, it was created to help the fallen substance, to elevate it from its sunken state again, and therefore every work of creation should be seen as an emanation of divine love and be respected and valued accordingly. None of God's creations may be wilfully destroyed, for then its function, its intended purpose, will be prevented. And neither may human work be destroyed which also has a function.... the function to be helpful. For every work of creation that originated from God's will was given this function, otherwise it could not result in higher development of the substance. And human creations are also assessed in relation to their function.... As long as they have the task of being useful, as long as they somehow serve other people or even other creations, they contribute towards the development of the substance and fulfil their purpose. __To destroy such creations results in the interruption of the spirit's progress of development and can never be justified before God.... as in fact all destruction of matter has to be motivated by love to be justifiable before God.... Consequently, if destruction takes place for the purpose of producing objects which are helpful to people, which serve a useful purpose, the destruction is justified for the love of other people. However, any other destruction is sacrilege.... sacrilege against other people and against God, Whose power created things which truly have another purpose than to fall victim to the human will of destruction.... And this sacrilege avenges itself badly.... __When the driving force of hatred and unkindness between people destroys matter then people also have to pay for it.... materially, because they lose things that had fulfilled a useful purpose, as well as spiritually, and the latter in a particularly painful way.... Because spirit has been freed against its will and before its time, and this spirit disturbs all substances in its environment but especially the human being by permanently appearing before his soul's eyes, that is, by constantly occupying his thoughts with the lost objects. This is extremely harmful to the soul since it inhibits its development. It is held back from spiritual aspiration, its senses are constantly directed towards material things and therefore the creations can quietly torment a human being when they are unavailable to him, when they fall prey to the human will of destruction. __Every work of creation by God, or by a human being who just wants to work constructively, should be respected. The destructive principle denotes the actions of God's opponent.... And at this moment in time he is raging in the world.... He induces people to God-opposing behaviour against His creations, he has awakened the destructive urge in people because they lack love and no longer understand the meaning and purpose of creation. And this shall result in serious consequences. God will counteract the human work of destruction, which is the influence of the evil power, with a far greater work of destruction but which is entirely warranted in God' love.... __He shall liberate the spirit which is willing to walk the way of service on earth from endless long captivity.... He shall release the solid matter so that the human destructive will is stopped and human beings learn to see earthly creations for what they are: means for development as long as they can exercise their useful function. This divine destructive action will affect people even far more seriously; however, this is necessary so that they return to the right way of thinking, that they respect and appreciate every work of creation, that they understand its function and once again occupy themselves constructively. Because this and only this is divine order: that everything in existence shall progress and that every human work of creation shall also be a guarantee for the development of spirit as long as it fulfils its useful purpose, as long as the human will to be of help has produced it.... __Amen
The final work of destruction....
The final work of destruction will be caused by people's own will, nevertheless, I shall not hamper this will.... firstly, because it is free and shall also have to justify itself, and secondly, because I based My plan of Salvation on this free will in a way that it will benefit the continued development of the spiritual beings.... I truly do not determine people's wrong inclinations and actions; I only let them have absolute freedom which they, however, misuse by interfering in the laws of nature, by experimenting with forces which they cannot fully control as yet and whose effects they therefore don't know. But it is their fault that they conduct experiments for the wrong reasons, that they are not motivated by thoughts of love to carry out their intentions.... And for this reason their guilt will have such terrible consequences.... For it will result in an act of destruction to which everything living in, on and above the earth will fall prey.... For although the planet as such will remain the entire surface of earth will nevertheless become changed, and that will also mean the destruction of all life and all works of creation on this earth which constrained spiritual substances. And thus, these spirits will receive their freedom for the time being, they will be able to escape from their form regardless of the degree of maturity they had reached. But they will not keep this freedom.... For they will have to continue their path of development and therefore will be placed into new forms. And in order to make it possible for the spiritual substances still bound in the creations to continue with their development I shall allow the wrong will of people who will cause this work of destruction, but the human race itself will perish as a result of this wrong will, for only My Own will survive the final destruction, and there will only be a few.... __The majority of people, however, are already so distant from Me that their spiritual fate is already decided, for they have reached the lowest point which excludes further development on this earth.... On account of their profane state they will give rise to the end of the old earth, and thus it will come to pass as people want it themselves: everything will be changed yet only in line with My eternal law of order.... People will indeed initiate it, yet I Myself will determine or direct the consequences according to My eternal plan of Salvation, which was based on people's wrong will so that all wrong thinking shall nevertheless still yield right results.... For I will direct the consequences according to My will, admittedly it doesn't correspond to people's will but it serves the spirits' continued development. And that is My plan, of which I inform you time and again so that each one of you can shape himself according to this plan while there is still time, for each one of you can still belong to those who will be saved at the end.... each person can still shape his nature such that he will belong to `My Own'.... But he must believe and live a life of love, he must turn his will to Me, and I will accept him and grant him the strength to achieve the work of transformation on himself.... Then he need not fear the end either, regardless of how threatening world events seem to evolve.... I protect My Own in every adversity and danger, I help them in an earthly and spiritual way, for My Own shall become strong in faith and therefore noticeably experience My help.... And time and again I announce this to you humans so that you can prepare yourselves if only you are of good will to live in order to please Me.... For the end will come without fail because the time granted to you is over.... __Amen
The Coming of the Lord (to be understood literally)....
The hour of My return comes ever closer, for the end of the earth is near, and once the last day has come, I, too, will come in the clouds in order to fetch My Own before the earth's destruction ensues.... However, this is not to say that Earth will cease to exist as a planet, instead, only its surface will go through a complete transformation which for you humans is nevertheless the same as a complete destruction, since nothing alive will escape this destruction because all creatures will be affected. This is why I can come to Earth Myself in order to save My Own from this final work of destruction, for apart from My believers there will be no-one else who survives the final work of destruction and thus might be able to describe it afterwards. I Myself will come when My Own can no longer see a way out, when on account of their faith My adversary will openly proceed against them. They will experience serious difficulties until the end, and only their firm faith will keep them going and able to resist, for they will await My coming and I will not disappoint their faith. I will appear in brightly radiating light and yet soften My brilliance so that My Own will be able to endure it.... Nevertheless, that which will trigger great joy and jubilation in My Own will cause panic in the others and be their judgment.... For although they will be unable to see Me, they will nevertheless notice the unusual occurrence that the people they had pursued will disappear upwards before their eyes.... And this experience will become their judgment, for suddenly they become aware of their wickedness and also convinced that they are facing the certain end, which they cannot escape. Were they able to behold Me in this hour, they would certainly all stretch out their hands to Me.... Yet this handing-themselves-over to Me would be utterly pointless, because it would be an enforced faith caused by the supernatural phenomena of Me Myself.... Yet even the rapture of My Own could still let their belief in Me arise at the last minute, I would truly be merciful to them before the very end.... However, they will already be too ensnared by the adversary and will no longer be able to release themselves, hence they will descend into the earth and a renewed banishment in solid matter will be their self-inflicted fate.... Almost all people will doubt My Coming on the day of Judgment.... And yet, My promise will come true.... I will come to you and you will be able to behold Me in splendour and magnificence. For My Own truly have earned their deliverance from profound adversity and because nothing seems supernatural to them anymore which relates to the end they recognised as certain. The end will come, and I Myself will descend to earth just as I once ascended to Heaven.... in all glory and visible again to those who believe in Me, who are My disciples in the last days before the end. These are not metaphorical Words, not parables for future events.... they are the events themselves and it will literally happen as I have promised you, and you can await it every day when you are extraordinarily besieged by those who are enslaved by My adversary.... As soon as the battle of faith begins you will know that the last hour has come, for this will be his final act, it will be the last battle on Earth which will end with his ultimate defeat.... Then a time of peace will commence on the new earth, for with My coming to Earth and your rapture this period on Earth will end and a new one will start.... The Earth will be transformed and changed into a totally new one and you, whom I will fetch, shall be the new inhabitants of this paradise-like world.... a time of peace and heavenly bliss shall be your fate in the paradise of the new Earth.... __Amen
Destruction of earth is the result of experiments....
The final work of the earth's destruction will be triggered by you humans yourselves. And I will not stop you, because I also consider the spiritual substance which, as a result of this work of destruction, will be liberated from matter and able to continue its process of development in new forms on the new earth. You have been informed of this several times already and yet have little belief, for the whole event is simply unimaginable to you. Nevertheless, it is the conclusion of a period of development which will lead to a new period, so that the work of return can once again successfully proceed in lawful order, which was no longer evident before the destruction of the old earth. My adversary completes his last satanic work by influencing people to do something which he has no power to do himself: to destroy works of creation.... in the belief to thereby release the constrained spirits and take control of them. He manipulates people and induces them to carry out all kinds of experiments which, however, will fail with devastating effect due to peoples' lack of knowledge. For people dare to experiment without having explored the outcome.... they will unleash forces they cannot control and consequently are doomed to die. And with them the creation work earth, too, will be subject to enormous destructions.... The entire earth's surface will totally change, all works of creation on earth will fall prey to destruction, the effects will penetrate to the core of the earth, and thus one can speak of a destruction of enormous proportions although people themselves will not be able to observe it, apart from the small flock which I will lead away from earth beforehand into a realm of peace. __I Myself would never allow such destruction if thereby I would not gain new opportunities of salvation for the still constrained spiritual substance, which already languishes for an infinitely long time in hardest matter.... Yet continued development would also be possible for this spiritual substance if people would not reverse the lawful order and always just live up to their helpful task on earth.... But people no longer live within divine order, and therefore My adversary exerts great influence over them and impels them to start a process in the hope to gain the return of the constrained spirits to him. And I will not stop him, since it still depends on every person's own free will to comply with My adversary's inducement.... Nevertheless, regardless of what people do, I will always know how to utilise the effects of their actions correctly. For even the world of darkness is subject to Me and My might, and it will have to serve Me while at the same time take part in My work of return, if only unconsciously. But I know the direction of humanity's will since eternity and was able to incorporate it in My plan of Salvation.... I know when the moment in time has come when spiritual progress can no longer be expected.... __I also know when the time has come to liberate the constrained spiritual substances, and therefore will not prevent people's activity when they set an enormous work of destruction into motion due to their misguided will, which aims for My adversary, and thus people are his willing instruments. For he himself is unable to destroy any work of creation, he cannot dissolve any kind of matter and all power over the spirits has been taken away from him. This is why he tries to regain it, and people who belong to him contribute themselves towards the disintegration of matter.... at first through countless experiments which then take on proportions which matter can no longer withstand.... But I allow the spirits captivated therein to be set free, if only at the expense of humanity, which itself has reached a spiritual low that requires a new banishment into matter.... And irrespective of what My adversary and the people who belong to him will undertake.... in the final analysis it will nevertheless serve the progress of the spiritual substances again, which is meant to reach perfection one day. Therefore My plan of Salvation will surely be implemented, as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture.... __Amen
Irresponsible experiments are the reason for the destruct...
The divine world order cannot be revoked; nevertheless human determination can challenge it, but only to its own disadvantage. Laws exist which human intellect will never be able to ascertain, for they not only affect the natural properties of earth but also form the basis of continued existence for other creations, hence they are impenetrable for the human intellect and have to be accepted, that is, they must not be ignored if opposite laws are not to come into effect, which were likewise given by divine wisdom, thus intending to maintain the eternal order. __A certain degree of creativity is indeed granted to humanity, and research in all directions can likewise be embarked upon. However, as long as the human being is not yet in full possession of spiritual strength he is subject to limitations both in regards to knowledge as well as to the exploitation of earth forces which are always active and must be utilized in definite conformity to law, in some sort of orderliness. If this lawfulness is ignored, if these forces are activated contrary to law, then the effect will be disastrous and total destruction of all matter will be the inevitable result, which human will is unable to bring to a halt. For then other creations, other celestial bodies which interact with these forces, will exert an influence and thus will be affected. People will no longer be able to observe these effects as they, without exception, will fall victim to such destructions, apart from those already in possession of spiritual strength who will be taken away from the endangered vicinity of earth by God's will. __Such a process will take place and thus signify the end of this earth. Human will is arrogantly resolved in wanting to investigate forces and through experiments thus will activate forces with said enormously destructive effect.... For the motives for these investigations, which will result in this unimaginable outcome, are not honourable. Hence God will deny them the blessing which rests on activities that aim to benefit fellow human beings. Besides, they will be contravening divine natural law in so far as that they conduct experiments at the risk of human life, that they use human beings as test objects who have to sacrifice their lives. This is a sin against divine order, against the love for God and other people, as well as a sin against humanity which thereby is doomed for destruction. For the knowledge of those conducting such tests is far from sufficient and thus they will be undertaken prematurely which, however, is known beyond doubt. And such irresponsible experiments cannot be tolerated by God, hence they will have repercussions for the experimenters, who will achieve nothing else but total destruction of all material creations on earth, thus a shattering of matter which, however, in the spiritual sense means a disintegration of every form and a release of the spiritual substances bound therein. Thus people will trigger this final act of destruction on earth, and the whole of humanity will be destroyed due to the fact that craving for fame, excessive need for recognition and greed for material possessions are turning people into reckless speculators, who nevertheless are not ignorant of the fact that they will endanger their fellow human beings and still conduct their tests. Previously gained experiences will already have provided them with enough cautions and warnings in order to refrain from them, consequently their action is a sacrilege which God will not leave unpunished.... __Amen
Only a small flock will be able to see Me in all My glory at the end of the earth, and this flock will be lifted to heaven before their fellow human beings' eyes, who face spiritual and physical death. For as soon as the former have left the earth it will fall prey to destruction, which means that everything that lives in, on and above the earth will be consumed by flames which burst through the earth and do not spare a single work of creation. Yet My Own will not be affected by this work of destruction, for I will take them away first, and the sight of their sudden departure will horrify people, for My Own will disappear to heaven before their very eyes. But only My Own will be able to see Me Myself when I arrive in all splendour and glory. For the others I will remain invisible, because no one enslaved by My adversary will ever behold Me in My glory. But by the time they regain their senses after the supernatural phenomenon of rapture, their end will already have come.... the earth will open and devour all those who are and remain disloyal to Me. __The event of the rapture is not comprehensible to people of this earth, for something entirely unlawful will take place, something unnatural, which will remain unbelievable to all those who do not believe in Me and do not know My eternal plan of Salvation.... And yet it will happen as I announce it to you.... I will move the bodies of living human beings to a place of peace in an instant, but they themselves will consciously experience this event and be full of joy and praise for Me.... For they will have passed the test of faith, then they shall receive the reward for their love and faith in Me, and I will open paradise for them.... A new period of Salvation will start and My Own will become the root of the new generation on the new earth.... Only faith can comprehend this, intellect, however, will resist it and doubt until the day comes.... __Amen
Disintegration.... Work of destruction.... Renewed banish...
Spiritual progress can never be achieved in a world of hatred and unkindness, and therefore the earth is failing in its real purpose of helping the spiritual substances embodied in it to attain higher development. Therefore the time has come for the manifold creations, which are intended to accomplish this purpose, to be dissolved and to release the spirits for the purpose of receiving new forms. For humanity, however, this disintegration signifies a fall from its already achieved advancement into the deepest abyss; it signifies a return into hardest matter and a repeated process through all works of creation on the new earth. But due to their lack of love people are completely ignorant and have neither time nor will to dwell on what lies ahead of them if the information is presented to them. They do not concern themselves with spiritual problems and this, too, is a sign that the time of the disintegration of the old earth has come. They are not open to any relevant clarification, they only live for their earthly interests and refuse all spiritual conversations. Consequently, admonitions and warnings are fruitless. __If, however, there is no further likelihood for a spiritual change to take place on earth, if a spiritual forward motion is completely out of the question, then only a complete decline can be expected; but God will not allow this to happen, instead He will transform the earth prior to it. This certainly involves a complete work of destruction yet it is intended in the plan of eternity in order to provide the completely degenerated human race, that is, the bound souls within, with the possibility of higher development again, because God's infinite love will never let anything fall completely, even if it is still totally opposed to Him. Earth's final destruction is therefore an act of supreme compassion at the same time, yet it will come to pass without fail in order to prevent an even further decline of people who, due to their heartlessness, have already severed every connection with God and widened the gulf between Him and themselves and thus lack all strength for higher development. And this is why God will come to their assistance, He will deprive them of their external cover and confine the spirits again, so that the infinitely wide chasm, which was established by people's free will, shall become less again in the state of compulsion, so that the spiritual substance will come closer to God again in the constrained state and once again receive the opportunity to use its freedom of will correctly in order to attain God, if only after an infinitely long time.... __Amen
End of the world.... Judgment Day....
The end will come when no-one expects it..... It will be a time when God-rejecting people are enjoying life to the full while God's faithful are anxiously awaiting the coming of the Lord. The former, however, don't spend a single thought on the forthcoming end, they live for the moment without scruples or tempering their earthly pleasures, they indulge themselves, commit sins and are totally subject to Satan's influence. It will be a time when an apparent improvement of living conditions has been achieved, when earthly hardship has diminished for people complying with the demands of the ruling power, when only those people have to suffer who are excluded on account of their faith. And in the midst of this euphoria the Judgment will come.... surprising even God's faithful since nothing before will have given the impression that a change of their sad situation might occur. Humanity is rife with guilt of sin, it has completely detached itself from God and turned to His adversary, it has received his share on earth, earthly pleasures in abundance, and people's intentions and endeavours get increasingly worse and demonstrate themselves in their actions against the faithful, who are mercilessly bullied and helpless against their power and brutal aggression. They do a first class job for Satan and humanity is ready for destruction. And thus the end will come as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture.... It will be a horrendous day for people, the earth will split open, fires will break through the earth's crust and all elements will be in uproar.... And people trying to flee will break into indescribable panic, yet wherever they turn they will find the same everywhere, certain destruction.... __The end has come for all whose mind is turned away from God.... and the deliverance from greatest danger for His Own, who will be removed alive and thus escape physical death. God has already announced this time long in advance, yet no-one appreciates His predictions, and thus people will suddenly find themselves in a dreadful situation from which there is no escape. The destruction of the old earth has been decided since eternity, but when it will happen remains hidden from people, and thus they will experience it at a time when they believe themselves safe and masters of the world, when they try to get as much enjoyment as possible out of life, when they are totally captivated by the world and therefore exclude God from their thoughts. __And thus God reminds people of Himself.... He calls to account those who sin against Him because they refuse to acknowledge Him.... He sits in Judgment over humanity and separates people by lifting His Own into His kingdom and banishing the others once again.... by leaving them to lose their lives in an appalling way and imprisoning their souls once more, i.e. by constraining the soul's will so that it will have to take the path of development through the new creation again. This is a cruel act and yet one of divine justice, for people's sinfulness will have reached its climax. They are of service to Satan and have become sheer devils themselves; nothing else can be given to them but physical destruction and spiritual captivity so that God's faithful will be released from them and able to lead a life of peace and harmony on the new earth. __And although God is ever forgiving and patient while the sinfulness keeps growing.... the end will come without fail and at a time when it is least expected. For even the believers will be shocked, because everything worldly appears to prevail, because the increasing power of the world's representatives has rendered the faithful helpless and without rights. And thus the world appears stable and yet is so close to its destruction.... until the day comes, which God has determined since eternity, which no-one is able to predetermine and which, according to God's plan, will nevertheless bring the final disintegration of everything on earth. Only God knows the day, people shall always expect it and prepare themselves for it so that they will belong to those who will be taken away by God in advance, so that they will not belong to those who will be condemned on the Day of Judgment, as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture.... __Amen
Experiments.... Work of destruction.... I
Penetrating the core of the earth can only ever be permissible up to certain limits; once these limits are exceeded you will suffer the according consequences.... It will result in a work of destruction on such an enormous scale which is impossible for you humans to imagine because you will not survive such devastation but fall victim to these experiments at the same time. Human intellect studies and speculates and has already deeply penetrated the laws of nature. And these investigations could indeed be a blessing for fellow human beings were they conducted with the right attitude towards Me, so that it would be possible to direct the researchers' thoughts according to divine order. Yet this right attitude towards Me is usually missing, and individual people are often drowned out by researchers and scientists who are distant from Me and whose thinking can therefore also go astray.... Which, in the case of experiments on the intended scale, will result in awful consequences: they will no longer be able to control the laws of nature, they will draw the wrong conclusions, and they will conduct tests on the basis of incorrect calculations and thus trigger forces which they will no longer be able to keep in check. People only calculate with earthly figures, but not with spiritual problems which, in view of their ignorance of God, are impossible for them to solve. But the basis of everything is spiritual, earth exists for a spiritual reason, and the goal of people inhabiting it should be to rise above the earthly realm and become mature for the spiritual kingdom, but of whose existence researchers and those who deem themselves knowledgeable don't know very much or nothing at all or don't want to believe in.... However, My works of creation are nevertheless at the mercy of people's free will, and people will not be hindered from causing even the greatest extent of destruction.... Yet they will do this at their own detriment, insofar as that all living creations will lose their lives, be they human or animal, be they plants or other creations which contain bound spiritual substances for the purpose of higher development. And even if the latter is not believed, the lives of fellow human beings should nevertheless be taken into consideration.... __Even so, people deem themselves intelligent and wise, they believe that they can also penetrate the laws of nature which so far had been unknown to them. They are conducting experiments which they will constantly expand until they trigger hitherto unknown forces with the inconceivable result of a total destruction of the Earth's surface, which no living being will survive, as has been predicted by seers and prophets since the start of this earth period. And I allow people's will its freedom; however, My eternal plan of Salvation is based on this will, because I foresaw from the start that by that time people have reached such a low spiritual level it will necessitate a restoration of My eternal order again and thus I was able to base My plan of Salvation on it without enslaving people's will. For they themselves will be the architects of the end of this earth, they themselves will determine the date despite the preceding warnings and admonitions, despite the continuous references to their wrongdoing, as long as they are not in association with their God and Creator of eternity, Who then would also truly be able to guide their thoughts and intentions correctly without coercing their will. But people don't want to believe that they are approaching such a work of destruction of Earth, and they cannot be warned in any other way than through My Word, which is conveyed to them from above.... But if they incline their hearts towards Me of their own accord, they will also become enlightened and refrain by themselves from further experiments.... Yet there are only a few of them and they will be unable to assert themselves, even though they recognise the immense danger which threatens the human race.... But the majority will be opposed and won't let go of a plan which will result in the end of the earth. And because of their freedom of will they cannot and will not be stopped by My side because, according to My wise counsel, it will further countless beings' higher development again, because I know how to guide everything, even that which is bad, such that it will nevertheless still result in beneficial consequences and precisely this is My plan of Salvation which will therefore also be implemented according to My love and wisdom.... __Amen
You people cannot yet imagine the extent of the act of destruction by the will of God to take place, for it will outdo everything that there happened, ever. Countries and oceans will change, rivers will leave their shores and thus there are scenes created according to which people assume to be moved into other areas and by that an indescribable chaos arises already because people can't find each other anymore. Restlessly they will wander around until strong-willed people show up, trying to create order and look after the weak people. The misery will be so big that love only will bear it and wherever one will intercede for the other there will soon an ease and help be felt that will obviously be granted from above. __Whoever now turns to God and calls upon Him with all of one's heart, help shall be granted to the one, for now God with His love and omnipotence shows Himself so clearly to the point that it will be easy for the weak believer to attain a solid faith and this time is a time of grace for the unbeliever where, in light of the phenomena that are based on the strength of faith, one can still easily change. These phenomena will make everybody think but only the one willing to believe will reap the benefits from it whereas the others always just talk about an accident and bitterly face the severe misery, decline a Creator or condemn His actions. The size of the disaster cannot bring them to their senses, they try to find a natural explanation for everything and spiritual connections they reject altogether. In respect to the experiences of the neighbor they remain hard and insensitive and are not afraid to improve the condition for themselves at cost of the neighbors who are too weak to defend themselves. __Distress will be everywhere where God has spoken and He will speak wherever there is a most severe spiritual need so that the survivors will receive a warning signal for the purpose of utilizing the time until the end and also that people of the countries not concerned come to their senses in view of the catastrophe that is too enormous to be left without attention. For all mankind will get into the grip of fear the natural disaster might repeat itself and cause a complete destruction of the earth. Well, actually, this is going to happen but not immediately after the natural disaster. __Fear from that is but salutary for many since, in fact, the thought of a sudden passing away and the life after death becomes vivid and might bring about a change of one's life style. The world will want to intervene with help yet won't be able to do so to the extent that would be required. Nevertheless, every one person willing to love and to help will be blessed by God because the great misery comes upon people for the purpose of softening their hearts and to do justice to their proper task, to act in love on earth for the sake of gaining maturity of one's soul. As long as people just seek supply for themselves they remain in self-love and don't get ahead spiritually. The need of their neighbors, however, can let their actions in love become active and that's when they fulfill the will of God and their earthly duty as well. And then the most severe need is a blessing and it fulfills its purpose. __Amen
Signs of the world catastrophe....
Every world catastrophe is preceded by signs so that humanity can recognise its approach, for God at all times has proclaimed them through His Word, and by paying attention to these signs you will know that now the time has come; and thus you also know that you have to prepare yourselves so that you will not be heading towards total destruction. Whatever God does, and thus also allows to come upon earth, is determined by humanity's will, that is, human will does not directly draw the catastrophe near but its wrongness is the reason for it. Human will is misused on such a scale that a world catastrophe has to be the inevitable consequence of it, for this misguided will can only be directed onto the right track by something completely unexpected, effectively by something unnatural. Hence, the more the human will moves into the wrong direction the more urgent becomes the divine intervention, for precious earthly time is passing by without providing the being with the necessary higher development. Misused will, however, can never support higher development but only prevent it. __The events of the time, the ever increasing unbelief, the anti-Christian efforts and the messengers of His Word which are spiritually awakened by God ought to remind you that the time has come which the Lord mentioned on earth. And thus you shall be diligent and consider your soul's salvation. And regardless of how implausible it seems to you that a disaster is intended to occur on earth, just bear in mind that nothing is impossible for God, that everything can happen if it is God's will. And the fact that it is God's will is based on people's own behaviour, on their wrong attitude towards Him. If earthly life is given to people for a specific purpose but they fail to live in accordance with this purpose then they will let a divine gift of grace go by unused, and God will warn them just once more with stern Words which no one can ignore. Human will alone is the reason for a work of destruction of inconceivable proportions and when the Lord proclaimed this He foresaw people's wrong will. Yet it is His will to win back misguided humanity and therefore He applies the last resort, which certainly seems to be an act of infinite cruelty, nevertheless, it is only motivated by divine love and mercy, for countless people will attain realisation, and they will be saved for all eternity.... __Amen
The destruction of the old earth.... Experience in the fl...
I told you that you will witness the destruction of the old earth while still in the flesh and I say it again so that you will believe it. Your faith is weak, and inwardly you refuse to accept the fact that you live in the last days. But My spirit repeatedly tells you that the time of the end is close at hand.... Why don't you want to believe this? Since, on the other hand, you cannot deny the truth of My revelations? And why do you hope for and expect progress, an improvement of earthly conditions? Why does the thought of an end in combination with a total destruction of the old earth seem unbelievable and unacceptable to you? Because you would gladly continue to live, because you are not yet prepared and do not sufficiently contemplate My Word, which very clearly explains to you the necessity of a total transformation of the old earth and will guide you into profound faith if you, with your will towards Me, absorb and accept every Word as coming from heaven and live accordingly.... __Even you, who should spread My Word, allow yourselves to be troubled by doubt, and therefore do not represent My Word convincingly enough, you allow yourselves to be undermined by objections to the contrary. Your faith is not strong enough, in spite of your good will to serve Me. The reality of life affects you and you find it impossible to reconcile it with the human being's spiritual destiny. Consequently you don't support My revelations about the forthcoming time diligently enough. You do not take My Word seriously enough yourselves, hence I always have to give you the same urgent warning of the approaching end again.... You will experience it while you are still in the flesh.... Does that not tell you enough? Do you know what age you will reach? Could it be that you will only live a short time? Only I know which day will be the last and I will keep it a secret, but I will tell you that it is not far away and that you will serve Me until the end.... Consequently you will have to experience the day and should believe it! __You will be good labourers for Me because a convinced faith also lets you speak convincingly. I need servants like you on earth who will strongly urge and vividly describe to people the need for My working on earth and the spiritual hardship humanity will experience if it does not receive help. You receive My Word and are therefore already advanced in knowledge.... and yet you do not want to believe although you will not reject or oppose it.... __For this reason I speak to you all the more insistently, because profound faith is necessary if your words are to make an impact on your fellow human beings. When you yourselves are convinced that what you hear through the voice of the spirit is the absolute truth, then you are true representatives of My Word on earth, and then you lend Me your mouth so that I can speak through it Myself. Your task during the approaching time is to be My mouthpiece because I cannot reveal Myself to people in any other way, but it is absolutely necessary that they should hear Me Myself, although they are not always able to recognise My voice. The extreme difficulties of the last days will come upon people with such severity that they would have to despair without My help, without My Word. But if I speak to them Myself they will be strong and able to resist even the greatest adversity because My Words will have given them strength. Hence you should render your services, because people have to be influenced without force, and because I Myself will always be present when you, as mediators, engage people in spiritual conversations and thus establish the connection between Me and the people who are to be instructed, who urgently need My Word if they want to endure until the end. And the end is coming soon.... I call to you time and time again; you should believe My Words and with complete trust approach the future, which will unfold as I told you well in advance in Word and Scripture.... __Amen
The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night.... the day when I will reveal Myself to humanity with a voice of thunder which will be heard by everyone and which no human being will be able to avoid.... For sooner or later the act of transforming the earth will have to take place, sooner or later order must be established once again; the earth must again become a place of education for the souls which should mature fully and reach perfection. And this day has been planned for eternity, My plan is based on the fact that a transformation like that will occur one day because the human race itself will provide the reason for it.... which was certainly recognised by My wisdom.... And thus My power will also implement the plan and you can expect this day with certainty.... it will bring one period of Salvation to an end and a new one will start, as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture.... Time and again I point this out to you, but since you humans don't believe, since you don't take My Words seriously, it will take you by surprise, for even if My adversary reigns on Earth in the last days, even if he brings people so completely under his control that they lose all faith and in the end are true devils which oppress My Own and cause them utmost distress, they will nevertheless be equally horrified when My Own are lifted up before their eyes and they realise that they cannot be saved anymore, that they will fall prey to an act of destruction themselves, that there is no way out anymore and that the earth will devour them.... For there is no other way to purify the earth; all living creations will have to be dissolved and the spiritual substances within be placed into new forms.... a comprehensive cleansing work has to take place so as to re-establish order, which will also guarantee progression for the spiritual beings and which will completely exclude My adversary's activity for a period of time, on account of which he and his followers will be constrained for a long time. __This day of the end is proclaimed to you humans over and over again, yet only a few believe in it and even these few have no idea how close it is.... yet I will repeat My admonitions and warnings until the end, until the end I will address everyone and draw your attention to it, and until the end every one of you will still have the opportunity to avoid the horror of this end.... And therefore don't pity those who leave you, whom I take from this life prematurely.... don't pity them, for their fate is better than yours who live until the end and don't believe.... They still have the opportunity to attain light in the beyond, but the former continue to descend ever deeper, for I know that they would also choose the path to the abyss in the kingdom of the beyond, that they would not make use of the blessings of an early death; after all, I know the state of every soul and accordingly also shape its earthly destiny. And even if it is difficult to believe in an end of this earth, people will nevertheless have no excuse for they should only live righteously, then their end will not result in their banishment into hard matter, then they will either belong to My Own, whom I will return to the new earth, or they will still be recalled before and then they will not go astray either.... But it is better that they prepare themselves for an approaching end, that they take the possibility into account of being suddenly faced by an act of destruction from which there will be no more escape.... Anyone who reflects on these thoughts just once will certainly also find the path to Me, to the Creator of heaven and earth, Who brought everything forth from Him and therefore can also destroy everything again.... And I would like to rescue all of you from ruin; consequently I will bring the final work of destruction on earth home to you time and again.... And anyone who believes will not have to fear this day either, for he will prepare himself, and even if he is still weak and not perfect, he will nevertheless find a merciful Judge Who will not condemn him but help him attain eternal life.... __Amen
Destruction of Earth....
One thing is certain, My Word is and will remain truth and you humans need not doubt that which has originated from Me. Since the time is constantly coming closer which concludes one period of Salvation so that a new one can begin, the clarifications will also be given to you increasingly less veiled, and shortly before the end I will initiate you into My eternal plan of Salvation and inform you about things which have so far remained concealed to you because this knowledge was not necessary for the salvation of your souls. But now the time has come when My plan of Salvation will be implemented as far as it concerns the transformation of earth, which has become unsuitable as a place of education for the spiritual beings and which therefore has to be restored so that it will be able to fulfil its purpose again. You must bear in mind that My love also applies to the spiritual substance which is still bound in the works of creation and that I also want to give new forms to this spiritual substance in order to facilitate its higher development. For these bound spirits have already languished for an infinitely long time in the hard matter which makes up the earth, i.e. all creations on it.... And this hard matter as well as the bound spirits within the earth must one day be dissolved, respectively released, so as to be able to enter new forms, and therefore the work of destruction will be on a humanly incomprehensible scale; consequently a total disintegration of all earthly creations can be spoken of, although it should be borne in mind that the material building blocks will remain but effectively unconstrained until I shape them into forms again to serve the spirits as a cover once more.... Thus the creation work Earth will not cease to exist, because all that which was dissolved shall be held and shaped into new forms again by My will, on account of which one can speak of a new earth.... Concluding this period of Salvation is an act of greatest mercy for all spiritual beings on earth and those bound in the works of creation, which signifies a complete transformation but not the disappearance of the planet Earth.... __However, this transformation will only be recognisable on the earth's surface, because people would be unable to detect or follow the process of the inner change even if they were able to consciously observe the transformation. But the latter will not be the case, for it will be the work of an instant, because all the conditions already exist to animate the new creations with the spiritual substance which has reached the appropriate degree of maturity; for all these tiny particles are present and need only be placed into external forms again which are beneficial for them. All the same, you humans cannot possibly imagine this final work of destruction, although you yourselves give rise to it through your anti-divine experiments to penetrate the earth's interior in order to avail yourself of forces which you cannot control as yet and whose ramifications you don't know.... But neither will I stop you since the time I designated for the past period of Salvation has also come to an end.... Yet time and again I emphasise the fact that I will leave nothing in the old state and that no living being will survive, and that I will also give the still constrained spirits their temporary freedom, which therefore implies that even the hardest matter must one day release the spiritual substance and for this purpose has to be dissolved too, in order to harden anew and to shelter spirits again, as is My will.... Since matter itself is only spiritual substance at the start of its development it can therefore not cease to exist either, and therefore the creation work `Earth' will not vanish but only be transformed, and you can believe these Words even if the whole process of the end of the old earth is still incomprehensible for you.... However, everything is possible for Me and everything is based on My infinite love.... If you therefore only regard My work of destruction as an act of cruelty on My part you are still far removed from the right realisation.... Yet you only ever want to see humanity's destiny and fail to take the spirits bound in hard matter into account for whom the moment of liberation from their present form also has to come one day, so that their higher development can also take place according to My plan of eternity.... And because this end is constantly coming closer I Am informing you of My plan of Salvation, so that you will not belong to those who forfeit the blessings of existing as a human being on earth and run the risk of being banished into the creations again.... And I truly instruct you in all truth yet it will only be accepted by the person who wants to know the truth and has the sincere will to reach his goal on this earth.... __Amen
The final powerful work of destruction.... I.
Even if you are constantly made aware of the end your faith in it is nevertheless not alive enough to seriously prepare yourselves for it.... You are facing such an extraordinary event that it is difficult for you to believe since nothing remotely similar has ever taken place as far as you can ascertain from the past. The individual periods of Salvation are so long, and besides, it is My wise intention that you should not be able to estimate the interval between the beginning and end of such an epoch and that you should lack all knowledge in this regard. For even what you think you can ascertain by way of research is not reliable information, it will always remain unverifiable assumption. And thus the forthcoming work of destruction, which will totally change the earth's surface, will indeed affect the whole of the earth, yet it will only be consciously experienced by the few who, as the root of the new human generation, will be carried away before the end. And they will in fact still remember the old earth, however, the new period will start so entirely differently that people will soon get used to living in a completely new world and thus their thoughts utterly distance themselves from the events on the old earth.... It will only affect them like a dream since the new earth will present them with entirely different problems because they are spiritually minded and only ever try to come closer to Me. Worldly thoughts will dwindle, but the spirit will already be remarkably active and the souls will attain a high degree of maturity, so that, to a certain extent, they will have reached their earthly goal already and be in contact with the inhabitants of the kingdom of light although they will still live in their physical bodies. __What you are told in this respect is completely incomprehensible to you humans on this earth, yet it is the truth and therefore you are repeatedly informed that the time has come when you can expect unusual happenings, because events will happen thick and fast in the end and only a specific degree of maturity will assure people the strength to cope with what is to come and thus survive the last days in conscious unity with Me and the certainty that I will support them no matter what happens. Significant events of all kinds will always be caused by people themselves even if a direct cause is not perceptible, yet only I know what people's souls need.... And unusual occurrences will have to happen in the end in order to galvanise people.... And yet, all these events can be called negligible compared to the large work of destruction which will befall earth when the time comes for the lawful order to be restored in accordance with My will. Nevertheless, only the people carried away by Me and before whose eyes everything will take place will be able to watch the full extent of the destruction work.... and only because they shall realise their God and Creator's might and also experience the truth of My Word.... __Yet prior to this many an event will still frighten people and only for the sake of directing your thoughts towards the One to Whom all Power is given and at whose mercy everyone is.... And truly, every human being who is still called away from earth before the end may consider himself blessed, for he will not meet the dreadful judgment of the new banishment which, however, can be expected by everyone who does not belong to My Own.... to those whom I will carry away from this earth, as I announce to you time and again.... You humans cannot give credence to such an occurrence either, because no previous incident of that nature can be verified and because people will not allow for anything that contradicts natural laws. Yet He Who gave these natural laws can truly also revoke them, for nothing is impossible for Him, especially when it concerns establishing a new order again so as to safeguard the further development of all spiritual beings. This is why you should faithfully accept everything that is imparted to you through My Word.... You should believe that everything is possible for Me and that I will also use My might in the end because I want to repeal My adversary.... For his time is over, and he has really made good use of it to the detriment of what also belongs to Me.... And for the sake of these spiritual beings I will let new creations arise which will receive the spirits which had failed their last test of will on earth, for I always have the salvation of all spiritual beings at heart. And even if you find it impossible to recognise My love in all forthcoming events.... one day you will be able to understand it and then you will acknowledge the greater than great love, wisdom and might of the One Who wants to deliver you from the abyss but Who will let you keep your free will so that you will be able to become perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.... __Amen
Spiritual turning-point.... Total transformation of earth...
You can take it for granted that the world is facing a change, spiritually as well as earthly. The earth itself is approaching a total transformation, a transformation of its surface as well as extensive internal changes, and, likewise, people need to prepare themselves for a process that will have spiritual repercussions because all life on earth, human and animal, will cease to exist as soon as the reshaping of earth is under way. Thus it stands to reason that the entire transformation will have a spiritual foundation, that a new school for the spirit will be created which, however, will first call for the destruction of the former. Earth cannot continue to exist the way it is at present if it is not to circle through the universe amid other creations and heavenly bodies devoid of all purpose.... Change has to take place, and this act of transformation will be experienced by people to whom God has given the grace to use the final opportunities for achieving maturity. For God has blessed the last days of this earth's existence by providing blessing upon blessing for people who could certainly reach full maturity by the last day. That the gifts of grace are ignored, that the majority of people do not welcome and thus do not accept them, is only proof that the last days have arrived. __Hence only few will be able to observe the final act of transformation because they accept God's will and therefore also know of His eternal plan of Salvation. They will not be harmed by the process of transformation as they will be raptured before the last act of destruction of the old earth. And thus the change will merely affect them such that they will change their environment for a kingdom of peace until they are returned to the entirely reshaped earth as root of the new human race. Until the last day, however, others will still have ample opportunity to change and thus save themselves too. For as soon as their spiritual transformation has taken place, as soon as the soul has returned to God, Whom they had adamantly resisted so far, the souls also become aspirants to the kingdom of the blessed and need no longer fear the destruction of the old earth. No creation on the old earth will survive nor will any human being continue to exist who was not lifted to heaven by God's love beforehand.... The complete destruction of the earth's surface as a whole will also result in the demise of every creature, and the transformation of any soul capable of change will have been achieved by the hour of the Last Judgment. Hence it depends on the human being's spiritual change whether he will survive the end of this earthly period and be permitted to re-inhabit the new earth as a child of God.... __All people will still be capable of change but only few will be willing, and thus the earth's process of transformation will take place, given that people's will shall no longer take the right direction and earth no longer fulfils its intended purpose. Earthly life is misused.... As a result, the whole of humanity faces a spiritual turning-point. However, it will not happen on the old earth and it will only consciously be experienced by a few people, whilst the majority of people will indeed enter an entirely different developmental stage, hence also be affected by the spiritual turning-point, but in a regressive sense....they will lose their physical life and continue their existence in a completely different form.... `Life' will have ceased to be and the state of `death' will surround the spiritual essence because it will have failed as a human being, because it did not use its opportunity to change in order to redeem itself. __In the universe, however, the act of transformation will denote an entirely new period of redemption and the conclusion of an era which was extremely significant, because God Himself incarnated on earth in order to exemplify to humanity the change from a human into a divine being, which all people should accomplish. Earth, which carried His physical body, will now have to help the hardened spiritual substances, solid matter, to achieve redemption. Every living thing will have to experience a change of its external form; everything constrained in a form below the human level will have to be able to comply with the impetus for ascent. As a result of earth's total transformation this will indeed be possible since the love of the divine man Jesus also encompassed the as yet unredeemed spiritual substances which He also intended to help with His act of Salvation. When this period of redemption comes to an end it will also mean the end for all creations in, on and above the earth. Then a continuation of development in the creations of the new earth can commence for all spiritual substances which still need to be redeemed and which, depending on their will towards God, will animate the various forms until their final salvation.... __Amen
That a redeeming period is coming to an end, you can believe without a doubt, while you are on a spiritual Level, you then can also track the spiritual development of man, thus it won't be difficult for you to believe, that a change must take place, if I don't want man to fall in Satan's hands, whose performance is obvious. __For the human with the worldly intellect, this won't be an explanation, since he will not accept to be in a spiritual low level, because he has no conception of it. For the purpose of the earth dweller is not a pure worldly one, but the spiritual development of man is the sense and reason for the life on earth, and if this obviously moves in the background, then there is no longer a purpose for life on earth and it does not need to be continued by man who totally fail to recognise their present life purpose. __It is not just the upward development of man.... The whole creation bears spiritual matter within itself, which also must move in the same development route, all kept within a certain order in the creation, but which is knocked over by man and therefore the creations on earth are no longer serving the purpose which was assigned to them. A spiritually empty humanity is not living according to my will, thus humanity will not use all the available creations according to my will, but assign them for other purposes, which will hamper or make a spiritual upward development impossible.... __Such a spirit-empty humanity is occupying the earth today and is jeopardizing their future existence because they are no longer following My order on earth but knocking over the order of God and causing the brake through their own will which is contradicting my redemption plan. But the will of man is free....thus their behaviour is not being intervened, but man themselves will lay their hands on the works of the last destruction, they themselves will draw nay their own end and know not, that they are indirectly following my redemption plan through their works of the destruction while the still remaining bound spirits within the creation are in the ongoing development process because a new redeeming period is in the starting which again will take its course in the law governed Order like it is destined by My love and wisdom. __The spiritual low level is prove, that humanity in the bigger numbers won't believe it, because every spiritually awakened human will see by himself, that the present condition on this earth can not remain, if of a spiritual development shall be spoken. But the very few of Mine will know, that not much time will remain until the end, because they can see the signs very clear, of which I have pointed out by word and script.... __Man must see with spiritual eyes, thus he will see the condition of humanity. But if he is only watching the world, then he will only see economic development and progress, then he will have trouble to believe that all will come to an end, that nobody will be able to enjoy the very result of his hard work, of his property and worldly goods, every time he will only see the world and its progress, and spiritual thoughts will move further from his mind, as more often he watches the world and its progress.... __But he won't be able to enjoy much longer what the world has in store for him, very soon he will be abele to follow the disintegration, first through my will, through the wrecking havoc of the nature elements.... and later through human projects, for the will of man himself is judging the last work of destruction on this earth and I won't prevent it.... for I have built My plan of salvation of man since eternity according to the wrong will of man, which will give all spiritual in the whole universe again new possibilities for upward development, because I will help all for spiritual progress. __And as heralded, so it will matter how much you people are ridden with unbelief against My predictions, you can expect it with certainty, that you are standing before a grand roll-over-era and that a redemption-period is ending and a new one will begin.... For the time has run out, which was granted to the spirits out of My love, wisdom and power.... And it will come to pass, as it continuously will be heralded to you people. __Amen
Transformation of earth....
The earth will continue to exist, for I have not planned its total destruction.... Yet everything living on it, as well as all creations of nature, will cease to be, so that a complete purification of earth can take place, since in its present state it no longer serves the progress of the spiritual substances. All living creations in, on and above the earth will lose their lives; they will be released from their enshrouding external form and able to continue the path of development, which at the moment is at risk for all spiritually tangible beings. For My adversary rages in every possible way and time and again tries to stop or interrupt this development. But the earth shall still fulfil its task for an infinitely long time to come, seeing that still immature beings shall mature on it to attain childship to God.... And therefore earth will arise again after a thorough purification process has taken place, after all spiritual substances are correctly placed, that is, after they are embodied into the external forms they merit, from hard matter up to the human being, who will also have to be offered easier opportunities to achieve maturity again to enable them reaching the goal of becoming true children of God. Thus the final destruction is synonymous with the end of the old earth, even though the planet as such will remain and merely its external shell will go through a complete transformation. And thus the `end' can, and rightfully should, be pointed out, as it will not just mean the end of all civilisations but also ends the existence of every work of creation on this earth. And a new period will start again, the entire earth's surface will be brought to life by Me again with the most magnificent kinds of creations for the human eye to delight in once more, as I will give all new creations most exquisite forms and provide all types of living creations to coexist with the people who will inhabit this new earth again and whom I will take there Myself in love, wisdom and might. For I will establish the root of a new human race with those I was able to remove from the old earth; they remained true to Me until the end and thus are chosen by Me as the new generation, who in turn shall bring forth people who live within My will and amongst whom I can dwell Myself by virtue of their faith and love.... __And it will be a blissful state, for the new creations will delight people to an extent never known before. People will truly inhabit a paradise, an earth which no longer corresponds to the old earth, because it will only be occupied by mature people capable of receiving an extent of bliss previously unknown on earth, since humanity already belonged to Satan, thus necessitating the cleansing of earth. And this time lies ahead of you, and each one of you would still be able to change his nature such to be granted the great blessing of the rapture.... But a person is rarely able to muster firm faith in it, and only few people have such abundance of love that they belong to the small flock which I will call away suddenly and unexpected.... But prior to that, a time of need will befall earth which should be a very definite sign for you that the day is not far away. When you are able to clearly observe My adversary's activities, when you yourselves will be exposed to the evil deeds of his cohorts, when the adversity gets worse and a way out seems impossible to you, then this end will be near, then I will use My might to destroy everything profoundly evil and rescue My Own from certain destruction.... And those taken away by Me will live to see the downfall of the old earth, although they no longer can be affected by it themselves.... But one day they shall bear witness to the judgment of a righteous God, they shall be able to observe the act of destruction and yet praise and glorify the One Who has saved them from this judgment. __And once again I will carry out an act of creation, for My willpower alone will let a new earth arise, a dwelling place for My small flock, for My chosen people, who will then be able to live their new life in paradise, in peace and freedom, in happiness and bliss, in light and strength.... where no suffering and pain exist because the source of all evil is bound and unable to oppress people for a long time.... For one earth period has come to an end, and a new one will start again to help countless still bound spiritual substances to progress in order to enable them reach the final goal, the unity with Me as My child. And this is what lies ahead of you humans, for the time is fulfilled which was once granted to you to achieve the final release from the form.... __Amen
The `redeemed' at the end.... Inhabitants of the new eart...
When, due to My will and My might, the destruction of this earth will take place, i.e. when everything living on this earth will be destroyed, it will become evident who is truly redeemed, for only they will survive the end and be able to enter My paradise on the new earth. For in order to survive this final work of destruction it is necessary to have utmost faith in Me in Jesus Christ as well as utmost devotion to Me.... thus it requires a complete separation from My adversary.... it necessitates the state of freedom which was purchased for humanity by Jesus with His death on the cross.... Only a being redeemed by His blood can inhabit the new earth where Satan has no more power; where I Myself can dwell amongst My Own because their original state has been re-established.... __Admittedly, salvation through Jesus Christ can be experienced by people called away by Me from this earth prior to the final end.... They, too, will be blissfully happy inhabitants in My kingdom where no evil power can harm or oppress them anymore, precisely because they are `redeemed' from it.... Yet the people who shall inhabit the new earth will live in the same bliss, in complete freedom, full of light and strength, but nevertheless in earthly spheres, because they shall become the root of the new human race, because they shall help the following generation towards complete redemption, which has to live on earth until everything is completely spiritualised. Being redeemed themselves, the first human beings on the new earth are able to exert an extraordinary beneficial effect on their descendants as well as on the spiritual substances surrounding them and which are still constrained in the creations of the new earth. Thus this spiritual substance will be able to cover its process of development faster.... __For the time when My adversary is still bound in chains has to be used well.... while he has no access to the people on earth, since the strength and light of the `redeemed' is so strong that it prevents his every approach to people.... In the same way as his working and raging was clearly noticeable in the last days before the end, in the same way as he used his every influence to draw people into the abyss, so will the influence of the Divine predominate on earth now.... everything will strive towards ascent and achieve it extremely easily because no adverse power can prevent it.... The redeemed human beings will bring forth new people who are full of love, thus the divine principle is dominant in them, enabling them to mature fully within a very short time in order to enter My kingdom of light after their earthly life comes to an end.... __Amen
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