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Wolf in sheep's clothing.... Forerunner of the Lord befor...
The adversary has an easy time when he moves about in disguise like a wolf in sheep's clothing fascinating the people with his looks and words. He will use every opportunity to cause damage to humanity. Anyone who falls victim to the claws of the wolf will be mercilessly torn to shreds after he has gained power over the soul. __Therefore let Me tell you: you will recognise him who walks across the earth with the fiery sword of his tongue.... No one will doubt his word as it will be divine and an emanation of God's deepest love. But do not search for him in splendour and magnificence; his name is humble.... unknown.... although he calls himself John his mortal body does not present the appearance that graces him spiritually. He walks amongst you and teaches by word and deed and will be a forerunner of the Lord before His return to earth. Thus his word will testify to the love of God wherever he is, and he will awaken in the hearts of humanity a deep longing for truth and light. __Do not believe the voices of the present time which intend to mislead you, which intend to dull your senses for the good and noble.... leave them be and only hold on to what the Lord sends to you from above; because the inclination of the adversary turns towards the world and not away from it towards the eternal Deity. __Whoever listens to John's words will hear the Lord's Words directly and his spirit will proclaim the true salvation. And whoever hears him is completely convinced by his words. He comes in the light of truth, nothing worldly will adhere to him. The country that shelters him, however, is blessed by his presence.... When he appears the hour of judgment is not far.... he will accept all suffering with patience and only hear the voice of the Lord. Remember these words when he is apprehended to seal his fate on earth.... However, you humans will never be able to prevent God's advocate from carrying out what he has taken upon himself for the sake of humanity. You will never be powerful enough to fight against him without punishment.... Yet his eyes will rest upon you, who want to hurt him, with gentleness.... for his love and patience include all those whose hearts oppose him.... And he will win many for himself because the strength of his words and his love are great. And the world will suffer a loss.... The souls will be divided into those, who recognise him as their saviour from deepest distress and those, whose only share is the world. And their end will be the death of their body and soul.... __And thus you are given light to see the deeds of those who ask to descend, who shy away from all light from above and strive to extinguish it so that the adversary can seize the souls during darkness. Those of you who ask for light shall receive light, the Lord will not let you suffer in darkness and He will protect you from snatching wolves who sneak amongst His flock in disguise and strive to cause confusion. Read His Word and notice the first signs of the confusion.... And whoever has ears to hear shall listen: Not the world will bring you peace but only He, Whose kingdom is not of this world. And His peace will be an eternal peace and nothing in the world can destroy it and yet it will also extend across the world.... across those people who hear the Word of God from the mouth of a pure disciple of Jesus.... whose love wants to help people and who proclaims to them God's eternal love.... He will bring peace to all people of good will.... __Amen
Spiritual chaos.... World conflagration.... Messiah.... T...
And it will come to pass in the world as precisely as it is written, that no stone will remain on the other, for in these days the world will experience a complete breakdown of everything that has been preserved for thousands of years. All traditions will be opposed; it will mean incomparable chaos in a spiritual as well as in an earthly respect.... People will no longer be able to differentiate to what extent their opinions are right or wrong. They will allow themselves to be driven beyond all bounds, and in the end it will be a spiritual waste-land. The most incongruous rumours will emerge regarding the second coming of the Messiah, and a huge world conflagration will throw humanity into extreme adversity and despair. __Yet this crisis can most certainly be controlled by indisputable faith in Jesus Christ, the divine Redeemer. The path of anyone who has chosen Him as a leader through earthly life will bypass all distress and, protected by His love, the earthly valley with all its horrors will only vaguely touch him, yet the adversity will be indescribably great for all who do not carry the divine Saviour within their hearts, and the suffering on earth will appear unbearable for him, he will torture himself with all kinds of physical and spiritual problems. __And into this chaos a light will shine, giving everyone standing in this light much comfort and hope.... In these days a bearer of spiritual truth will arise amongst you. He will proclaim the Word and fill people with much hope, he will be a powerful speaker before the Lord and announce His second coming and, permeated by love for humanity, eagerly preach the Word which the Lord Himself had taught on earth.... And he will be a forerunner of the Lord. Yet his hour will come even though people will try to stop him accomplishing his mission. The world will show an interest in his fate on earth, some of the world will recognise his assignment and working as God's will.... yet the majority who live in utter spiritual darkness will demand his death. __And during this time the earth will rumble and the Lord God will warn and admonish humanity with a stern voice to turn around and consider the salvation of their souls, and the suffering on earth will be extensive and is intended to show you humans that the hour of Judgment is close. You ought to look within yourselves and remember the Lord Who proclaimed this time to you in Word and Scripture.... __Amen
Time of grace.... Speaker - Forerunner of the Lord....
Listen to the message of God's spirit.... A time of grace has commenced, and if you are willing to strive for the kingdom of God you can feel its blessing. The beings of light are obviously and perpetually at work to impart gifts of grace from the spiritual kingdom to the human beings on earth; beings of light are embodied on earth to serve people as spiritual guides during the last days; the thoughts of people who strive towards God will be enlightened and thereby closer to the truth; God's love will express itself in times of earthly hardship by bringing help wherever it is requested.... Devout people will accomplish extraordinary things and the power of faith will become evident.... And thus many blessings will manifest themselves, because the opposition will also use every means to cause spiritual distress to people and God wants to visibly help them. __And during this time of grace a man will appear whose spirit is from above, whose soul is totally united with the spirit within himself and who therefore speaks what the spirit reveals to him.... absolute truth in all clarity.... God Himself will speak through him, he will remind people to persevere or caution them not to abandon Him. And this speaker is the forerunner of the Lord. When he appears the coming of the Lord is close at hand. This man will considerably increase the extent of grace as he will be immensely supportive to the believers and offer unbelievers an opportunity to believe.... for he is alive with strength and might and will have considerable influence on people who listen to him. His words will ignite and spread like wildfire through the country where he will work. He will speak without fear and hesitation, he will inform people and draw their attention to the coming of the Lord in the clouds and to the Last Judgment. Yet not many people will believe him because most people no longer want to know God and the spirit, and thus their thinking is completely adverse. In short, they neither understand nor make use of the extraordinary gift of grace, consequently the end is inevitable, for the abyss will open and devour everything that does not recognise God and rejects His Word. __God is forever giving, and whatever He gives is an undeserved gift of grace designed to help people to mature even during these times of suffering.... Whether He gives sorrow or joy, it always helps the person to lift his soul to God, it is always pointing to Him, it is always a coaxing and guiding him onto the right path.... it is always grace.... And when this man arrives the amount of grace for people will also increase, because he is surrounded by and emanates light which flows to him from the spiritual kingdom.... He passes on knowledge, his word is utter wisdom and strength and can be easily accepted, because it is offered convincingly and can be understood by people if they listen to him carefully. God's love makes it easy for people to believe by sending them His messengers with unusual strength by which alone they can be known as messengers from heaven. But he will be attacked from all sides.... and only few understand his mission and stay with him, only few draw strength from his words; but they will receive strength and grace in abundance and be able to resist the world's confrontations, the hostilities which now take place openly.... __The last days will be extraordinary difficult but also extraordinary merciful, for God will reveal Himself wherever a heart in distress opens itself to receive His grace. And thus it will certainly be possible to be victorious in the final battle on this earth.... that the soul can emerge from it unharmed, that it gains eternal life if it prematurely passes away from earth or, if it perseveres on earth until the end, that it will be physically removed from it by the Lord to begin a new life on the new earth.... __Amen
It is exceptionally misguided to state that the time of the breakdown will be in the distant future; this error is detrimental for the souls because they will pay no attention to the admonitions and warnings of the last days. But it is equally misguided trying to determine the point in time, for this knowledge is concealed from people. God always refers to the near end through seers and prophets in order to encourage people to live according to a quickly occurring end, in order to make them aware of their responsibility towards their souls and to constantly prepare themselves for the end. The end is near, yet no-one but God knows the day. The signs of the time point towards the end, nevertheless, it will come suddenly and unexpectedly for all people including the faithful who are knowledgeable and make an effort to live in accordance with the approaching end. Human mind and human intellect will never be able to penetrate the divine plan of eternity and therefore never be able to determine the time nor the manner of the end. Only where the spirit of God is at work He will instruct people as to how the end will take place, yet always leaving the day and the hour open when it happens. For this knowledge is God's prerogative and therefore concealed to people. The faithful will be able to recognise the time of the end by the low level of spiritual development, and if they expect the coming of the Lord every day and enter into heartfelt contact with God they will also sense when the Day of Judgment is approaching. __But anyone who wants to calculate the time in advance, anyone who deems himself to know without the obvious working of the spirit, will be mistaken in his announcement, people should not believe him for he only contributes towards increasing the unbelief in the end. Even the forerunner of the Lord, who will be sent to Earth by God Himself in order to save the still undecided, even he will not specify a day.... He, too, will proclaim the imminent end and admonish people to expect it daily and hourly. He will be enlightened by the spirit of God, and the Father-Spirit, Who speaks in and through him, truly knows the day and the hour. And yet he, too, will still keep it secret from people because the knowledge of it will be of no use to them. And thus the hour will come suddenly and unexpectedly, as it was proclaimed by God.... His voice will resound in the midst of the euphoria of the world, to the horror of the unbelievers but to the comfort and joy of those who are faithful.... __Amen
Forerunner of the Lord....
God's grace and evidence of love during the last days can fully compensate people for the distress and suffering of this time, for their rapid ascent will be certain if they make good use of the gifts of grace and strive for the maturing of their soul. It will be the time of which is written, that God will be with His Own in spirit until the end; it will be the time when people will see Him coming in the clouds, when the connection between heaven and earth will become evident, not just in people's imagination, but beings of light will be active on earth and spread light in daily life, and men will be taught from above, when God Himself descends to earth in the Word, handing the bread from heaven to His Own, when people will constantly be able to draw from the source of life, since God Himself will offer them the drink of life to strengthen them.... __During this time someone will become known who is destined to be the last messenger before the coming of the Lord, who, as His forerunner, will announce Him and fearlessly tell people the truth, although he will be in danger of being seized. But he no longer cares about the world and will gladly exchange his mortal life for eternal life. Therefore he will not fear the world, for he knows that the end is near and what is about to happen to people who do not believe it.... His emergence, too, is an exceptional grace, because he will constantly remind people of the approaching end and encourage them to improve their souls, thus directing their attention towards eternity. He will also possess extraordinary strength so that he will be able to heal the sick and help where help is needed even though it appears impossible to people, because he will lead an exemplary life of love and be filled by the spirit of God. God Himself will work through him, and anyone who listens to him will hear God Himself. He will hear God's Word through a human mouth, but just as it has come from Him.... And this time has arrived, the final time of grace, which can bring much success to people who strive for perfection. And even if they have to endure untold earthly suffering they will benefit as long as they make use of the blessings; for then they will know that the end is near, because they will recognise in him the forerunner of the Lord and will joyfully expect the Lord Himself. And He will soon appear to save His Own from utmost hardship and lead them to a land of peace, as He has promised.... __Amen
The Lord's messenger before His coming.... Help desperate...
Remarkable gifts of grace can be offered to people and they walk past them as if they were everyday occurrences. They can't be troubled to examine them earnestly, and although they hear what is offered to them as a most precious gift of grace they do not apply it to themselves and, therefore, do not perfect themselves according to My Will. And thus the time of grace will pass without much benefit to them. The end is near. I will make Myself known in every possible way, I will use every means to open their hearts so that I may enter and teach them Myself. Consequently there will be twice as much work in the forthcoming time and My servants should take their task seriously and not deceive themselves by believing that their job is done. This short time before the end requires exceptional assistance on My part and particularly keen activity on the part of My servants on earth, if the souls are to be saved which are in extreme distress. Although it seems that you will not be very successful, since many will reject you, your work will not have been in vain. __Someone will come and speak the same words to people that you have received from Me. And people will compare and be surprised because they will recognise that the content corresponds to what they have already received through Word and Scripture. And again people will be offered a great opportunity to change their way of life and to shape themselves in accordance with My will. Because the messages from above will be so obviously consistent with the Gospel preached by him, who is My forerunner before My last coming. Only a few will recognise the extraordinary light and know that the time has come. The majority, however, will disregard a gift of grace which My love repeatedly offers to them. They cannot be helped anymore because it is their own free will as to whether they accept or reject it and which I will never compel. But the time of grace will be over soon, soon the hour will have passed and the last bell will toll. And anyone who has not found his way back to Me by then will remain distant from God for eternity and thus in a miserable state, which My love constantly attempts to prevent.... but success is up to you humans yourselves.... __Amen
Jesus' forerunner at the end....
Someone amongst you will emerge who shall bear witness of My coming in the clouds. And when you hear him you will know that the end is near. He is one of the purest, he is full of love and kindness and therefore closely united with Me, he is a comforter and friend to you humans, a liberator from emotional distress. He is spiritually illuminated and knows about the Last Judgment, and therefore he will warn and admonish people in My name. He will fight for Me and My kingdom and be fully enlightened. And thus he will also know where the pure truth is represented. Consequently he will emerge from amongst those who receive My teaching from above and, due to his way of life, due to his love for his fellow human beings, he will also be taught from above, because he will still have to accomplish a final task.... to be My forerunner prior to My return. For the time is fulfilled, the predictions of the prophets are coming to pass and thus he, too, will have to appear. He will descend from the kingdom of light to earth for My sake in order to announce Me to people who are suffering utmost adversity and distress. __He will bear witness of Me since his voice will be My voice and anyone who listens to him, listens to Me. However, he will not stay with you humans for long.... Until you recognise him he will indeed live in your midst, but My adversary will persecute him and provoke people against him. He will preach love but people will listen to him with hatred. They will pursue and try to kill him. But I will know how to protect him until his hour has come, for he has to complete his mission, he has to prepare a path for Me, he has to uphold the flock of My children and inform them that the Lord's return is at hand. __And once he appears, not much time will be left. His words will ignite and arouse the lazy and undecided from their sleep, for he will only be a mouthpiece for Me, through him I want to openly express Myself just one more time. And once again he will be a voice that cries in the wilderness, who will only return because I will need a strong worker in the end, a worker from above to help humanity. Yet the world will hate him and spare no means to eliminate him, even though he will only speak and do good. But the world will have descended into darkness and all lights will have gone out.... Consequently, a bright light will appear on earth and all bearers of light will fetch oil for themselves to brighten their own lights again, which worldly people will endeavour to extinguish. And all people of true faith will recognise him as the forerunner of My return, and they will know that the time is fulfilled when I can be expected and with Me the Last Judgment.... They will take his words to heart because they sense that it is I, Who speaks through him, and that I announce My coming through him, who is My messenger as destined since eternity. __But he will have a difficult time with people who worship the world and reject his admonitions and warnings, yet who will not shy away from trying to kill him in spite of the fact that he will prove himself helpful towards all people and many will also accept his help. The former will want to prevent him from completing his mission but I will not recall him into My kingdom until he has prepared the path for Me, until he has proclaimed My coming to all who long to behold Me and whose faith he has strengthened, because he will only proclaim what he receives from Me through the inner Word, through the remarkable working of the spirit within himself.... __Amen
Incarnation of beings of light.... Forerunner....
I repeatedly convey the Gospel to earth, and as you receive it from above it is pure and uncorrupted by human will. I know that this is necessary since untold people are no longer able to find Me because they are no longer taught the truth. Therefore I have embodied Myself in the spirit of those who want to serve Me. The fact that they now receive the truth in its purest form is a necessity which was long recognised by My love and wisdom, which in itself prompts Me to protect the recipient of truth from above against the influence of impure spirits, which want to confuse his thoughts and prevent the truth from being conveyed to him. Therefore, anyone who receives the Gospel which I Myself taught on earth and which My servants on earth are once again instructed to spread, can rest assured that he has the truth, that he, as My apostle in the last days, may instruct his fellow human beings without fear that error could enter his teaching. And in this knowledge he should approach all those who cross his path. He should consider himself as My representative and always stand up on My behalf of what he has received from Me Myself, and which will express itself as an inner feeling because it is pure truth. __Many beings of light are presently embodied on earth because the immense spiritual hardship requires exceptional help which can only be provided by beings of light. Such souls of light are usually spiritual leaders, i.e. due to their way of life in accordance with My will they have a close relationship with Me and thus are able to accept My instructions directly and pass them on to people. The degree of maturity of these light beings is such that a descent into the abyss is impossible, on account of which they always live in utmost humility and unselfishness and only try to bring My kingdom to people without wanting any benefit for themselves but to serve Me and to help people. It is therefore possible for a being of light, sent to earth by Me, to incarnate several times if people's spiritual low level necessitates it. But these incarnations are always in utter service to Me until the end, for My will prevails in these beings as they had already submitted themselves to Me voluntarily and cannot lose this degree of maturity on earth anymore. Inferior spirits will never be able to dominate such a soul embodied in a human being, and it will never succumb to their evil influences either. Hence, an already perfected spirit on earth will never be able to fall, that is to say, not achieve its mission.... Such a mission can merely appear in people's opinion as having been interrupted as a result of a sudden recall into the spiritual kingdom or due to adverse human actions which prematurely ended its earthly life. Yet even this is known to Me since eternity, and I do not forcefully interfere so as not to enslave people's will. __Nevertheless, the act of Salvation will be completed, and everything will come to pass as destined by My eternal plan of Salvation. Even the most perfect spirits from the heavens will temporarily embody themselves in order to achieve spiritual progress amongst people, for without such help the latter will be too weak to resist. And then the dead will rise from their graves, that is to say, those who are spiritually totally blind can be awakened and enabled to see through a bright flash of light from above.... But then it will be the time of the last days when My return can be expected, which was constantly proclaimed by seers and prophets. And prior to My coming the greatest light on earth will shine in modest apparel. Yet again it will proclaim Me as he had done before My appearance in the flesh on this earth, before I commenced My teaching of people to whom I wanted to bring the Gospel.... He was My forerunner and will be it again. You humans will recognise him by his words, after all, he will be using the same words and will testify of Me as he once did before. His spirit will return to earth in order to fulfil the law whereby he has to precede Me in complete awareness of his origin and his task. He understands everything and also knows his earthly fate, which he will not avoid as it is part of the act of Salvation, in which he will participate for love of the unredeemed. He knows that his mission is only fulfilled with his death and has no other desire but for final unification with Me, his Lord and Master, his Friend and Brother, his Father since eternity. __And once he appears the end will be near, for I will follow him shortly and fulfil My proclamations. However, My return will be the final act before the earth's total destruction and everything that lives on it.... Then comes to pass what is written. A new heaven and a new earth will arise where I will dwell in the midst of My Own, where there will only be one shepherd and one flock, because all those who live will be united with Me and allow My presence. For all children on the new earth will be My children to whom I will come Myself to bestow utmost happiness on them.... __Amen
Embodied beings of light.... Lack of past memory.... Fore...
Those who want to be of service to Me ought to know the following: the spiritual state of people who live in the last days requires special help by the beings of light which work on My instructions in the spiritual realm as well as on earth, where a large number of them are embodied as human beings in order to fulfil a redeeming mission. How the beings of light work and help them is clearly evident to people who accept the spiritual information given to them, because they know that people's spiritual hardship can only be remedied through the gift of My Word from above. In view of the wide-ranging spiritual decline it would be completely impossible for My Word to gain acceptance amongst humanity, because it would neither establish the connection with the spiritual world, nor would it want to or be able to accept proclamations from this world. Therefore the world of light has to take mediating actions, the beings of light must look for suitable vessels on earth into which they can pour the emanations of My spirit and thus.... where necessary.... beings of light descend to earth as human beings in order to become a link between people and the spiritual world.... in order to be mediators between Myself and people. Hence a large number of beings of light are embodied during the last days before the end, in which you humans live at present, in order to help you, given that you are deluded and ignorant, live a wrong way of life and are therefore in serious trouble. __You yourselves are unaware of the low spiritual level and its consequences, and if the knowledge is given to you, you won't believe it. Yet the world of light shelters inhabitants who look upon the activities in the darkness on earth with horror and want to rush to your aid in order to still help those who don't offer resistance and entrust themselves to their guidance. However, they are nevertheless human beings who thus want to help and inform you. This is why you don't recognise them, just as they don't recognise themselves as beings from above even though they, as human beings, sincerely strive to ascend.... They are human beings like yourselves and yet their will is directed towards Me, who cannot be harmed by My adversary anymore because they have already become My Own before they came to earth for the sake of the needy human race. They want to bring you the light they constantly receive from Me and which simultaneously is the strength to ascend. Yet neither are they aware of the fact that they voluntarily came to earth, for their efforts to ascend have to be clearly observable by their fellow human beings in order to encourage them to do the same. Were a being of light recognisable as such to people it would not be able to serve them as an example, for then people who are afflicted by all weaknesses and flaws would feel incapable of ever attaining this example. Only very special, elevated spiritual beings know of their mission and origin and also inform people of it, although they will find no credence. __But such elevated beings of light will be recognisable to anyone who wants to recognise them, for their mission always involves public and not private activity, for then not just individual people but all people shall be informed of supernatural activity, of the strength and might and glory of the One, Who is Lord over life and death and the whole of creation, Who does not want His living creations to descend into darkness and therefore sends an exceedingly bright radiating light from above.... And one such light will bear witness to Me and become a talking point. And once it shines you will know that the end is not far away, that humanity has been granted just a short reprieve, for if he is not listened to and his warning call remains unsuccessful then nothing can save the unspiritual world anymore.... then the end will have come without fail as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture.... __Amen
Forerunner.... Proclaiming Jesus....
Humbly strive to become My true children but don't aspire to extraordinary knowledge which is of little use for the perfection of your soul. For the least and the smallest in My kingdom is greater than he who deems himself superior, humility is of extremely great value in My kingdom, and there is no space for arrogance. However, you must make a distinction between truly great and arrogance.... you must make a distinction between what is great and what seems great. For whatever is great before Me will be appointed by Me as ruler over whole worlds and their inhabitants, it will govern infinite creations and countless living beings with Me and within My will.... and yet it will not be arrogantly spirited.... But even he who deems himself great believes himself to be entitled to govern, yet he will never ever scale the height which would guarantee him a position as ruler, for I know every being's innermost attitude, I know where true humility exists and where My will alone fills a being. __And thus I say: There is no being on earth with such an abundance of humility that I could inaugurate it as a ruler over the worlds in the kingdom of the beyond.... For this humility is spiritual and a being like that is so closely united with Me that it would be unable to live on earth. For everything in its environment would radiate in brightest light. These beings had already taken the path across earth which resulted in their total spiritualisation on earth.... They will never ever return to earth but constantly influence the earthly inhabitants.... they send rays of light to earth because they are permeated by a greater than great will to love and their will to help lets them be constantly active in a redeeming sense. And thus every individual person can be extremely strongly influenced by such a being of light.... but that doesn't mean that the soul of this person is a soul of light having descended from above.... Understand this correctly.... many souls of light embody themselves on this earth for the sake of a mission.... Yet they are still approaching their final perfection as a child of God, which they can certainly attain by fulfilling such a mission.... Perfected children of God, however, only affect people from above but strongly influence certain people if the conditions to do so are given.... i.e., in order to be able to be active in the redeeming sense on earth.... __Even so, one spirit of light will be allowed to descend to earth.... My forerunner, who wants to announce Me Myself before the end.... He will proclaim Me. He will once again prepare the way for Me, for this has been My will for eternity, because he has been devoted to Me from the start, because he has been a fighter for His Lord from the beginning.... It is he whom I have chosen to be My vassal, to be My herald, who always announced Me by exclaiming it to the world when I approached people, who preceded Me as the voice which told humanity to pay heed to Me.... He fought on My behalf and he will always speak up for the name of his Lord.... Thus he is the ray, the light which I will send down to earth ahead of Me, and he knows of My coming, of the end and of his task on earth, for he will recognise himself for who he is.... And he is so profoundly devoted to Me that his mouth only speaks My name, that every breath of air only glorifies My name, that every beat of his heart only beats for Me, Whom he will overzealously proclaim on earth and for Whom he will also give up his life when his mission is finished.... Hence he is the one who will live on earth shortly before My second coming, and due to his modesty people will not recognise him until he starts to speak in order to announce the One who will follow him. Then My Own will suddenly realise who he is, yet My adversary will not recognise him.... However, he will speak up irrespective of his own danger; he will proclaim the imminent end to people, he will tell them to repent, to seek God and the salvation of their souls and to despise the mammon.... He will announce Jesus Christ to them again with a voice of thunder, and everything that will help to glorify Jesus' name will be done and said by him.... He will be My forerunner in the truest sense of the word.... he will be the one who will open paradise again to all who believe his words, who faithfully wait for Me to deliver them from utmost adversity.... __Amen
Jesus' forerunner....
The higher development of the soul is the human being's task on earth.... Yet only few are aware of it, only few question the purpose and goal of their existence.... The majority only strive for prosperity, for everything that provides the body with a sense of well-being. But all people have the gift of intellect, all people would be able to question themselves about the purpose and goal of earthly life, and all people would also receive an answer.... for it is the first step of ascent. However, since people think no further than their death, since they seldom believe in their soul's life after death, the question of their earthly welfare is more important to them and they consider their earthly activity and work a priority.... They lack faith.... for even if they had just a little faith they would not find inner peace regardless of their earthly comfort.... The more the end approaches the less faith can be found amongst people.... __This is why unusually devout people will arise in the last days who can also carry out unusual feats and draw people's attention to themselves, for God will truly still try everything so as to help those who just require such unusual stimulation in order to become aware of the purpose of their lives. These people are beings of light who are embodied on earth for the purpose of a mission, who want to remedy people's adversity and therefore live on earth in the flesh without realising their origin. Their strong bond with God which they, however, establish voluntarily as human beings just like all their fellow humans would be able to do, gives them extraordinary strength.... For they have a loving nature and thus their belief is so alive that it expresses itself in unusual activity.... by proclaiming Jesus Christ with a living faith and in practical help of body and soul in His name.... On account of such people many can still come to believe, for they clearly demonstrate a strength which cannot be explained in an earthly way. People shall be helped to find faith and simultaneously shown the path to God for which, in view of the entirely incredulous human race, unusual means must be used which nevertheless will not force them to believe. __More and more awakened people will prove their strength of faith the nearer it is to the end.... Until a bright light begins to shine.... Until someone appears who announces the imminent arrival of the Lord and prepares the way for Him again.... __His light will shine brightly in all directions.... For his appearance will soon become known, and although he will be a source of strength and comfort to many people, the majority will nevertheless meet him with hostility since they belong to God's adversary and on his instruction take action against everything of a divinely-spiritual nature and particularly persecute those who speak in Jesus' name and proclaim the near end.... Yet precisely because God's adversary will proceed with extraordinary brutality during the last battle on this earth, the extraordinary light will be sent to earth.... once again a spirit of light will embody itself on this earth as it is written.... Once again he will precede the Lord and proclaim His coming, and once again he will make himself known as a `voice in the wilderness'.... And he will know who he is yet unassumingly live his earthly life, which will also be sealed with his death again. __But all people faithful to God will draw strength from him and time and again be lifted up when the adversity of the time seems to knock them down.... For he speaks on God's instructions.... God Himself speaks through him to people. They will also realise the important mission of Jesus Christ's forerunner and therefore fully consciously expect the Lord's arrival and won't doubt that they will be delivered from greatest distress. By the time the former appears the time will have come which has been constantly announced by seers and prophets, for when he comes the adversary's activity, which affects the believers so extraordinarily, will be so obvious that they will also need extraordinary help.... For he will let his light shine, sending its rays far and wide.... People everywhere will hear about him and the believers will know who hides behind this light, and thus they will also know which hour has struck. Yet despite hostility and a ban on speaking Jesus Christ's forerunner will continue steadfastly along his course.... He speaks on God's instructions and recognises no other Lord than the One he serves.... And his speeches will ignite hearts; they will strengthen the weak to muster the courage to die for their belief.... __However, every human life rests in God's hand.... He alone knows when the hour of deliverance will strike, when His coming to earth and the removal of His Own will take place.... And His forerunner, too, knows his end but even his death will still be a service to his Lord.... For he will bring the work of glorification to completion, as a result of his death God's might and glory will be revealed.... For only One rules over life and death and this One will prove Himself as Lord, as victor over His adversary when the last day comes.... He will give life to those who believe in Him.... and all who are enslaved by His adversary will fall prey to death.... __Amen
Announcing the forerunner of Jesus Christ....
None of you humans would know the truth anymore if this were not proclaimed to you through My spirit time and time again.... The pure truth preached to people during My life on earth did not remain pure, for as soon as human consideration began to use My teaching for the purposes of whole nations, everything was intermingled with human supplements, for My pure doctrine did not sufficiently correspond to people's selfishness, and so the individual communities sought to shape this doctrine more or less expediently. And thus the church which I once founded Myself, the so-called early church, soon became a mere distortion of what it originally had been. And My pure teaching had to undergo countless changes. And what still exists today can no longer claim to be pure truth. In order to keep the truth pure, clean vessels are needed into which My spirit can constantly pour. The divine spirit must forever be able to flow, and so the teaching I gave to people must equally be proclaimed by those who are permeated by the spirit or the words will already be subject to a change in the mouth of the proclaimer and take on a different meaning.... __It must always be taken into account that something pure and divine will lose its purity in ungodly surroundings because I do not compel the will of a human being. What the individual person makes of the truth conveyed to him is up to him, and My holy Word was already being distorted even during My life on earth where it suited people's own ends. I can certainly keep transmitting My pure Word to earth through My spirit, but I will not deprive people of their freedom by forcing the truth upon them. Yet as long as people voluntarily place themselves at My disposal, who prepare themselves as vessels for My spirit, it is always possible to correct all existing errors, to answer any question that needs clarification and to give people pure light which comes forth from Me, the eternal Essence of light. But people, in turn, hold on with tenacity to the distorted doctrines, at the bottom of which is My adversary who will always fight against the light of truth. And thus an almost impenetrable night has spread across the human race, since error and falsehood are identical to darkness. And it is made extremely difficult for My bearers of light to penetrate this darkness, because people are already so deluded that they can no longer recognise a true light.... __And thus an almighty light will begin to shine, and this light will testify to Me and My return in the clouds.... It will bear witness to the Judgment and the rapture of My Own on the day of Judgment.... A radiantly bright light will arise and once again proclaim My pure Word, a voice in the spiritual wilderness will appear and try to awaken people from their sleep of death.... He will come to the aid of those who testify to Me and My working in them, He will confirm the truth of what was imparted to humanity through the working of My spirit.... He will make mighty speeches and spare no-one taking dark ways.... nor will he fear those in power but tear the mask off their face, expose them and reveal their true intentions.... He will fight with the sword of the tongue, for the high and the low will bear him ill will, because no-one wants to hear the pure truth which, however, does not deviate from the doctrine I once preached on earth. Thus he will be My messenger through whose mouth I Myself will speak and who will merely fulfil his last mission on this earth: to announce Me and My coming once more, as it is written. However, once this light begins to shine then you will know that My coming is near and so is the Judgment.... __And then extraordinary things will happen through him as well, but it will no longer harm people's freedom of will, for he will find little belief and only the awakened will recognise him and his mission.... Yet he will extraordinarily fortify those who are weak, for his Words are full of strength.... But then the last phase of this earth will have come, for at the same time this proclaimer will be the most fervent opponent to the one whom people will choose as their worldly ruler and in whom My adversary will incarnate himself in order to perform this last infamous act against Me.... For then the battle of faith will erupt and My Own will find great support in the light which I Myself send to earth, they will receive much strength in order to stand firm in the time of greatest distress, which precedes My coming to earth. For I will not leave you, My faithful Own, without help, and in order that you will remain strong I announce this light, this voice, in advance, and then you will know that I will soon arrive in order to fetch you, in order to put an end to My adversary's activity, in order to help truth achieve its final victory.... __Amen
The forerunner of Jesus Christ....
And when you hear that someone is proclaiming the Lord in an extraordinary way then you will know that the final phase of the last days has started, that the forerunner of Jesus Christ is carrying out his mission again to announce Him, Who will come on the day of Judgment to fetch His Own and to implement the change on earth, as is proclaimed in Word and Scripture. He will appear entirely unexpectedly causing much stir because the power of his voice is great and because he will speak to people in such an earnest and significant manner that many will feel impressed and accept his word.... because they realise that he is proclaiming the `Word of God', and also because the signs of his working in order to help his fellow human beings are remarkable. He will be a true miracle worker of the poor and miserable, a helper in the adversity which will befall humanity at the time of his appearance. And he will speak loudly and clearly, he will not be afraid of those who prohibit his activity, he will expose those who speak and act in opposition to God's will all the more and thus he will be hated and persecuted by the powerful of this earth, whose conduct of people he strongly condemns. But the gulf between the earthly and the spiritual world will already be too deep as to expect any understanding by the former of what the `voice crying in the wilderness' proclaims. They will laugh at him and only pursue him so keenly because he is very popular, since there are nevertheless people who let themselves be impressed, much to the annoyance of the authorities which oppose all faith and proceed against it. __And this time is not far away, it will not be long and you will hear of him. But then you will also know that you have to persevere, for once he appears you will also have to be prepared for the imminent battle of faith, and then the direction you take will be crucial, for then it will only be too obvious that you have to decide either for God or for the world.... He will strongly support you in taking the path to God, for he will speak convincingly and powerfully. God Himself will speak so obviously through him that no human being should find it difficult to join him, because he will also provide such visible evidence of his calling that people will thus be able to recognise who he is.... He himself also knows what his function consists of and that it is his last task to precede the Lord and announce Him with a loud voice.... He is also aware of his origin and likewise of his end, which again will be dreadful, but he fears nothing and nothing will stop him from completing his mission, which will be very blessed.... __And anyone joining him will truly do well, for he will be able to draw much strength and get much light from this great light which will shine wherever he appears. He is already alive but not yet aware of his task, which nevertheless will suddenly become clear to him and fundamentally change his earthly life, for although he is of service to the Lord and also recognises the spiritual low level humanity is languishing in.... he has not yet been called, but it will happen all of a sudden.... And then he will leave his hitherto quietude and become fully conscious of his task, for he will be moved by the spirit of God, granting him complete clarity about his mission. And he will gladly serve the Lord with a devotion which makes him constantly more suitable for the final service which he wants to render before the end, before His return.... But you humans, pay attention to those who proclaim the Word of God, and you will recognise the one who becomes very noticeable because he wants to fulfil an unusual mission: to announce the coming of the Lord and by means of powerful sermons make people aware of their earthly task to be repentant and seriously work for their soul's salvation, for he will announce the end to them which will soon follow after his appearance, for the time has been fulfilled which God granted humanity for their perfection.... __Amen
Dialogue.... Forerunner....
Wait in all humility for what I must send upon humanity for its own benefit and what will also lead to the brightest realisation in yourselves, hence this preparation time must happen first. I Am by no means a God of wrath even if the forthcoming event appears to make it look that way, in fact, you will all experience My love far more which will protect you from extreme danger; but then I will also clearly highlight My Own, I will draw so much attention to them that their fellow human beings shall realise where they can appeal for real help, for I want to win people over for Myself and not lose them to the adversary. Nevertheless, the damage will be huge and countless people will lose their lives, yet it will benefit many who will still be able to catch up in the kingdom of the beyond on what they had failed to do on earth.... so that they will still be able to reach the light if they are of good will. And you can all believe that soon afterwards the end will follow but that I will still grant you humans a time of grace because the end signifies a drastic turning point in the spiritual process of development of the beings which ought to mature fully on this earth. __For this reason I have chosen servants for Myself who shall loudly proclaim the forthcoming end after the natural disaster.... For this reason I constantly pour out My spirit and through awakened people draw attention to everything that is due to happen shortly. And I only instruct them to spread My Word and, where possible, also to mention these events which intend to reveal My might as well as My love, for people shall know that a God is enthroned above them Who holds their fate in His hands. And anyone who is chosen by Me as a proclaimer of My Word must also have been chosen by Me as a recipient of My Word, and thus you can utterly believe him, even if it seems implausible what he proclaims on My instruction. For I will provide an obvious sign that He is My messenger, My representative, who shall speak on My behalf.... He will always be guided through anything, no matter what happens, he will not need to fear illness and death as long as he has not completed his mission, and I Myself will lay out his path which will lead him to where many people can hear him so that, when the time has come, he will loudly and publicly speak about Me and My Word.... __Until a great light begins to shine when the battle between light and darkness will openly erupt.... when the battle of faith will be waged in an extremely brutal way.... then this light will flare up so as to strengthen all those who work in My vineyard.... Then they will be able to draw strength from it and work even more diligently for Me and My kingdom. And this light will come when the last phase begins, when I have spoken from above, when people's situation has become chaotic and the separation of the spirits starts.... for or against Me.... And then I will give great strength to the weak, I will give strength to all who need it, and I will be their Leader in the battle against the enemy of souls.... and truly, I will be and eternally remain victorious and you, too, may rejoice at the victory over him.... You will be liberated from him and thus can live in peace in the paradise of the new earth.... __Amen
Forerunner.... Knowledge about previous incarnation....
You, who live on earth during the last days in order to be of service to Me, should not lose yourselves in assumptions as to whose spirit you embody. I have spread a veil across things which are not conducive to your earthly life and your mission. This is why the knowledge about your former incarnation on earth is withheld from you. Let it suffice you to know that I provide everyone willing to be of service to Me with great strength and grace and that, precisely because the adversary's activity during the last days is so powerful, it also requires powerful spirits of light in order to counteract and stand up to his activity where redemptive work is carried out on earth. And these spirits of light must remain profoundly humble in order to accomplish their mission, because pride, or arrogance, in particular offer the adversary the best opening for an attack and might therefore undermine this mission. And all people are in danger of falling prey to this, his very attribute and arch-evil.... For this reason such opportunities are not supported on My part, instead I only ever try to influence the human being to remain profoundly humble, because then he will also be able to resist My adversary and not get caught up in his nets of lies. And it is not helpful for a person to know about his previous incarnation.... or he would receive this knowledge the moment he starts his work for Me and My kingdom.... __But one person will know about it, it will not be concealed from him, because he has to accomplish the most demanding task in the last days: as My forerunner to announce Me, as a voice in the wilderness to proclaim My coming in the clouds and to pay for his mission for Me with his life.... This knowledge, however, will not burden him because he will be a supremely powerful spirit who consciously undertook his last embodiment on earth in recognition of the urgency of his task, which he shall be willing to accomplish out of profound love for Me. He is one of the few who seal what they proclaim with death.... He has the strength to do so because he loves Me Whom he once did not quite recognise, who indeed had to give up his life for Me once before but who is willing to die a thousand deaths on My behalf.... who therefore also travels this final earthly path in awareness of his mission and his origin. But he will only be certain of this when his final mission begins, when he.... having previously lived in utter seclusion.... steps into the limelight, when his heartfelt bond with God suddenly enlightens him about the task he has to accomplish on earth.... Then he will proclaim Me with fiery zeal, he will do whatever it takes to refer people to the end and the last Judgment; he will speak frankly and boldly against the rulers whose power he does not fear, instead he will publicly denounce them because he recognises them as emissaries of Satan, against whom he openly campaigns. __And this will be My last sign, for he will appear during the final stages, during the time of the battle of faith, which will be waged shortly before the end. Regardless of what you hear earlier.... his time of activity will not start until this battle of faith erupts, when the lights will shine brightly to point people to the path which all people shall take.... And he will be the brightest light which will shine where you least expect it.... his radiance will outshine everything and therefore also be recognisable by all who don't shun the light.... But be patient and wait until then, and don't entertain false assumptions in advance.... For you will often still be misled by My adversary who wants to divert your vision in order to stop you, who are willing to serve Me as loyal servants, from your own missionary work. Don't let yourselves be deceived.... you will very clearly recognise when the time has come where such extraordinary things will happen that I, too, will have to intervene extraordinarily in order to help My Own. For My adversary's actions will shake their faith as well if they don't firmly adhere to Me and hand everything over to Me in confidence of My right guidance. And then you shall also feel My will within your hearts, so that you no longer need to ask what you ought to do. My will shall be within you, you shall not be able to act against My will, and you will also know that your actions are merely fulfilling My will. Time and again I say to you: don't be hasty, wait until I call you, until I place My will into your heart, for your premature actions can also destroy what has been laboriously built up before. __Always bear in mind that people's faith is still too weak, that they occasionally need a lighter fare so as not to harm their souls.... And to these you should only preach My Gospel of love but not present them with teachings which they are unable to grasp. And this also includes the knowledge about the incarnation of spirits of light, because they often lack belief in the soul's continuation of life altogether. It is not always appropriate to announce the appearance of the forerunner prior to My second coming to such people, yet if they accept My Gospel of love they will also learn to believe and recognise him when he appears, because he will be preceded by grave events and a `separation of the spirits' will then be recognisable.... people, who are either for or against Me and therefore exhibit corresponding spiritual understanding. Not much time will pass before all these Words will be understandable to you, and then you will no longer ask but know that My coming is imminent, because you will recognise the one who was My forerunner during My time on earth and who will be it again, as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture.... __Amen
About the forerunner....
Time will tell how much strength rests within My Word.... for hearts will feel addressed by Me and flare up with love for Me Who reveals Himself as a Father, because I want to be united with My children and therefore send My ray of love into the hearts of those who are of good will. Yet it entirely depends on this will as to whether people recognise the Father's voice. The least amount of resistance will diminish the strength of My Word, and this resistance occurs in a person who is still without love. Then he will not let himself be addressed by Me, and then My Word remains without effective strength, then it will sound no different to him than a human word and he will reject it. __However, My children listen to My Word, and thus I instruct My children: Free yourselves from misguided ideas by appealing to Me directly for truth and enlightenment of your thinking. You try too soon to penetrate areas which I still keep closed to you.... you come to conclusions which are nevertheless fallacies.... you think about things which cannot be revealed to you as yet.... You rack your brain about the forerunner's fate and arrival.... And you come to the wrong conclusion. For I have told you, you will recognise him.... and that means that you will no longer have to ask but know who he is when he appears. __But until the time for his activity has come you don't need to look for him or suspect him to be one of your fellow human beings.... for he will come from where you least expect him. He is not a child of the world, he lives like any other human being yet his thoughts and wishes concern Me although he is not aware of his mission yet. But his spirit will brightly enlighten him about his mission and himself when the time is right for his appearance. And I tell you that it will still be some time before this happens.... He will be so illuminated that his light will radiate in all directions and that all of you, who want to be of service to Me, will warm yourselves in his light when the time of the spiritual hardship comes, when the last phase before the end begins: when the battle of faith erupts.... Until then, however, don't believe every spirit who deems himself to know more about it, for if this knowledge were necessary I would instruct you of it Myself. But handle with care what comes to you through human mouth and don't let yourselves be deceived, for the `spirit of God' does not contradict itself, and you should scrutinise yourselves where My spirit is active, because I don't compel you to believe and it is up to you which spirit you accept as true. __I have indeed announced the forerunner to you and that he will come again as a voice in the wilderness before My second coming, but he is yet to appear because a short time still has to pass when diligent work should be done for My kingdom, and because you would set yourselves a time when his appearance should be obvious.... I still keep the time of his arrival veiled, for then My coming will also be certain, then the end is close, for he will only be active for a short time on earth which, however, will suffice to shock people out of their deadly rigidity. And the purpose of his coming is to save those who are still undecided.... To strengthen those who want to remain faithful to Me.... and to announce My coming.... And although this time is not far away, a few short phases have yet to pass.... but then what was proclaimed to you in Word and Scripture will be fulfilled.... __Amen
Forerunner.... Visible appearance.... The time is fulfill...
People on earth will not change anymore, there is no further spiritual progress, only individual people will still find Me since they are determined to fulfil the purpose of their earthly life. Whatever can still be done on My part in order to increase the number of the latter will truly be done, and My love will also find ways and means to touch the hearts of a few so that they will open themselves without inner resistance and accept My Word.... Yet they are not many and thus it can be said: The time is fulfilled.... For humanity's low spiritual level determines the end itself, and this truly has descended to a point where a transformation of humanity is out of the question.... My adversary reigns over the spiritual essence which takes the last path across earth as a human being and in an entirely negative sense influences those who are enslaved by him and comply with his will. Hence they have made their final decision of will already and have chosen the kingdom of darkness again.... they will return to matter again, which enslaved them on earth and from which they can no longer detach themselves. And matter will receive the soul once more.... . __However, until the end I will still offer people the opportunity to turn towards their God and Creator, for the steadfastness of My Own might yet change their mind and let them ask questions which I Myself would certainly answer, because I want to spare these individual souls a renewed banishment, a repeated process through the creations of the new earth. And My spirit will so evidently be with My Own that even the disbelievers would begin to wonder.... I will reveal Myself to them through the visible help that I will grant to My Own.... and the disbelievers would be able to believe if they wanted to release themselves from My adversary who keeps them enchained.... For I will seize even the faintest thought they might have about Me and never let go of them again.... because I will let Myself be found even in the last hour wherever there is the will to experience Me.... My Own, however, will recognize how the adversary keeps their fellow human beings enchained.... My Own will be subject to his onslaughts as well, yet My strength will clearly be at their disposal, for I Myself will help them in the battle and they will emerge victoriously.... For truly, My strength is stronger than his, and he will flee from the light you shine on him because he recognises Me Myself therein. __And in order for My Own to remain strong they will receive active help; I Myself will be with them in the Word, I will send them bearers of light which will radiate so brightly that they will dispel all shadows and also repel the enemies intending to oppress My Own.... I will delight people with My presence and fortify them in their resistance against the enemy.... And individual people will be able to behold Me and draw tremendous strength from this and also transmit this strength to their brothers.... And then you will hear of the one who shall announce My arrival, who will appear again as the voice in the wilderness and whose light will shine for all of you, and you will recognise him as My forerunner at the time of the end.... I won't abandon you, who want to be and remain My Own, in your physical and spiritual hardship, you are truly not alone and forsaken even if it worldly seems like that to you.... I Myself Am with you and you will also sense My presence and have unwavering faith in Me and My arrival on the day of Judgment.... And for the sake of My Own I will shorten the days so that they will persevere until the end.... For there will be no spiritual change on this earth anymore; yet a spiritual turning point will have to come, the earth will have to be of service again for the spirits' higher development.... And the spirits having failed their last test of will must be bound again.... __Amen
Christ's Forerunner....
My Own will recognise him, the voice in the wilderness, who will announce My appearance as I predicted.... For his light will radiate brightly and his speech will be powerful.... And he will not shy away from strongly criticising the authorities in his speeches, because I will send him to earth in order to fulfil his final mission by preaching about the end of this earth and announcing My coming on the day of Judgment.... Those who belong to Me will be strongly affected by the strength of his words, and they will realise that it won't be long before I Myself arrive in order to deliver them from their adversity. But before that you humans will time and again come to the wrong conclusion and assume to recognise him in many people.... However, I say to you `You won't need to ask but will know that it is he whom I have sent ahead of Me....' For when he appears My adversary will already be at work embodied in a ruler who proceeds against all spiritual aspirations, against faith, and through his accomplices will also badly pester My Own to desert Me and acknowledge him instead.... __Then you will be able to see the beginning of the battle of faith already and therefore receive incredible comfort through My forerunner, for then you will also know that the end is not far away.... For his mission on earth will not last long, just as the Antichrist will be easily recognisable, who will not be granted a long lifespan either.... The forerunner will come and reinforce your faith, he will testify to Me and announce My coming with such powerful words that My Own will draw strength from his words and thus endure until the end, for I Myself will help them in their distress which this last battle of faith entails.... The voice in the wilderness will not let himself be restrained and will quite openly condemn the people who treat My Own with hostility.... He will denounce their actions as detestable and always enjoy My protection when they attack him, until his hour also comes, for once again he will pay for his mission with his death, and that, too, shall not frighten you who are My Own, but only strengthen your belief that you know the truth, that you can expect everything to happen as I have told you through My spirit. __A period of time nears its completion which was given to you humans for your release from the form, yet I will help you until the last day to find the right faith in Me, and the `forerunner', too, will be sent so as to strengthen your faith.... Anyone who wants to recognise him will recognise him.... Anyone who rejects his word is plainly My adversary's follower and will also reject Me. Yet the light from above which will shine so very brightly cannot be overlooked, his powerful word cannot be ignored, and his life and activity on earth during the last days will be so evidently recognisable as `divine' activity, that everyone will be able to recognise him and no longer needs to question whether it is him. And My adversary will want to work in the same manner again by trying to cause confusion and suggest to his followers that he can be seen here and there, and thus it requires a close bond with Me in order to distinguish properly and to think correctly.... This is why I repeatedly let you know that he will only make his appearance when My adversary has also prepared the right external form for himself, in which he will then work to the horror of the believers, for he has great power at his disposal and will employ it to wage a relentless battle of faith.... __And then the one who is sent by Me will make his appearance, and he will publicly denounce the former and not be afraid of him, and thereby you will recognise him, for he will use the strength at his disposal in My name, he will also heal the sick and perform miracles and thus be even more fiercely attacked by the authorities who try to kill him and achieve his violent death.... Yet the light he distributes amongst My Own will give them extraordinary strength, and they will await My coming with confidence and wait until the end.... for they know that My Word fulfils itself and that everything will come to pass as I let it be proclaimed in Word and Scripture.... __Amen
Explanation about baptism with water....
You still do not understand the spiritual meaning of My Word.... you interpret the letters intellectually and therefore cannot get the correct results. You cannot understand what I wanted to say when I told My disciples `Baptise them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.' By `baptism' you only ever understand the immersion in water.... an external formality performed by people to demonstrate their obedience to the commandment of baptism.... which, however, is and always was merely an accompanying formality but it does not affect the real core of My commandment. Baptism with water as such does not actually effect a transformation of the person, as you humans will have to admit.... Only the contribution of what emanates from the Father, the Son and the spirit.... which proves the Father's love, the Son's wisdom and the spirit's strength.... can cause a change in the human being and is the true baptism, which every person must have received in order to reach his goal on earth: to perfect himself in order to be eternally united with Me. __The Father.... love.... is an eternal fire which emanates the light of wisdom.... the Son, and the strength of the spirit has to express itself as a result. The human being.... as a weak creature, has to be so permeated by love and wisdom that he in turn attains strength and freedom himself once again. He has to be permeated by My spirit, hence love, wisdom and spiritual strength have to characterise him as a divine living being which has returned to perfection. The human being has to immerse himself in the sea of My love, he has to be guided into truth, which will always come about by way of My will, My strength and My greater than great love. __Baptise them in the name of the Father.... be kind when you give them My Word which is wisdom, and thereby enable the working of the spirit in the human being, which presumes an activity of love, because the manifestation of My spirit is the gift of My love which expresses itself in the conveyance of wisdom.... of truthful knowledge.... Love, wisdom and strength.... they have to be truthfully clarified to you humans, and this clarification is a true baptism of spirit which cannot be replaced by an immersion in water. __Try to understand that you humans should not adhere to external formalities.... try to understand that I truly do not demand outward appearances from you but only ever evaluate what is done in spirit and in truth. And if you now, as evidence of your correct thinking, refer to My baptism by John in the river Jordan, then remember that people knew very little about Me in those days, that outward actions meant a lot to them then, and that every person needed a certain degree of maturity first in order to explain to him the spiritual meaning of baptism. Besides, by their willingness to be baptised by John people proved their desire to come closer to their God and Creator, and in those days this was indeed a substantial spiritual gain. And thus I, too, submitted Myself to this formality in order to legitimise the actions of My forerunner John. It would have been futile to explain the unimportance of this external action to people because they would have been unable to comprehend the pure spiritual truth. The baptism with water caused them no harm, but would only be beneficial to them when they also accepted the Word of God, which John passed on to them.... __And therefore the human being today will also receive `baptism' when he accepts My Word, which is conveyed to him by My infinite Fatherly love, and lives accordingly and thereby finds wisdom.... as a result of love.... which awakens and activates My spirit of light and strength inside of him.... However, all this cannot be replaced by baptism with water, the latter will always remain a symbol, an external formality from which people do not want to part because they try to demonstrate everything outwardly and are not content with the value of purely spiritual experiences. __I can only ever repeat that all external actions and customs are of no benefit, that I will never judge a person by his outward action but solely by his inner attitude towards Me and My Word. As soon as a human being accepts My Word, acknowledges it and lives accordingly he will perfect himself while still on earth, because My Word is the water of life which comes forth from the source of all being. And in this water you should immerse yourselves, this water will flow from your body and you will experience the spiritual baptism when the spirit within you awakens to life, when you are permeated by love, wisdom and strength and you once again become the original being you once were, when by the water of life you achieve eternal life which you will never lose again.... __Amen
I shall also clarify this question, as it is essential that you, who are receiving My Word, will not fall into error, for there are many who believe to be the long awaited forerunner who will announce My coming.... But I keep telling you that he will come at the time of the Antichrist, that his appearance will coincide with that of the former, and that you will then also recognise him.... He will not be there for long and will appear when people need him most, when they need comfort and strength.... Thus you may expect him only when the final phase has begun.... when the natural disaster is over, when a ruler has seated himself on the throne whom you will clearly recognise as the Antichrist and who will cause the battle of faith to erupt. Then this messenger will come forward and clearly testify to Me and My kingdom.... __But don't assume that he will appear right now, for he is not yet aware of his mission.... However, when he does appear, everyone will recognise him by the power of his voice and his words. He will then not have the desire to be acknowledged as the `voice in the wilderness'.... but that is who he is.... And he will speak impelled by the spirit within himself, for his desire to bear witness of Me, to announce My coming and to motivate people to change direction will be so great that he will disregard all caution and speak in the midst of enemies intending to kill him.... But remember that the time of the end has not yet come, that there is still time to speak freely which, however, will soon change after My intervention has taken place, when the suffering of mankind has become so great that someone will offer his help to control this great adversity.... But then My messenger's time will also have come, for he is the last of the prophets, and anyone who will listen to him will receive tremendous strength. Yet you have been repeatedly told that he will be an inconspicuous man of whom you would not assume to have such power of speech while he lives his humble life. __But suddenly there will be a breakthrough in him.... all of a sudden he will realise his mission, and he will become a mighty orator on behalf of God.... who will proclaim My name throughout the world and not be afraid to argue in favour of My name. He will portray Me as the Saviour of mankind and fight for Me and My kingdom.... And you will recognise him by the fact that he will acknowledge Me as the Word that became flesh.... that he will distinctly emphasise My human manifestation in Jesus Christ, that he will not allow for any difference between Myself and Jesus, and that he will acknowledge that Jesus is God.... __And his words will fully concur with the teaching I conveyed to you from above. And that shows that he is `John the Baptist, the voice of one crying in the wilderness', My forerunner, who has returned to announce Me, Who soon shall follow in order to fetch My Own when their souls are in utmost distress.... Time and time again there will be people imagining to be the embodiment of John.... Time and again I will enlighten them and tell them that he will make himself known to them in an unusual way, and that he is not to be sought in the ranks of those who feel themselves called.... He will appear where you will least expect him. And this shall suffice you, who anticipate him prematurely, for the time has not yet come. However, it will not be long now, and then everything will happen in quick succession, for he will not have a long lifespan. He will pay for his work on earth with death as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture.... __Amen
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