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received through and written down by Bertha Dudde

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Abuse of power....
Anyone who is given authority on Earth shall administer his office wisely, for My will gave him the power which he should now use according to My will. People often place great value on exercising the latter with as much pomp as possible and forget in the process that the plenitude of power by no means rests in this and that they can be relieved of it at any time. Acting in opposition to My will is always a dissent against the One Who appointed them to this office of judge. And if whole circles unite to commit adverse deeds, the guilt of the ruling powers grows exponentially and every pressure exerted by them will result in enormous responsibility. Let Me tell you: The days of anyone who rules in the world to humanity's horror are counted, and whoever believes himself to have sole right of existence on Earth is very much mistaken. It is not you but I Who have placed people into this world so that every soul shall mature during the course of its life, and that which is your share you should also allow the other person; don't let countless people fall prey to great misery but prove yourselves with them. I Myself put right where it is needed, and My judging hand is just. You should never consider yourselves entitled to throw the whole world into turmoil.... you should by no means exert your authority with pressure but act as wise and charitable judges, so that one day your actions will be rewarded leniently and wisely, because.... judge not, so that you will not be judged. __Your actions on earth have such appalling effects in the beyond that you, if you knew the fate that awaits you, would be so horrified that you would be incapable of living. Do not forget My love and mercy which gives itself to all beings on earth.... I alone have the power on Earth and in Heaven, I will know how to punish those who so exceed My laws that fear, misery and horror are the consequences of their orders. The Last Judgment will affect everyone, regardless of where they come from, and then it will show who walked his earthly path righteously and who refused to recognise and follow My will. For all power is given to Me in Heaven and on Earth.... The human race will be seized by terror and those who disregarded My will shall then be stricken, and I will severely punish those who so opposed Me and in heartlessness and injustice do as they please on earth. Try to reform people, then you will exercise the judicial office according to My meaning, and not that you impose inhumanly cruel punishments on them which will never be a blessing for you, neither in this nor in the other world. For your action is merely revenge and retribution but not a just exercise of your power. You incessantly only consider how you can increase your authority and don't shy away from using means which dishonour you, and thus you will never be able to find mercy before My eyes, for your activity is sinful and detestable. You certainly appear to benefit humanity's physical well-being, yet your soul will perish in profound darkness if the driving force of your conduct is not love and compassion, and thus the misery of people you oppress will fall back on you a thousand fold, for I indeed gave you the power but not the right to abuse it for acts of violence which are far beyond My will.... __Amen
The last Judgment will suddenly and unexpectedly come upon people. And it will slay every creature on earth, for the earth will change in itself. Everything that can be called alive will be destroyed by a blistering firestorm which will change the appearance of Earth beyond recognition to people who presently inhabit it. Yet it shall be proclaimed to them since a few will be amongst them who will live on the old as well as on the new earth, and they shall testify to the miracles God performed on them. For they will experience the destruction of the old earth in the flesh and yet not be affected by it, for the Lord will approach them, and He will lift them away from the earth. These few are strong in faith and devoted to God in love, they live according to God's will and are placed under tremendous pressure by those people who lack all faith. And thus they are in utmost danger and will be rescued by the Lord Who will come and fetch them Himself. And a separation will happen; good will be separated from evil, the faithful from the unbelievers.... God will seize Satan's power over the spiritual substance by banishing it into the solid form again.... And thus the earth will be shaped anew.... __Nothing will remain in its old form because the time has come to an end which God gave to the spiritual beings for liberation from the form.... It will be a new era in the period of salvation which will be realised with surprise by the people who will be returned to this newly shaped earth in order to become the root of a new generation. They will know about the old earth and will now live on the newly shaped earth.... They will recognise the greatness of God, His wisdom and omnipotence and His infinite love, for their eyes will be presented with a scene which they will absorb with amazement and reverence. It is a realm of peace, delightful and graceful to behold with a most manifold array of exceedingly charming creations, yet completely divergent from those of the old earth. And people will cheer and rejoice elatedly for having been granted the great blessing of inhabiting the new earth. And the horrors of experiencing the last Judgment will fade from their minds, even though it had not affected them. For God will let the event that brings destruction to everything living on earth happen before their eyes, yet they will emerge from it unscathed because God will move them in the flesh to a place of peace until He has accomplished the work of reshaping and then He will return them to Earth again. Then love, peace and harmony will unite the people who were allowed to experience this process of transformation; they will praise God, give thanks to Him and worship Him with profound reverence, they will live according to His will and God will bless them and let a new generation come forth from them which cannot be oppressed by the adversary for a long time, because all power has been taken away from him. And this will be a time of peace and of union with God, for God will stay in their midst because love dwells within these people.... __Amen
Blessings of the last days.... Death before the event.......
God will be merciful to those who still recognise their wrongdoing in time and distance themselves from it, but He will inflict severe punishment without mercy on those who are unyieldingly cruel, who have no compassion even for their fellow human beings and thus pass judgment on themselves through their unkindness. And the approaching time will testify of people's depravity, the most unimaginable means intended for destruction will be devised; and people will not hesitate to use these means to accomplish their plans, and humanity's despair will increase. The leaders, as well as their followers who agreed and supported their plans, will be held responsible for everything. For God is just and He passes judgment according to thoughts, words and deeds.... Nothing is hidden from Him; He looks into the human heart and every genuine emotion determines the amount of mercy at its disposal, that it is granted to him when the end has come.... For the end will come without fail.... It will be accelerated by people's behaviour and thus an era will come to an end that would not result in a better human generation even if God extended His patience and offered humanity many more opportunities to change themselves. But they no longer make use of them and thus God will put an end to earthly life.... __This period of development was particularly gracious for humanity and could have sufficed completely for its salvation. Although God will support people until the end with remarkable gifts of grace they will be mostly ignored, just as everything in relation to God or the benefit of their own souls will generally not be taken notice of. Thus a longer stay on this earth would be inappropriate, that is, it will only benefit the body but not the immortal soul. Therefore the soul's earthly opportunity will be taken away, but it still has the assurance for further development in the beyond if it does not reject God's Word in the beyond too, and only if it loses its physical life before the Last Judgment, before the end of this earth, and is accepted into the realm of the beyond. Death before this event is even an exceptional mercy for the human being if he has not made his decision on earth. Afterwards in the beyond he will still find ample opportunity to be helpful and serve with love and in so doing continue his interrupted development, indeed he can even start it if he does not refuse to listen to helpful souls. In that case he can regress even further and return into most solid matter, after which he has to repeat the long earthly path before he can embody himself as a human being again. Thus God still has many blessings available before He destroys the old earth but He will not force people's will, and depending on how they accept His mercy they will derive benefit for their souls.... they will remain empty and incapable on earth as well as in the beyond if they ignore and reject all blessings, or they will rapidly achieve higher development by readily allowing every gift of grace to take effect on themselves and thereby receive much more strength. For God is exceedingly gracious and merciful but also just, and He will give to people according to their will.... __Amen
Total change earthly and spiritually....
Extensive changes are at hand in the physical as well as in the spiritual realm.... because the unavoidable spiritual upheaval also calls for a total earthly change in every way. This first occurs in the creations of nature which have to be completely transformed since their present structure is no longer adequate for the spirit's process of maturity. The spiritual substance which is now striving towards higher development has to travel the path of development in a shorter time than before and needs different forms to serve, although in a condition of constraint. And this change of nature drastically affects the human generation which lives on earth before its transformation. The preceding time will lack all order, there is a complete disintegration process even in respect to worldly issues; people will violate the divine order, they will carry out an extremely strong destructive will, there will be unsurpassed chaos and people will be entirely earthly minded except for a few who consciously pray for and receive divine mercy. And since an offence against the divine order ultimately has to result in destruction, it is obvious that everything in existence has to be, if not destroyed, at least transformed to restore order, which is absolutely essential for the development of the spiritual substances. __The creations of nature change in accordance with God' will.... the human spirit, which previously had completely separated itself from God, will take these creations as their abode; and since the new period of redemption has a shorter duration than the previous one, the new creations will be of a completely different consistency than those of the old earth.... They will be somewhat harder and thus more compelling which is a far more agonising condition for the constrained spirit than any previous earthly progress has been. Thus the God-opposing will is intended to be shattered within a shorter period of time in order to liberate it for continuation of its evolutionary progress in other creations. As a result, the whole process of transformation also signifies a complete spiritual change. __The time will come when no opposing power can prevent the souls' ascent because they have resisted temptations and trials and no longer require them. They have the degree of maturity which, in unity with God, has become a recipient of light and strength. They live a blessed and peaceful existence which is in fact eternal life, but experienced on earth because they will start a new human generation, which is necessary for the higher development of the immature spiritual substances in creation, i.e. they have to fulfil earthly tasks to help the still struggling spiritual substances to ascend. Thus it is a heavenly paradise on earth, and blessed is the person who is permitted to experience this peaceful state as an inhabitant of the new earth. It will be a time of calm, of peace, because the battle between light and darkness has temporarily ceased, darkness being the furthest distance from God and light being the closest proximity to Him. The furthest away from God is banished and requires a period of time for its redemption which ensures a peaceful spiritual life for those who are closest to God, which will be unimaginably beautiful for the human beings who survive the end of the old earth, because they had remained faithful to God during the previous extremely difficult time of battle and can now exchange the chaotic condition for a state of profound peace and divine order. __God's spirit will govern them, His love will look after them, He Himself will stay as Father with His children audibly as well as visibly, and after the conclusion of the old era, which ends with the Last Judgment, a new period of redemption will begin.... And this Last Judgment amounts to the disintegration of everything on this earth.... solid matter, plant and animal life as well as the human generation shall experience a total change, as God's love and wisdom has ordained and His omnipotence will bring about.... so that the God-opposing spirit will give up its resistance and change.... __Amen
Signs of the last days.... Battle of faith.... Chaos....
To specify (know?) the moment of spiritual change would not benefit humanity since the precise knowledge is an interference with free will, because at the approach of the predicted time the human being would feel obliged to change his way of life. But it is not God's will that people shall receive knowledge of the day and hour when He sits in judgment over them, they shall only know that the end is near and by the signs of the time become aware of this end. However, if devout human beings ask Him for clarification He will answer them in a manner that is helpful for the salvation of their soul.... __The Last Judgment is preceded by the last days, which last just a few months and are characterized by an exceptionally rigorous battle of faith. As soon as this battle of faith is carried out quite openly, as soon as all secrecy is ignored and all spiritual aspirations are bluntly and recklessly attacked, as soon as laws and decrees are endorsed which prohibit people's spiritual pursuits, as soon as all divine commandments are no longer observed, as soon as all believers are persecuted and have no more rights, the last days have entered into their final phase and the Last Judgment can be expected daily and hourly.... However, before this battle of faith flares up, humanity will find itself in a spiritual and worldly chaos; there will be noticeable regression in every respect. And this regression will be initiated by people who are dominated by Satan. He will show himself in earthly devastation and destruction, in heartless laws, in a God- opposing way of life, in civil disobedience and rebellion against the governing powers and in brutal oppression by the latter, in restriction of freedom and in evasion of law and justice. __These conditions will ensue after a huge earthly tremor, which takes place in accordance with God's will in order to terminate a conflict between nations that human will fails to end. For the people who are affected by this earthly tremor it will denote a change of their accustomed way of life, it will be a time of greatest deprivation and most difficult living conditions, and although this time will be favourable for the spreading of the divine Word it will not signify a revival of a worldly-clerical power. People will indeed eagerly strive to improve their earthly living conditions but these efforts will not be compatible with spiritual aspirations, with the belief in an Authority Which holds them to account and with the divine commandments that require love. And that is why everything that interferes with the return to the former good living standard comes under attack. Thus the battle of faith will start soon after the divine intervention which turns global affairs into a different direction. The events will follow each other quickly as they are hastened by people's low spirit, and this spiritual low shows itself in people's heartless actions, in their thinking, which shows extreme depravity and which prepares deeds that can only be called satanic. And thereby you can identify the moment in time when God's intervention can be anticipated. The global affairs themselves shall be a timetable to you, by the actions people are capable of doing you can see that they have totally distanced themselves from God and this clearly contradicts the opinion that this human race can still expect a spiritual renaissance. __The people who faithfully remain with God will indeed intensify their intimate relationship with Him, they will be in truth His Church which will stand firm amid misery and affliction, but it is just a small group. The world, however, denies God, it is hostile towards all who support God, and this spiritual need signifies that the end is near.... Therefore pay attention to the signs of the time, pay attention to humanity's conduct, to their desertion of God and their preference of the world, when people are evidently influenced by Satan, when they are enslaved by him and do everything to disobey the divine commandments, when nothing is sacred to them any longer, neither the life of their fellow human beings nor their possessions; when lies triumph and the truth is treated with hostility you know that the end is not far. Then you can watch the events unfold as they are revealed to you, because it will all take place during the lifetime of a man who, in a manner of speaking, hastens the disintegration, who pays homage to the destructive principle, who is not constructively but destructively active. And this man's end is also the end of the world, i.e. the end of the world in its present form and the end of those people who presently inhabit the earth, which are separate from those who belong to God. And now you know that there is not much time, that you are not given a long period of time and that the end is upon you shortly. And for this reason you have to prepare yourselves, you have to live as if every day is your last because you don't know when you will be called back and whether you will live to see the end of the earth. If, however, you are needed as defenders of God during the time of battle before the end, God will also guide your thoughts correctly and you will know when the time has come.... the time of the divine intervention by means of unleashing the forces of nature, the time of the battle of faith and the time of the Last Judgment.... It is God's will that you make people aware, thus He will also enlighten your spirit and guide your thoughts in a manner that you understand correctly and only voice and reveal to your fellow human beings what you have understood properly.... __Amen
Time of grace.... Speaker - Forerunner of the Lord....
Listen to the message of God's spirit.... A time of grace has commenced, and if you are willing to strive for the kingdom of God you can feel its blessing. The beings of light are obviously and perpetually at work to impart gifts of grace from the spiritual kingdom to the human beings on earth; beings of light are embodied on earth to serve people as spiritual guides during the last days; the thoughts of people who strive towards God will be enlightened and thereby closer to the truth; God's love will express itself in times of earthly hardship by bringing help wherever it is requested.... Devout people will accomplish extraordinary things and the power of faith will become evident.... And thus many blessings will manifest themselves, because the opposition will also use every means to cause spiritual distress to people and God wants to visibly help them. __And during this time of grace a man will appear whose spirit is from above, whose soul is totally united with the spirit within himself and who therefore speaks what the spirit reveals to him.... absolute truth in all clarity.... God Himself will speak through him, he will remind people to persevere or caution them not to abandon Him. And this speaker is the forerunner of the Lord. When he appears the coming of the Lord is close at hand. This man will considerably increase the extent of grace as he will be immensely supportive to the believers and offer unbelievers an opportunity to believe.... for he is alive with strength and might and will have considerable influence on people who listen to him. His words will ignite and spread like wildfire through the country where he will work. He will speak without fear and hesitation, he will inform people and draw their attention to the coming of the Lord in the clouds and to the Last Judgment. Yet not many people will believe him because most people no longer want to know God and the spirit, and thus their thinking is completely adverse. In short, they neither understand nor make use of the extraordinary gift of grace, consequently the end is inevitable, for the abyss will open and devour everything that does not recognise God and rejects His Word. __God is forever giving, and whatever He gives is an undeserved gift of grace designed to help people to mature even during these times of suffering.... Whether He gives sorrow or joy, it always helps the person to lift his soul to God, it is always pointing to Him, it is always a coaxing and guiding him onto the right path.... it is always grace.... And when this man arrives the amount of grace for people will also increase, because he is surrounded by and emanates light which flows to him from the spiritual kingdom.... He passes on knowledge, his word is utter wisdom and strength and can be easily accepted, because it is offered convincingly and can be understood by people if they listen to him carefully. God's love makes it easy for people to believe by sending them His messengers with unusual strength by which alone they can be known as messengers from heaven. But he will be attacked from all sides.... and only few understand his mission and stay with him, only few draw strength from his words; but they will receive strength and grace in abundance and be able to resist the world's confrontations, the hostilities which now take place openly.... __The last days will be extraordinary difficult but also extraordinary merciful, for God will reveal Himself wherever a heart in distress opens itself to receive His grace. And thus it will certainly be possible to be victorious in the final battle on this earth.... that the soul can emerge from it unharmed, that it gains eternal life if it prematurely passes away from earth or, if it perseveres on earth until the end, that it will be physically removed from it by the Lord to begin a new life on the new earth.... __Amen
At the hour of severest distress many people will call upon God but not every call will come from the heart because the danger they are in takes away all their ability to think and thus they will merely address God with their lips and their prayer will go unheard. Only those who are capable to send their thoughts to Him, even though just for moments, God will stand by them either to save them from the trouble of their bodies or else, prior to the end, to still offer mercy to their soul. It is not always death to be considered the greatest evil, for if a person facing death still has found one's way to God it thus has been an effective means towards one's salvation, which is worth more than the preservation of the physical life in spiritual darkness. And that's why countless people will loose their life within a short time, partly as a warning to the fellow man, partly for the sake of their own spiritual need. __But just ones, too, whose course of life is finished according to God's will, are called from this earth to their Maker. For wherever God Himself is recognizable at the revolting of the forces of nature that are subject to God's will, there His will is also decisive as to who becomes a victim of these happenings. Mature and immature ones will have to leave this earth, yet, if prior to one's death a soul has gotten to know God, the one's spiritual development in the beyond is guaranteed and the finished earthly life is nothing but a blessing for the one. And the earthly distress will be severe and will offer the possibility to everybody yet to find one's way back to God; for the natural event will announce itself beforehand. Unusual signs will indicate an unusual event so that every person can still reflect on oneself, and one will also by means of one's neighbors be directed to the highest power, the director of heaven and earth, to the point where the one has time and the opportunity to combine with Him by means of intimate prayer. __But by now the remoteness of mankind from God shows, for just a few accept Him, just a few turn to Him for protection and help in their fear and affliction. Most of them turn Him away, intentionally and unintentionally, they watch the spectacle of nature, continuously hoping for a soon termination and the hour of distress therefore hits them the more severely because they feel completely left abandoned, since they lack any faith altogether. Yet of these distant-from-God people many remain alive to whom God still gives the opportunity to see the light afterwards. Good and bad people will loose their life and good and bad people will keep their life, for this catastrophe of nature is not yet a separation of the spirits but only a last reminder prior to the final judgment, the former of which all people ought to draw for their mental use. Yet, it is up to them as to how they want to utilize this last reminder. They can get to see the light prior to or after the disastrous night, but they can also stick to their old way of thinking and the great happening might as well be without impression upon their souls. __And, afterwards, too, there will be people at work hostile to God; out to destroy any faith in God and they will put emphasis to this natural event as to be their strongest proof of His non-existence; they will emerge as greatest deniers of God from a happening meant to lead them back to faith. And that's why it's obvious the struggle will flare up between those who were made strong and faithful by the happenings and those who have survived it in spite of their unbelief. And after mankind has been granted yet a short time of grace afterwards until the last judgment, thus everything will be approaching the end.... __Amen
Stormy times before the Last Judgment.... Paradise....
The Last Judgment will put an end to all abominations and peace will be on Earth for a long time. There will be a state of divine order on earth where only peace will reign, where love will unite all people, where the individual person's love will also guarantee God's working through His spirit, where everyone will be able to hear God's voice and be exceedingly happy to know God is so close to him.... where God will also visibly dwell amongst His Own in an as yet inconceivable way for present-day people.... People on the new earth will live in paradise again, in harmony of soul, in yearning for God and His love and in constant fulfilment of their longing. And all evil will be banished for a long time.... Yet before this state can come to pass on Earth a storm must sweep across it with a purifying and devastating effect, a storm which only people with profound faith and loyalty to God will stand up to. They will suffer great distress yet their later time on the new earth will amply compensate them for all previous adversities and afflictions. For as soon as evil has lost its power they will no longer be harassed and most blissful peace on Earth will be their fate.... This is why the final stormy time should not be dreaded by the believers, for God's will is above all happenings, God's love will work amongst His Own and His power will overcome Satan's power at the right time. And regardless of what will threaten the believers, worldly power, human hatred and unkindness will be unable to prevent the coming bliss on Earth or in the kingdom of the beyond for those who will remain loyal to God..... __They cannot kill the soul although they want to kill the body. Yet God will even prevent this because He wants His Own to inhabit the paradise of the new earth.... because they are intended to form the root of the new generation and because they shall be compensated for their previous time of distress as a sign of God's greater than great love which wants to provide His Own with a blissful fate on Earth. Therefore they will also be endowed by God with extraordinary strength with which they will be able to overcome all evil and which will enable them to stand up to the worst hostility. For the bulwark of their faith will be most violently shaken.... And only in those who have overcome their desire for the earthly world will the strength arise to offer resistance. But anyone who will still allow himself to be captivated by the appeal of the world will relinquish all resistance, he does not belong to the flock of those faithful to God, he will sell his soul for ill-reward, for whatever he believes himself to have gained will crumble on the Day of Judgment.... And all atrocities will come to an end on this day.... all God-opposing spirits will be banished and a state of calm will ensue in the whole of the universe, a state of peaceful activity which is incomparable to the peace of death. The latter is the fate of the banished spirits which will be bound in utter weakness within solid matter and for an infinitely long time be unable to become active.... And this is the time you humans are approaching, and you don't have much time left. If you want to be successful during the last days before the day of Judgment you must still diligently work at improving yourselves, you must contact God increasingly more sincerely, you must draw strength for yourselves daily and hourly and constantly remain in prayer in order to always receive strength as soon as you open your heart and desire God's grace and strength. And He will be and remain with His Own until the end, He will dwell with them in the paradise of the new earth and stay inextricably united with them for all eternity.... __Amen
Most difficult time of hardship before the end....
You, who are now living on earth, have to pass the most difficult tests and endure the greatest suffering because the end is near and you do not have enough time for a slow maturing of your souls. The earthly burden will appear almost insufferable to you, and that shall be your proof that the last days have arrived. For severe hardship will always come to an end, but for the rest of your life you will have to languish with the burden of the most difficult living conditions, because the last work of your soul's development has to be implemented for your salvation. But it is a brief period of time which, in spite of the harshest conditions, will in fact be bearable for My Own, whom I will care for in the most obvious way. Thus do not get disheartened by this prediction but trustingly raise your eyes to Me, Who looks into your hearts, Who recognises your will and Who will help everyone who is worthy of My help, who humbly calls to Me for help and prays to Me in spirit and in truth. However, those of you who are of weak faith or totally unbelieving should accept being instructed about the cause and purpose of the hardship and believe that you are approaching the end. And depending on your faith you will be helped. But in view of the end I cannot take the rod from you or else it would take even more immature souls by surprise, since due to hardship a few will still find their way back to Me. __And where an apparent improvement of living conditions becomes evident the activity of the opposing force manifests itself.... and that, too, shall be your proof, because My help will express itself differently even though I will take care of My Own earthly and spiritually too, so that their worst suffering is alleviated, but I will always provide them with inner strength and a firm faith and thereby enable them to endure a difficult earthly life. Whereas My adversary will provide people with material possessions and incite them to commit unkind actions, so that you will always recognise the origin of the supply of strength when you closely inspect the behaviour of people. Expect no improvement in living conditions since one hardship will give way to another because the end is near. Therefore prepare yourselves for the end, do not work in an earthly manner but a spiritual one.... serve each other where needed and thereby make the hard time endurable, because its purpose is to motivate you into loving actions which will bring you ever closer to Me. Don't think of yourselves but think of your fellow human being's distress.... Be helpful and willing to give.... There is not much time and thus it is especially hard, but it can also be exceedingly blessed if you heed My admonitions, if you listen to My Word and try to live by it. The end will come and with it the Last Judgment.... the decision which signifies salvation for My Own but also new banishment for My adversary. And therefore make sure that you belong to My Own, let the hard times be a lesson to you which will guide you to Me, listen to My messengers who instruct you and inform you of My will, who will also always be able to explain the cause and purpose of suffering to you, and it will not be without success for your souls.... And one day you will thank Me that I granted you this last time of grace and through hardship and misery sought to win you over for Me and My kingdom.... __Amen
Confessing Jesus and the act of Salvation....
There is a great risk that people will abandon their faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Redeemer of the world, and yet people have to be subjected to this last test of faith, because it is decisive for eternity.... I Myself incarnated on this earth in Jesus Christ, I Myself accepted the crucifixion as a human being in order to open the gate into eternity for humanity.... But people lock this gate themselves, they do not accept My act of Salvation, they do not benefit from it. And therefore the gate will remain closed to them for eternity, a person who does not acknowledge Me cannot be acknowledged by Me to belong to Me either. He is not part of Me as long as he is still subject to My adversary's influence, which remains in tact with those who do not acknowledge Me and My act of Salvation. Hence they separate themselves from Me and aspire towards the one whose will enslaved them and deprived them of all awareness. The end is near and with it the Last Judgment.... And once again I approach humanity as the Redeemer, I try to bring spiritual freedom, light and enlightenment to people and only want to be acknowledged in order to distribute the blessings of My act of Salvation to the souls, so that they will not perish when Judgment Day comes. I want to redeem them but they have to let themselves be redeemed of their own free will.... Thus they have to confess Me before the world as the One Whose strength and grace enables them to become blessed.... They have to believe that the Deity was in the man Jesus in all fullness, that His greater than great love motivated Him to suffer and die on behalf of His fellow human beings in order to avert eternal death from them, which is the irrevocable fate of everyone who does not believe in Him, who does not acknowledge His act of Salvation and does not claim the blessings He acquired through the crucifixion. __And people will have to confess this faith before the world, they will have to openly bear witness to the love of the God-man Jesus, because by making this testimony they stand by Me completely.... they will show the world that they are My children in truth who, raised by the love of the Father, also fulfil the Father's will.... Thus this decision of faith has to be made, and it will be a difficult time for people who belong to Me and have to publicly acknowledge Me. But whoever has the will to do so also has the strength, which will be given to him in abundance, as I promised.... For I Myself Am with My Own, and My Own are those who strive towards Me, who aim to reach Me, Who call for Me in spirit and in truth, who live with love and endeavour to fulfil My will. And therefore they should not worry about the approaching battle of faith. It has to happen to people so that they seriously make up their mind about a problem which has found little attention so far.... They have to decide for or against Me, since anyone who acknowledges the Son also acknowledges the Father, and anyone who rejects the Son also rejects the Father. I, however, Am the One Who sacrificed Himself on behalf of humanity.... For I was in the human being Jesus in all fullness, I Myself descended to earth in order to redeem humanity from the sin of guilt and its consequences. Therefore, anyone who believes in Me cannot reject Jesus Christ, for He and I are One, and anyone who bears witness to Him bears witness to Me.... __Amen
Last Judgment.... Spiritualisation of earth....
A strict judgment will be held at the end of times, that is, there will come a time when the composition of earth can no longer be called earthly matter, but when all material substances will have spiritualised themselves, so that even the earth will have become a spiritual creation like many others in the universe, each of which, however, lays claim to be a place of education for the spirit. And earth will remain such a place of education for the spirit, only that its creations as well as its inhabitants can be called spiritualised, that the living beings' life will proceed under different conditions and even their task cannot be compared to their present one. Earth, too, will have to go through such an era after an endlessly long period of time, and it is this era Jesus spoke about to His listeners on earth. __Every material creation has to take this path of development, that is, it is only condemned matter in the beginning and, after an infinitely long time, after eternities which people will never be able to assess, it elevates itself to a completely different level; it increasingly spiritualises itself and can finally only be referred to as a spiritual creation. Yet these are immeasurably long periods of time, because all banished spirits first have to take this earthly material path so that matter will then have been completely overcome. Consequently, an endlessly long time will still have to pass until the complete spiritualisation of earth has occurred. And this duration of time is comprised of individual phases of development again; each one on its own will be regarded as an eternity by as yet unenlightened people, because many generations will have to accomplish their full maturity during one such phase in order to attain a specific degree of maturity which then is comparable to the spiritualisation on earth. Every stage begins with spiritually highly mature people and ends with people whose inclination to the abyss is so strong that it will be fulfilled, that they will be banished again into the creations of the succeeding new earth. These phases of development are in fact by human standards also infinitely long but they will always come to an end one day, and time and again an era of development will start anew. Yet at the end of times the spiritualisation of the once material creation will proceed ever faster, and the tests of will, which happen in every period, can become increasingly less, because all living creations will then feel the same.... they will all desire to behold the countenance of God and therefore strive ever more sincerely towards God, or they have already been too far removed from God by the adverse power as to be able to return to God. And this is why they later, in spiritual creations, have to stay as spirits in places to which they are drawn and this is the harshest punishment which can come upon God opposing spirits since it is, after all, a state of complete blindness, a state of servitude, where helping only takes place against the servant's will, yet the person is unable to take any other path but to be of constant service until he surrenders his resistance. __This, too, is a divine law, that every occurrence takes place on a small scale and then repeats itself in infinitely diverse variations.... Jesus foresaw the end of this time, but you humans are only able to look forward to times which allow for humanly possible events.... All of you only take one Judgment Day into account.... But this will keep repeating itself as long as periods of Salvation find their conclusion in accordance with divine will.... Every judgment will end with the condemnation of the adversary's adherents and an admission into the spheres of light of those who remained faithful to God even in utmost adversity. And thus the Last Judgment will also result in the total destruction of all matter, but a completely spiritual new earth will arise, if only after such an endlessly long time that it need not be mentioned so as not to give people a false sense of security by proclaiming a new period of development in which they, in their opinion, would be able to make up for their neglect. __The judgment which separates one period of Salvation from the succeeding one will come irrevocably soon.... This shall be proclaimed by seers and prophets who are called by God and whom He informs Himself through His spirit, for it is necessary for the whole of humanity to face up to the approaching end, to change their way of life and to improve their souls, for the time left to humanity as a final gift of grace will pass quickly.... Soon the final hour will arrive and with it the Judgment which will carry out a complete separation of the pure from the impure.... __Amen
And time and again I say to you: You will experience the end.... It is an urgent wake-up call which I send to people who presently inhabit the earth, it is a call which I will still intensify because you need to let go of your conviction that you still have much time left, because you need to spend thought on a sudden end and try to come close to Me. You have only little time left and very soon will be startled out of your calm, fear will enter your hearts which you can only banish by calling upon Me, by faithful prayer, which will provide you with strength and composure. The time is fulfilled, and even if you resist this thought.... you must prepare yourselves for whatever the end entails. It is you who will experience the last battle, who ought to win it; it is you who will experience the last Judgment, who will either see My coming in the clouds and the homecoming of the righteous or the final act of destruction take place, depending on your attitude towards Me, depending on your will and your love. It is you who must make a decision since you will not be able to enter the kingdom of the beyond after your death if you side with the adversary, but you will have to repeat the process through the creation of the new earth according to My eternal counsel. Do not expect the end in the future, get used to the idea that the present time will lead to the end, that you will be affected and that everything will come upon you as seers and prophets predicted according to My will. I can only ever draw your attention to it and as confirmation of My Word speak to you from above, and I will implement it shortly because there is not much time until the end. __I will inform you, whose will to serve Me made you My Own, once again of this just before the end, so that you will not experience the day unprepared, for even though you believe that My Word is truth you are still not taking My prediction seriously enough, you are still counting on a reprieve and not on My speedy arrival which, however, is about to happen to you. Yet you will yearn for My arrival when the time of the battle of faith comes and you enter the last stage of this earthly period. Then you will have learned to despise the world, you will have no further desire for earthly possessions, you will only yearn for My Word, and I will also always be with you in the Word and comfort you until the day when I will appear in the clouds, when your adversity has reached huge proportions and help can only come from Me. You must take it for granted that you will experience this time if I won't recall this or that servant of Mine prematurely, according to wise judgment. You will all be surprised as to how quickly events will unfold, which I predicted long in advance through the voice of the spirit. And once I appear the end will come upon you with giant strides. Anyone who is profoundly faithful will inwardly rejoice despite hardship and suffering, for he will know that he will be compensated one day, that sooner or later all adversity will have an end and that a new era will start again with the paradise, as I have promised.... __Amen
A visible power will control you which will refuse to acknowledge an invisible Power.... And this power will provoke your last test of faith, for it will be fighting against Me and will also want to educate you into becoming My adversaries. And this is why you will require your entire strength of faith in order to resist it. Many will bow down under the sceptre of the ruler promising them golden mountains but will demand the surrender of all faith in return, of all spiritual knowledge, the acknowledgement of his power and sovereignty and the denial of an eternal Creator, of a loving and righteous God, Who will call people to account one day for their will, thoughts and actions. And thus he will oppose Me, and although the last battle will not last long it will be very difficult for My believers because they will be placed under inhuman pressure which will make professing Christ incredibly difficult for them. Yet the knowledge of the pure truth, My obvious help and the hope of My coming and life in paradise on the new earth will give you the strength to persevere and to defy every onslaught on part of the worldly authority. You have My Word that I will not let you remain in adversity, you can be firmly convinced of that. I know My Own and will support every one of them if only they rely on Me, if only they believe in Me. But the one who will come will dazzle people with his intellectual sharpness, his comprehensive knowledge, with his easy-going conduct towards other rulers, and they all will grant him the right of organisational activities with the ultimate goal of displacing all spiritual schools of thought. __For he will try to portray spiritual striving as the wrongly applied energy of life, which should be used for the construction and improvement of earthly requirements. And he will find followers everywhere, who will acknowledge him and likewise proceed against all spiritual work. And thus My servants on earth will have a difficult time. At first the intention will be to take all means which enable you to be spiritually active away from you, but you will also be individually persecuted and will have to give account to the earthly authorities about your convictions and activities. Furthermore, you will also be plunged into earthly hardship as a result of laws which seem, and indeed are, extraordinarily hard and brutal for the believer if I was not going to manifestly stand by you and sustain you by spiritual means. And you will feel My obvious help, you will sense that I Am with you and know the hardship of every individual person which I will remedy when the time is right. The Antichrist will come and with him all the signs of the approaching end. For as soon as the battle of faith commences you can be certain that the end will not be long in coming, because the battle of faith will be waged with such severity and so brutally that I Myself will have to come in order to rescue My Own from deepest distress and lift them up into the realm of peace.... And then the last Judgment will happen and My adversary's power will be broken for a long time.... __Amen
Death of a worldly ruler.... Turn of events....
When you hear of the death of a worldly ruler you have arrived at the point you can call the beginning of the end. Then the world will turn into a place of fire, flames will blaze high, unbridled hatred will rage and humanity will be gripped by horror as it sees no escape from the inevitable peril. __And then I will urge you to speak, for whilst everything is in uproar great calm will take hold of you as you clearly realise that the time of My appearance is drawing near, and thus you proclaim it to those who will listen to you. People see themselves surrounded by enemies on all fronts and are therefore without hope for a peaceful solution. Hence those without faith in the only One Who can help will suffer immense fear. __Consequently they will only focus on world events.... People will anxiously attempt to provide for themselves as they see the approach of great earthly hardship; they will anxiously try to secure worldly goods and prepare for escape even though it seems hopeless to them. Only the faithful remain calm, and then I will use these to encourage their distraught fellow human beings who despair in their unbelief. I attempt to bring Myself close to them once more, I let My servants talk to them and through them I Myself speak words of love and encouragement. I warn them against escape and not just to consider their physical well being; I demonstrate the futility of their intentions and admonish them to persevere and put their fate in My hands; and thus everything takes it course.... __The fire is kindled and people will not extinguish it anymore, I will put it out Myself by opposing it with other elements, by confronting those Myself who want to tear each other apart.... And My voice will sound from above.... The earth will experience a natural disaster which will tear the fighters apart; they will be faced by a power which neither can match.... The process will only take hours but it will create a completely new situation in the world, totally changed conditions and an initially uncontrollable chaos, utmost earthly hardship and unspeakable grief and adversity amongst people. __Yet you all must endure this, for the end is approaching and many opportunities for purification still need to be created since all people have a shorter lifespan now and need to mature in the shortest possible time.... The end is near and as soon as this point is reached you also can, without doubt, soon expect the last day and the Last Judgment, so that may be fulfilled what has been proclaimed in Word and Scripture.... __Amen
And I will come to you to carry you into My kingdom.... Remember this promise during your hours of distress and wait for Me and My help, firmly believe that I will come as your Saviour when the adversity becomes insufferable. And don't be afraid, for I Am stronger than the one who wants to ruin you. You should know that it would be easy for Me to destroy him; yet nothing would be achieved by this for his many followers would continue his work if they were not destroyed as well. This, however, is not acceptable, for that which came forth from My creative spirit will continue to exist forever, it cannot cease to exist because it is everlasting strength from Me. Nevertheless, I will rescue you from his power by banishing him and all those who are enslaved by him. You, however, will be led into the kingdom of peace where you will live as if you were in paradise, until I return you to the new earth which you then shall populate according to My will. No-one will believe this promise, this prophesy, for when I come in the clouds I will repeal the natural laws by lifting you up to Me in the flesh before your fellow human beings' eyes who succumbed to My adversary. They will effectively experience something unnatural, which they currently don't want to believe in. __But you, who are My Own, you know that nothing is impossible for Me, and therefore you also know that I can stop or revoke natural laws if it benefits My eternal plan of Salvation, thus you also know that there will be an end and that you are living in the last days before the end. Consequently you do not doubt this proclamation either, which I imparted to humanity at the beginning of this period of Salvation. You consider it possible, and you should firmly believe it, so that you subsequently will be able to survive the difficult time, always thinking and hoping for my assured help and My coming from above. Regardless of what evil people will do to you, don't take offence, for they will receive their punishment which will be bitter indeed. They will see you being lifted up before their eyes while death is lurking around them and they will be unable to escape in any direction; they will be devoured by the earth and be granted a wretched fate on the new earth. You, however, will receive your just compensation, all hardship will have come to an end, you will live in freedom and with joy on the new earth amid a paradise, amid love and in direct contact with Me, Who will often stay amongst the people who have become love. And this is the end which was predicted by seers and prophets time and again, which was announced ever since the beginning of this epoch of Salvation so that humanity will believe. Yet no-one takes these predictions seriously, nevertheless, the day will come when all this will happen and the last Judgment will occur, as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture.... __Amen
Spiritual turning-point.... Total transformation of earth...
You can take it for granted that the world is facing a change, spiritually as well as earthly. The earth itself is approaching a total transformation, a transformation of its surface as well as extensive internal changes, and, likewise, people need to prepare themselves for a process that will have spiritual repercussions because all life on earth, human and animal, will cease to exist as soon as the reshaping of earth is under way. Thus it stands to reason that the entire transformation will have a spiritual foundation, that a new school for the spirit will be created which, however, will first call for the destruction of the former. Earth cannot continue to exist the way it is at present if it is not to circle through the universe amid other creations and heavenly bodies devoid of all purpose.... Change has to take place, and this act of transformation will be experienced by people to whom God has given the grace to use the final opportunities for achieving maturity. For God has blessed the last days of this earth's existence by providing blessing upon blessing for people who could certainly reach full maturity by the last day. That the gifts of grace are ignored, that the majority of people do not welcome and thus do not accept them, is only proof that the last days have arrived. __Hence only few will be able to observe the final act of transformation because they accept God's will and therefore also know of His eternal plan of Salvation. They will not be harmed by the process of transformation as they will be raptured before the last act of destruction of the old earth. And thus the change will merely affect them such that they will change their environment for a kingdom of peace until they are returned to the entirely reshaped earth as root of the new human race. Until the last day, however, others will still have ample opportunity to change and thus save themselves too. For as soon as their spiritual transformation has taken place, as soon as the soul has returned to God, Whom they had adamantly resisted so far, the souls also become aspirants to the kingdom of the blessed and need no longer fear the destruction of the old earth. No creation on the old earth will survive nor will any human being continue to exist who was not lifted to heaven by God's love beforehand.... The complete destruction of the earth's surface as a whole will also result in the demise of every creature, and the transformation of any soul capable of change will have been achieved by the hour of the Last Judgment. Hence it depends on the human being's spiritual change whether he will survive the end of this earthly period and be permitted to re-inhabit the new earth as a child of God.... __All people will still be capable of change but only few will be willing, and thus the earth's process of transformation will take place, given that people's will shall no longer take the right direction and earth no longer fulfils its intended purpose. Earthly life is misused.... As a result, the whole of humanity faces a spiritual turning-point. However, it will not happen on the old earth and it will only consciously be experienced by a few people, whilst the majority of people will indeed enter an entirely different developmental stage, hence also be affected by the spiritual turning-point, but in a regressive sense....they will lose their physical life and continue their existence in a completely different form.... `Life' will have ceased to be and the state of `death' will surround the spiritual essence because it will have failed as a human being, because it did not use its opportunity to change in order to redeem itself. __In the universe, however, the act of transformation will denote an entirely new period of redemption and the conclusion of an era which was extremely significant, because God Himself incarnated on earth in order to exemplify to humanity the change from a human into a divine being, which all people should accomplish. Earth, which carried His physical body, will now have to help the hardened spiritual substances, solid matter, to achieve redemption. Every living thing will have to experience a change of its external form; everything constrained in a form below the human level will have to be able to comply with the impetus for ascent. As a result of earth's total transformation this will indeed be possible since the love of the divine man Jesus also encompassed the as yet unredeemed spiritual substances which He also intended to help with His act of Salvation. When this period of redemption comes to an end it will also mean the end for all creations in, on and above the earth. Then a continuation of development in the creations of the new earth can commence for all spiritual substances which still need to be redeemed and which, depending on their will towards God, will animate the various forms until their final salvation.... __Amen
'They ate and drank....' just as it was before the Flood....
As the end comes closer it will become again as it was before the great flood. People will be seized by an increased lust for life and be influenced by the world with all its attractions. People will no longer be able nor want to control themselves and will therefore unscrupulously enjoy life in sinfulness. For they will not desire harmless pleasures, instead, sin will prevail everywhere, selfish love will displace all neighbourly love and thus people will become sinful by harming their fellow human beings merely to satisfy their body's every wish. Other people's possessions will not be respected and thus all laws will be violated. The increased pleasure of life will stifle the voice of conscience and what the world has to offer will be relished to the full.... The world, however, is My adversary's realm and thus only bad can come from the world, it can only denote a danger for the soul, for the satisfaction granted to the body must be atoned for by the soul, it must pay for what the body demands. People may therefore seemingly delight in the pleasure, only those belonging to My Own will know which hour has struck when people seek to intoxicate themselves in the ecstasy of pleasure. Then the end will be very near, for I have long announced to you already that it will be like before the great flood.... They ate and drank, they married and were given in marriage and took no notice of the admonitions and warnings from above. And it will be difficult to preach the Gospel to these people, for since they only pay attention to and aim for earthly life they lack all understanding for spiritual life, and therefore they mock and ridicule every bearer of truth who will try to convert them. Yet in the midst of euphoria comes the last Judgment.... It will be dreadful for all who look upon the world as their God, for they will fall from the height into the abyss, from joy into immense fear, they will fall from heaven into hell.... For the world and its attractions was their heaven, but the world will be destroyed.... and harshest incarceration will be the fate of those who used their freedom on earth wrongly, who live in sin and also die in sin. Beware of the world for it is a great danger for you.... at the moment it certainly still offers much that is desirable yet it is better that you refrain from it and strive toward the heavenly joys which come afterwards, and do without, so that you can enjoy the delights of heaven in all abundance. Don't belong to those who only love themselves and want to provide the body with every pleasure. The euphoria is short-lived, yet it will be followed by a dreadful awakening, as it is announced in Word and Scripture.... The human race, however, is in great danger, for it is already dazzled by the world's deceptive light, and it will not stand still in its demands but it will increase them.... It aims with giant strides towards the final end.... it seeks life and will find death, it seeks joy and walks into ruin.... __Amen
'I will send you the Comforter....' (Explanation of appa...
My spirit will guide you into truth, as I have promised: I will send you the Comforter, the Spirit of truth, which will guide you into all truth and will remind you of everything I have said to you.... Thus anyone allowing this spirit of Mine to become effective in him will also know the truth and can accept everything conveyed to him by My spirit. Think very seriously about this for once and you will know what originates from Me and can be believed by you. As soon as you recollect My Words which I spoke on earth to My disciples as well as to all other people, you will not be able to dismiss the fact that you can receive the pure truth in the way I told you with the Words: I will send you the Comforter, the Spirit of truth.... And prior to My Words I said that I will take abode in those Who prepare their heart for Me, that I will not abandon them, that I will reveal Myself to those who love Me and keep My commandments.... __It therefore follows that My revelations must come from within, that I, once I have taken abode in a person's heart, will also manifest Myself therein with the result that the person will hear My voice through the inner Word.... And this is proof again that you may unhesitatingly trust this voice, for it is the expression of My love for My Own, who are counted as My Own because they accepted Me Myself in their hearts, because I was able to take abode in them. Hence you possess My Word, the announcement of My will, the truth in its purest form. Therefore you need not be taught from outside if you acknowledge Me as your Teacher and entrust yourselves directly to Me. Direct communication between you and Me is therefore possible, and in order to be truthfully educated you must acknowledge this first. Then you will strive to receive the truth from the original source and will also be able to believe with conviction what is imparted to you. For this knowledge comes to you in a fully conscious state; I speak to you and you hear Me. __But I speak to you through your heart and your heart hears My voice, not your physical ear, which can only hear externally spoken words. If you inwardly hear My Word then you will know that I Am expressing Myself; alternatively, if you hear the Word from outside then you need to ascertain its origin, for anything can be offered to you from outside, My adversary also approaches you from outside, and then you should seriously examine it, and if you examine it seriously then you also have the will to find the source of what you are offered in Me. If you therefore want to hear Me speak I will certainly grant your wish, in which case every Word you receive will be true if it is imparted to you through My devoted servants. Let this be a sure sign to you: that I will answer your every question if you present it to Me. __You are all always taught in a way that matches your maturity; you can only grasp profound wisdom once you have reached a specific degree of maturity, when the explanation from the spiritual kingdom can be given to you unveiled, which will be understandable to you if you compare it with My activity on earth, where I always spoke to people in parables, in metaphorical language, in order to explain it to them. These veiled teachings are intended to stimulate a person's thinking, so that he penetrates spiritual knowledge and does not just superficially accept it with his physical ears. If I impart My Word unveiled, as I do now, then the degree of maturity which guarantees the correct understanding is a prerequisite. Words to that effect will not differ as soon as both the veiled and the direct Word from above come in unveiled form from the same source, as soon as every teaching has originated from Me. __But first you must examine this and you need only appeal for My help in order to pass the right judgment. Bear in mind that the adversary works as well, and especially when people try to escape from him, when they strive for truth in order to learn to recognise and love Me. Then he will always try to extinguish or obscure the light and be very active where the opportunity presents itself. __In order to help you humans and to undermine the activity of this said power I provide you with information through bearers of light where impure influences have led your thinking astray. That which comes from above is truth, and that which comes from below are errors and lies.... Where direct inner spiritual activity can be recognised it can only be the working of forces from above which receive and forward My illumination. However, where forces avail themselves of a human form in an unconscious state, caution is advised, for a passive form can also be used by a dark force, if only for a short time, yet fellow human beings themselves often determine the statements made through this form with their own thoughts and wishes, which are instantly picked up by these forces which will then audibly express themselves through this form. For, as soon as some of the listeners have strong willpower their thoughts will also exert a strong influence and, depending on their truth, they will be seized by either forces of light or of darkness and audibly expressed. For this reason the human being should always let go of his own knowledge when he receives spiritual knowledge, he should humbly and like a small child without knowledge allow himself to be taught, then purest truth will flow to him, because no resistance exists to prevent it.... __Many will take exception to the fact that a seeming contradiction comes to light, yet My spirit has always revealed the same to people, it was simply not understood by everyone in the same way, and even those who received My Word were not free of their own thoughts as soon as they turned their eyes towards the world and associated world events with the spiritual information. Besides, My eternal plan of Salvation was unknown to people at the time I lived on earth, and the explanations I gave to people about future times were presented such that only someone who had completely shaped himself into love would have been able to form a correct idea about the last days, about the last Judgment and the end. The others lacked realisation and a clear portrayal would not have been beneficial for them, since the especially announced judgment was still ahead of them, the destruction of Jerusalem, which likewise signified the chapter of an era for these people and was nearer to them than the end. So people were certainly informed of a renewal, of a spiritual change, but with an additional remark which related more to the change of people than the transformation of Earth, because the knowledge of the latter would have been detrimental to their spiritual state.... __But now I approach those people who will live through the final chapter on this earth.... I approach those who have attained a certain degree of maturity and therefore also the understanding for the coming events. To these I provide complete clarification and instruct them to inform their fellow human beings of it. However, they will only be believed by those who become discerning and spiritually enlightened through genuine striving for perfection, who know My plan of Salvation and realise that there is no other option but a total transformation of the earth, for the sake of the souls which have fallen to the lowest point and yet shall be redeemed one day. Right now I speak to the people of the last days, but even in the past My Words were not contradictory.... As Jesus, the man, I said what I saw and was prevented from seeing how the end would happen.... I saw the converted human race but not the transformed earth because it was God's wish to keep people uninformed at that time.... __The fact that Earth must remain a place of education for the spiritual substances and for how long, that it therefore must continue to exist, was certainly meant to be explained to people, however, the transformation of the earth's surface affects the higher development of the spiritual substances bound in matter and the renewed banishment of a soul which, embodied as a human being, has not passed the test of faith and will.... Neither was comprehensible to humanity, it only differentiated between an earthly world, as it existed, and a purely spiritual world, and it was merely explained to people that the earth, as a world of matter, cannot be excluded as yet and that the development on this earth must still continue for an infinitely long time. For Earth as a planet will not cease to exist after the last Judgment, it will merely fulfil its mission in a completely new formation and thus a new developmental period will start with a paradise-like state.... with those people who are lifted up to heaven before that, because they will prove their loyalty to Me during the last battle of faith, because they will persevere until the end and therefore become blessed in heartfelt unity with Me and the spiritual kingdom of light.... __Amen
The Lord's visible appearance....
I want to give those of you who are My Own a sign before I intervene in world events for the sake of saving erring souls. I want to provide you with the evidence that all My announcements will come true, and I want to reveal Myself to each one of you in a different way. Nevertheless, a vigilant person will know that it is I Who approaches him, even though I choose a form for Myself which adapts itself to its environment, which will not give the impression of being unusual. I want to come to everyone who wants to be of service to Me and ensures the distribution of My Word. I personally want to come to you in order to strengthen your faith, so that you can endure the following events calmly and collectedly and will be able to assist your fellow human beings. For you, My servants, must remain calm and level-headed in the general turmoil in order to provide consolation and help where the adversity is great and help is needed. Anyone who recognises Me straight away will feel blissfully happy in My presence and accept every Word from Me as a gift of boundless love, and his heart will equally come aglow with love, My strength will flow into him so that he could accomplish anything if he wanted to. However, not everyone will recognise Me straight away, yet some will sense that a special person is speaking to them whose Words they accept as absolute truth. And only in the end will they recognise Me in a flash and cheer and, if I have left them, glorify Me as I will nevertheless remain as an indelible image in the heart of the one I delight with My presence. Thus they will find Me in their heart again even when I Am no longer physically visible to them, so that they will constantly be able to draw strength from it and diligently accomplish the work for My kingdom after I have spoken from above which will result in acute adversity for people. Then much work will be in store for My Own and I Myself will help them, I Myself will speak through My Own to all those who want to hear Me and give credence to the Words of My Own. I will speak to them, and you will testify to Me, you will mention My appearance and with lively Words express what you feel for Me in your heart. __You will win many over, since in view of the great adversity people will be grateful for every explanation, consolation and help. You will work for Me and My kingdom because you feel impelled by Me, Who dwells in your heart and Whom you will never lose again once you have seen Him. I will never ever let go of that which has become My Own, this is why I will come to My Own during the last days before the end, and they will recognise Me because love will tell them who I Am. And their bliss will accord to their degree of love when they behold Me. Anyone who looks into My eyes will be overcome by an incomparable sensation of bliss, so that he will recognise more than a mere person in Me. Admittedly, someone who is weak in faith and love and nevertheless wants to strive towards Me, will not instantly recognise Me, yet My Words will touch his heart and kindle the fire of love in him. Then he will recognise Me, sometimes only after I have left him and am no longer physically close to him. I Am among you as a human being, yet I only choose a cover for Myself so that you can see Me and dissolve it just as quickly again in order to be invisible to you. And thus I want to give strength to all of you, so that you will remain faithful to Me and persevere until the end. It will necessitate immense strength, which you will be unable to muster by yourselves. However, I know My Own and will no longer leave them to My adversary. Therefore, have faith and always expect My help. The greater the adversary is, the closer I will be to you, and you will behold Me physically. But then you will know that the hour is near when I will reveal Myself to all those who do not want to believe and are unaware of the approaching end. Then the time I allocated for people's redemption will soon have run out.... and be followed by the day of the end and with it the last Judgment, as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture.... __Amen
Christ's descent to earth and reason....
My descent to earth was necessary because people, My living creations, suffered immense hardship due to their own fault. However, My Fatherly love did not want to let them perish. Besides, My adversary revolted against Me insofar as that he totally controlled My creations, which his will certainly created but nevertheless with My strength, and was effectively denying them freedom of will by weakening My living creations such that they were no longer able to use their free will correctly, that is, in a way that was pleasing to Me. And thus I wanted to help My weak creatures in their desperate need.... This hardship not only applied to their earthly life, this hardship would last forever had I not come to help them. I felt pity for My living creations although they had turned away from Me of their own free will.... However, the fact that their will was so exceedingly weak as to be controlled by My adversary was merely the result of their lack of love.... Love is strength and fortifies the will to resist the assaults by the enemy of the soul. Wherever love exists there is no danger of falling prey to the adversary because the presence of love demonstrates My presence too. But at the time of My coming into the world people were entirely without love.... apart from a few to whom I came in order to help them in particular, so that their utterly heartless surrounding would not lead to their ruin. I descended to these few because they were under great pressure and called upon Me in their distress. Yet even their faith had become weak, no-one established the connection with their Creator and Father of eternity such that I was able to express Myself audibly to him. Where love did not exist, faith was missing and My opponent reaped a great harvest, for his activity even robbed the few of their faith in Me, in My love, wisdom and might.... And thus I Myself came into the world.... A human body received Me because I wanted to help people as a human being in order to provide them with the evidence that a person is able to approach and unite with Me if he strengthens his will through love and then deliberately fights the enemy of his soul, My adversary. My body was purely human but it was inhabited by a soul of light which, however, initially had no past memory at all until the unification with Me through love had taken place. Only then did the soul recognise itself and its mission. Jesus, the man, had united with Me through love, for love is strength, it is My fundamental substance, it is the Divine which permeates everything, hence it also shaped the human being Jesus into a divine Being Which was bound to be full of strength, might and wisdom. __Thus I entered the human form after it had shaped itself through love into an abode for the Eternal Deity. You humans will find it difficult to understand this enigma as long as you still lack love, yet where love exists there is also light.... that is where I Myself can work and enlighten your spirit.... I came to My Own and they did not know Me.... However, I wanted to reveal Myself to them and therefore had to enlighten them as to why they were in the dark, why they didn't recognise Me and why they were in great danger. And therefore I instructed people through the man Jesus. I brought them My Word which they themselves were no longer able to hear but which was heard by the human being Jesus, since due to His love He allowed Me to be present in Him.... For My presence means that you humans can hear My voice. Hence, you can only hear Me if you change your nature through love, if your love allows for My presence.... __If love is within you, you are strong and no longer need to fear My adversary who intends to ruin you. I had to come down to Earth because you lacked this knowledge and I wanted to inform you of it again. And this is why I come to My Own again, for once again there is immense hardship, once again people don't recognise Me, My adversary is firmly in control of them again and only a few call upon Me for help. And I grant their prayer and Am in the midst of those who want to be My Own. And I bestow My Word upon them.... except that I Am not physically amongst them but Am with them in spirit, as I have promised. However, I will return to Earth and fetch My Own into My kingdom.... For the adversary's activity is getting out of hand, thus the time has come for him to be bound again, the time has come for the goats to be separated from the sheep.... It is the time of the end, of which it is written that I will come in the clouds to judge the living and the dead. Yet I will be present to anyone who remains in love, he will not need to be afraid of the last Judgment, I will be His Redeemer again from greatest adversity, the Saviour, Who will come from above when Satan believes that he has won his game.... And he will be bound in chains so that peace shall come upon those people who are of good will.... __Amen
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