I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 24.07.1939 

1021   Togetherness in love .... Easy earthly path ....

The longest path on earth is not difficult to travel if the human being doesn’t have to cover it alone, for all distress and trouble are easier carried as a twosome. A lonely wanderer bears all burdens and troubles by himself, he has no loving heart to speak to, no one to lift him up if he is in danger of breaking down, and no one whom he, in turn, can reassure and support in difficult times. And many an earthly wanderer’s fate consists of the fact that they always and forever walk alone even though they are surrounded by countless people. They exclude themselves from the world and reject all consolation and active help. And thus they have to cover an arduous, very long earthly path in constant isolation. Natural law connects people, natural law requires togetherness since it is, after all, the foundation of continued existence for creation and its living beings.

Everything in the human being longs for its alter ego, the human being naturally feels the instinct to bond with a similarly natured person, in every human heart dwells love which wants to express itself towards this other self, and therefore the union between a man and a woman is an irrevocable law ordained by the divine Father Himself. The foundation for all unions, however, shall be profound love, each one shall endeavour from the bottom of his heart to serve the other, to treat him with love and to start a relationship which utterly complies with divine will. Then God’s blessing will also rest on such a union, travelling the path through earthly life will be easier for both because their love for each other will help them carry all difficulties, and this love also guarantees that the Father is likewise present where pure love unites two people. For the eternal Deity’s activity will be noticeable there, pure love will refine people and turn their eyes towards heaven, they will recognise God, the Lord, by virtue of their inherently active love which is divine after all, and from this realisation they will draw the strength to overcome all difficulties in life .... They are walking with God at the same time .... in blissful togetherness they have become aware of the fact that God has to be present where love exists, and this realisation makes them blissfully happy, since then the human being will know that he is safe under the Father’s loyal guard ....


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