I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 31.08.1940 

1590   Inner reflection .... Hours of rest - Introspection ....

It requires some time of reflection as to be able to listen to the inner voice, for it does not express itself in the midst of earthly commotion, that is, it is not perceptible to the person. Only someone who withdraws into his inner life will be able to perceive it, precisely because it only sounds deep within the heart. Thus, in order to establish a connection with the spirit, it is absolutely necessary for a person to shape his inner life by trying to harmonise it with the will of the One Who gave him life. An inner life after divine will can give rise to inconceivable success, for this guarantees access to spiritual knowledge. It opens the gate to life beyond earth for the human being. The human being is unable to penetrate these areas from the outside, but if he takes the path by means of his innermost life, by means of his thoughts and feelings which are deeply rooted within his heart, he will take the right path and will reach the right goal.

The human being needs many heart-to-heart talks with himself and needs to subject himself and his actions to self-criticism and must always want what is best, then he will shape himself according to God’s will. However, the more he is prevented by the outside world from times of inner reflection the harder it will be for him to establish contact with the spiritual world, for every pensive hour will already be, so to speak, the unification with spiritual beings which try to influence his thoughts and which, precisely during such inner introspections, can speak to the listener of the inner voice unimpeded. These beings can only make themselves noticed through the most subtle spiritual vibrations, hence they have to be received during profound silence otherwise they cannot be sensed and ineffectively glide past the human being’s soul. The more easily you are able to detach yourselves from the earth and desire spiritual contact, the more clearly and perceptibly the voice will sound in you, and therefore you should do everything in your power to avoid earthly experiences which might detract you from the inner work of improving your soul, from introspective hours of rest, during which you seek spiritual contact. You will undeniably have far more success than you can ever achieve by earthly means ....


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