I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 19.06.1941 

1960   Demonic activity .... Necessity of divine intervention ....

Just a little while longer and you will remember the Words I spoke on earth that the world will become chaotic in every respect. Soon you will realise where heartlessness between people will lead to. If you still harbour a spark of love within yourselves you will recognise the opponent’s power, who incites everyone to conflict with each other. His activity is demonic, and as a result people also behave demonically in their unkindness. And thus I will intervene and by means of apparent disorder nevertheless restore order again, so that humanity’s real purpose is made clear to them. When people in their delusion destroy everything, such an act of destruction from above is absolutely necessary so that the injustice will be clearly revealed and humanity will recognise it as such.

And there will be acute distress, and in this distress people’s pleading prayers will rise up to the Father in heaven, which is the purpose of My intervention, so that people will look for Me, so that they will remember Me again and take refuge in Me.

For there is no other way left to achieve this, only the harshest adversity will make them take the path to Me, and only the harshest adversity will yet be capable of changing humanity. But My spirit will be with all those who are loyal to Me. They will recognise Me in everything that is happening and faithfully await My help .... And they will speak on My behalf and try to explain to their fellow human beings the error of their lives and refer them to Me. And then, depending on their attitude towards Me, I will also take care of their hearts, and wherever a devout thought rises up to Me I will send comfort and help. I will bestow My love upon all those who recognise their wrong and thus call to Me appealingly. For I love My living creations and only want to save them from greatest danger .... from a danger which will far exceed the earthly suffering they will encounter. And I will permeate all those with My spirit who are willing to be of service to Me, so that they will be able to comply with their task and not waver in their faith when the time of affliction arrives ....


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