I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 11.11.1941 

2147   ‘He who remains in love remains in Me and I in him ....

Remain in Me so that I can unite with you. Your life shall be a continuous activity of love. You should do everything as a matter of innermost impulse, and this impulse shall be love, the most beautiful and sacred feeling, which you should allow to dominate you. Anyone who lives in love is engrossed in Me, anyone who lives in love remains forever united with Me, for he is what I Am Myself .... he is love, as I Myself Am love .... Then peace will be within you, for the marriage of your spirit with Me has taken place, it is no longer outside of Me but in Me, for it is My share for eternity. Then I Myself will be with you and where I Am there must be peace and love and harmony. And if you live in unity with Me, your life on earth will neither be conflict nor worry, for then I will fight on your behalf and take your worries upon Me, for I love you because you are My Own since the beginning. But first you must completely hand yourselves over to Me, you must sacrifice everything to Me, you must so love Me that you willingly sacrifice everything for Me, and you must prove this love to Me by striving to treat your fellow human beings in the same way as you would like to treat Me. I want you to prove your love for Me through your love for your fellow human beings .... It is My will that you should help each other, that one is willing to suffer on behalf of the other, that you serve each other with love. Then your activity of love on earth will be blessed, it will result in the most magnificent reward. I will be with you and place you into a state of profound peace and silent beatitude. For this is the promise I gave you, and My Word always remains the same ‘He who remains in love remains in Me and I in him ....’


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