I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 01.03.1942 

2247   Recognising the truth is a duty to advocate it ....

In a world of scorners and blasphemers the truth will hardly be able to establish itself, for they negate everything of a divine nature and therefore also the truth which comes from God. But every person who knows the truth, who thus recognises it, is nevertheless duty bound to advocate it, even towards those who always want to fight against the truth. To deviate from the truth with them would be the same as complying with the adversary of truth. The truth will always be fought, for it comes from above .... however, materialistically minded people only want to acknowledge that which comes from below, from the world, and that will always contradict the truth. If the truth is to be spread on earth its advocate may by no means love the world, nor may he fear people who want to prevent him from spreading the truth, instead, by completely renouncing all earthly advantages, he must rather be willing to sacrifice his life than to withhold the truth or speak contrary to his conviction. This requirement is indeed not an easy one to comply with; after all, a person’s physical life is still too valuable as to give it up for the sake of a truth which is not desired by fellow human beings and is more likely to be rejected. And yet it is expected by God as soon as He has deemed people worthy to receive the truth from Him. Recognising the pure truth is also a commitment to pass it on and to inform an uninformed person of God’s activity. And if people treat this gift with hostility the human being must not become intimidated and speak fearfully or keep silent, instead, he should even fearlessly stand up for the truth where the ruling power demands silence. It is, after all, God Himself he advocates .... And the informed person should never deny God which, however, he would do were he to divert from the truth, that is, were he to say something against better knowledge which does not correspond to truth or unquestioningly allows untruth to be spread when he recognises it as such. As soon as the human being denies God he becomes weak, on the other hand, if he endorses the truth, the flow of strength to stand firm against every hostile argument will come to him. And he will remain victorious over the scorners and blasphemers who only favour lies and will therefore always fight the truth ....


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