I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 13.04.1942 

2301   Battle for spiritual supremacy ....

Fateful is the battle for spiritual supremacy which will flare up to an extent not experienced by the world before. Evil spirits want to forcefully displace the virtuous ones and this is indeed a course of action which divine love no longer wants to watch passively and decisively will end the battle Itself. All attempts aim to cause the spiritual aspirants such severe difficulties that they discontinue their striving, that they turn towards the world so that the world can then claim victory, so to speak. If the world would succeed to eradicate the belief in an existing Deity and in the divine Saviour Jesus Christ then it would have gained victory over the other believers, and the outcome of such a victory would be grave, because then all of humanity would be heading for disaster since all further spiritual development would be out of the question.

This battle has been fought many times before yet never in such relentless way as it is now planned. Because the adversary himself is at work now, and he stops at nothing to assume control over humanity and will find willing agents, i.e. people who are willing to do anything, and thus believers will experience tremendous difficulties. Harshest measures will be taken for no reason at all against those who in their heart still believe in God and the divine Saviour, by attempting to make their lives unbearable. For they are superior to the unbelievers and scorners and can contradict every contention, and since God wants to use these willing people who are exposed to the particular onslaught by the worldly power during the coming time, He will not permit that His servants shall be tormented to the point that they will surrender their faith .... on the contrary, He will endow them with great strength and reinforce their faith, and they, for their part, will now enter the battle, they will fight for the name of God and both camps will find their supporters. And then the battle will erupt with full intensity, the virtuous spiritual world will struggle for supremacy over the bad elements and the world apparently wins because it succeeds to intimidate people into parting with their faith because they do not believe that they can endure the events. And during this hardship God’s love is consistently concerned for the human race. He will closely guard His small flock and not permit that it should fall victim to the powers who are so obviously fighting against God ....


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