I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 18.11.1942 

2555   Lack of understanding for the prophecies .... Necessity ....

Only a few people realise the seriousness of the time, and therefore the coming events can only be made plausible to a few. As long as they merely strive for the well-being of their body they will only pay attention to happenings which are related to it and cannot and will not understand a change of world events caused by spiritual urgency. For spiritual experiences are unfamiliar to them and all such references are deemed insignificant and unimportant, if not entirely wrong, by them. To announce the coming happenings to them at present will have little success and yet, they, too, shall be warned so that no-one will live to see the day in complete ignorance. For what they do not want to believe as yet can suddenly appear credible to them and motivate them to direct their mind towards God and call upon Him in distress. Spiritual thoughts are often inconvenient to a person since they only undermine his earthly life; as a result, he discards them when they surface and thus he cannot come to realisation either. As soon as a fellow human being wants to inform him and convey spiritual gifts to him he declines or ignores the gift. And thus he will not use the time which still separates him from the great natural event, so it will take him by surprise and completely bewilder him. And yet he cannot be helped in any other way but by mentioning the momentous change even though he is not fully capable or willing to take it in. For even the certainty that the prophesy will fulfil itself can already lead the person to sudden realisation.

God’s love comes to meet every person, and He sends his admonitions and warnings to everyone, for He knows people’s weaknesses and wants to help them when they are in trouble. But most of the time people won’t let themselves be helped because they don’t think they need it. And yet they suffer immense hardship for they have no inner contact with God, they have distanced themselves from Him and therefore won’t listen to His voice which is speaking to them through a human mouth. They do not recognise it as God’s voice and thus it will not affect them because they close themselves to its effect. Every day they live on earth in ignorance of spiritual life is a lost day and there are not many more, for the great earthly adversity has not yet come to an end and humanity is facing a bigger one still, which is inevitable for the sake of people’s spiritual development. It will cost many people’s lives and bring their opportunity for development on earth to an end. God wants to help them while there is still time and He sends His servants and representatives to them so that they will speak in His name and remind them to consider their souls and strive for higher spiritual development. And if they listen to them they can more easily endure what will come to pass, because they will realise that nothing that happens on earth is without meaning and purpose and that spiritual development is the ultimate purpose of earthly life ....


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