I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 07.06.1943 

2767   Belief in the soul’s life after death .... God’s mercy ....

God’s mercy shows you a path which, if you walk this path, will inevitably result in progress. No gift from above is as beneficial as the offering of the divine Word because it gives you the guiding principle for your earthly way of life and informs you of God’s will. Implementing the divine Word is spiritual progress and thus the meaning and purpose of life on earth. Humanity’s spiritual poverty, its disturbingly low emotional degree of maturity, is not acknowledged by people, they do not believe in spiritual higher development on earth because they are psychologically and physically only attached to earth. All their intentions and efforts purely aspire towards the acquisition of earthly goods, and the perfection of soul as the purpose of earthly life is considered to be a mere fantasy or imagination which came forth from human will itself and cannot be proven. Only few believe in life after death but only this belief makes the necessity for higher development on earth understandable, because only then all of creation makes sense .... namely to serve the higher development of the spirit .... But since this belief is lacking in people, since they negate the soul’s life after death, they do not recognise a spiritual purpose of creation either, they merely regard everything from the point of view that earthly life itself is meaning and purpose and that everything simply exists to serve the body in order to provide it with the greatest possible comfort. And this attitude does not improve the human degree of maturity but is more likely to reduce it if the human being does not receive help, if God’s love does not intervene with His mercy and enlightens him. And this mercy is now flowing to them yet it is not understood by many people or they would be highly delighted and able to accomplish their struggle on earth with increased resistance. But human beings are spiritually blind .... they do not know the purest truth from heaven and only have eyes for the world, they understand all worldly things but lack the inner urge to look beyond these to know the hidden things because no one can provide them with the evidence of life after death ....


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