I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 17.12.1944 

3371   The termination of the fight .... Spatial separation ....

Whatever there is useful to you, that you will get to hear if you’re letting yourselves be taught by Me, Myself, and also pay attention to My voice which is softly perceptible within you. You’ve got an exceedingly incorrect view of the continuous course of the world-happenings if you assume any one of the fighting powers to emerge as a winner from the struggle, for My will has determined differently because not the physical well-being but the well-being of the souls is to be promoted which necessitates a complete change of one’s life but which can only take place when all the earthly plans are invalid and mankind faces an extraordinary event that shakes their thinking.

A normal end of the struggle of the nations would not result in a change of the ordinary life. Furthermore, none of the fighting powers are innocent and thus none of the powers is legitimately entitled to the victory. And that’s why I thwart man’s plans, no matter what outcome. I render all their expectations void and I provide a solution nobody is expecting and is also not welcome to anybody for I bring the fight to a close in a way so it cannot be continued, even though man would be willing to do so. For I physically separate the fighting parties from each other, I let natural obstacles come into being that cannot be overcome so easily. And I thus take any possibility away from man to keep fighting against each other. And thus the struggle of the nations against each other comes to an abrupt halt. It won’t be a decision, it won’t be a defeating of a power, but mankind will see that their power is at a dead end and the divine power needs to be accepted, which is recognizable most distinctly at this outcome.

I will bring about the end and certainly, by that, punish the guilty ones severely, for in their assumption of sure victory they see themselves deceived, they see themselves weakened and without success and are confronted by a great misery and great poverty. And this end I have announced a long time ago already so that you, who are still doubting, have the truth of My word proven by that. When the culmination of atrocity on the part of humanity has been reached, I put an end to it so that the world realizes by that there is a God in heaven who punishes sin, which surfaces so obviously; that it realizes it is not humans who determine the outcome, but it is I, Myself, and in a different way at that, than people expect it.

And the hour is not far away, and that’s why I make Myself known to those who believe in My intervention and know about My intention, whom I appoint to point it out to people and whom I send as prophets amongst mankind. For it is to be warned beforehand because I will never let such a happening come upon mankind without informing them so that they seriously consider the well-being of their souls and prepare themselves. For nobody knows as to who will be affected by it. My intervention will call for many victims everywhere where it will take place.


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