I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 25.02.1945 

3448   God’s Word provides comfort and strength in greatest need ....

During fearful hours, when you believe to be cut off from the world and are only able to communicate with God in prayer, you will discover the strength and grace emanating from the Word which God’s love sends to earth .... Then He will speak to you in His love and give you strength, He will care and provide for you and His Word will be ample food and drink until you receive help. No human being can give you the comfort which flows from His Word because you feel that He Himself is close to you in His Word and faithfully entrust yourselves to Him. And when you hear His Word your fear will leave you, His love will speak to you, His Fatherly hand will take hold of you and never let you fall again .... His Word is mild and kind, it gives you hope and you know it is truth, and thus all dread and worry comes to an end because you now have complete faith in Him.

The greater your earthly need the closer God is to you, if only you call upon Him ....He will not leave you and conveys this in His Word which you, if you wish, may always hear directly or through mediators. Indeed, God will gladly fulfil this desire, He will not leave you without spiritual nourishment, He will not seal the well of living water .... He will protect it from destruction, He will not allow human will to obscure it, He will not allow the well to run dry which His great merciful love had opened for you who are hungry and thirsty, who suffer distress of body and soul and long for refreshment. And thus God Himself descends to earth in His Word to His Own when people prevent all access to you .... then He will be with you and you may receive precious gifts from His Fatherly hand, you will be strengthened in body and soul, and when you have abandoned all earthly hope and only give yourselves to God, He will take your fate into His hands Himself and deliver you from all danger .... because His love embraces you and all those who seek refuge with Him in prayer ....


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