I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 05.12.1945 

3620   Severe hardship before the last rescue mission ....

And thus I guide you along a path which, although indeed hard and stony, will definitely come to an end at the goal which you should reach on earth. You will yet experience fearful hours and have to come ever closer to Me, you will witness much misery in your environment and often ask yourselves why I allow such despair .... you will experience serious hardship yourselves and call upon Me fearfully, but your call shall not be in vain. I will always be ready to help when the hardship has reached its limit, as I have promised you, because I protect you from the worst, since you are My Own and want to serve Me and therefore, as My workers, also have the benefit of My assured protection. Come what may, do not give up, because whatever My will allows to happen is necessary for the soul of people who are near to you and cannot find Me. But when the time is right I will intervene .... I will leave no stone unturned in order to win over more souls before I start the last rescue mission before the end, because many will lose their earthly lives and I still want to preserve the lives of their souls so that they can enter the spiritual realm with a glimmer of awareness.

This is the purpose of the severe hardship before the end. And you will have to witness it, if only up to an endurable extent for you. Hatred and human unkindness are the initiators of adversity, they cannot be content, they do not want to live in peace, they incite hatred by any means and thus force people into severe difficulties. They are ruled by Satan and are his willing servants. No house will remain unaffected by hostile actions, no human being will be spared suffering, and blessed is he who takes his refuge in Me .... He will be helped and time and again he will be guided by My strong hand, time and again his path will light up and the goal become visible, which will give him joyous hope to courageously overcome all adversity. Whoever takes My hand and lets himself be guided by it need not fear no matter how severe the hardship may be .... Whoever calls upon Me I will hear and not leave him without assistance. Because I gave you My Word that I will protect and look after you, thus you may trust Me with blind faith and accept everything that happens to you. Because My will will end all hardship at the right time ....


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