I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 26.02.1946 

3698   God’s Word reflects the spirit of love ....

Recognise the spirit of love speaking to you through My Word .... Consider that you are spiritually weak, that you certainly carry Me within yourselves as a very tiny spark but that this spiritual spark will continue to rest dormant in you until you awaken it through acts of love. The Father-Spirit speaks to you with Words of love in order to awaken love in you, so that you will activate your indwelling spiritual spark and give life to it through love. Once you have gained realisation you will also understand why I constantly remind you to love, yet those of you who are still spiritually blind must first pay attention to the fact that every Word you hear through My servants on earth was given by Me with love and shall motivate you to love. Were you able to say that even one of My Words lacks love, you could be forgiven for not having accepted it. Yet every Word must prove to you the love of the Giver, every Word must testify to Me as the eternal Love Which only wants to regain what it had lost through heartlessness. And I only want to win you back because My love wants to make you blissfully happy for all eternity. Time and again I point your wretchedness out to you, your imperfect state, which cannot make you happy and which I want to resolve. And since only love is able to do so I incessantly preach love to you and remind you with each one of My Words, that you can only shape yourselves through love into blissfully happy creatures which are indescribably happy when they are close to the Father, the eternal Love. As soon as you have gained the conviction that all My Words are given with love, that they merely draw attention to love, you will also have to recognise their origin, you will have to regard My Word as the outpouring of Myself, as a work of love for the sinful human race in order to provide it with help. And if you recognise the spirit in My Word, you will soon also recognise Me, it will no longer be incomprehensible to you that I speak to you Myself, for love brings forth wisdom. If you allow the Words of love to take effect in you, then you will soon comply with them, and then you will also think correctly, you will become knowledgeable, recognise the immense truth inherent in My Word and thus also learn to recognise and love Me ever more profoundly. But this serious examination has to be conducted by you of your own free will .... you must ask yourselves, if My Word is offered to you, whether the spirit of love speaks through it .... You cannot be forced into asking this question, it must arise of your own free will, for this proves your will for truth, for right understanding. And you will receive an answer, the spirit of love itself will speak inside of you and aim to influence your heart and, providing you are willing, not without success. Truth exists where you can recognise love, for love is divine and can only originate from the eternal Love. Those of you who doubt the truth of My Word should bear this in mind. You may accept without hesitation what is inherent in the spirit of love, and you need never fear to be led astray by this spirit, for God is the source of love, and the goal of love is God .... And you will always reach Me if you allow yourselves to be drawn by My love, which approaches you in the Word time and again, which can be recognised in every one of My Words by anyone who wants to recognise it ....


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