I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 02.05.1947 

4034   Announcements through seers and prophets ....

What I proclaim to you humans through seers and prophets must be taken seriously .... Such is My will, and if you want to comply with My will then you should not half-heartedly and indifferently accept what My love gives to you. But you are indifferent if you indeed listen to My Word yet fail to arrange your life in line with My predictions, if you do not seriously strive for a change in your character and fulfil My commandment of love. With My announcements I want to warn you not to waste your life, I want to admonish you to still make use of the time remaining to you until the end, I want to stimulate your spiritual aspiration and guide all your thoughts so that you fully mature while you still live on earth. But if you do not take My Word, My prophesies, seriously, you will let all these instructions pass your ears by unheeded and My admonitions and cautions will have been futile. And when the hour comes that you are called away you will only be able to claim a poor testimony, for you will have failed on earth by not taking hold of My loving Fatherly hand when it was offered to you. If you have a spiritual guardian you must also unconditionally entrust yourselves to him for he will surely guide you in the right direction. But now, during the time of the end, I Myself want to be your Leader and Guardian, and if you only grant Me a little trust you truly need no longer take care of yourselves, neither bodily nor spiritually, for I Myself will take care of you, you only have to make sure that you constantly accept strength from Me which guarantees you the path towards ascent. And you can only receive this strength in the form of My Word. So if I give you the knowledge about the forthcoming event it is a very great blessing for you, for then you will have the opportunity to gain My affection with your right way of life, to such an extent that I will never leave you again, that I will take hold of you and pull you up to the pinnacle.

However, I now make it a matter of specific urgency, because you don’t have much more time left to change your souls. And this is why I come close to and call you with every revelation, with every proclamation, and if you recognise the Father’s voice you will also respond to it, like little lost sheep you will pay attention to the voice of the good shepherd, you will follow His call and it will be to your greatest advantage. But anyone who does not take notice of My voice will hardly find contact with Me, and once the hour of the end has come he will be weak and not turn his eyes heavenwards because he will still be far too earthbound. And this is what I want to avert from you, I want to help you and therefore repeatedly send to you My Word from above and with it also the reason for My Word, so that you take it ever more seriously, so that you listen to and read it whenever the opportunity presents itself. Believe My Word, believe that you won’t have much time left until the end, so that you very seriously start your psychological task, so that you still receive many blessings from it, for the time is gravely serious and it is urgently necessary for you to try to imagine that the end will take you by surprise and you will not have time anymore for your actual earthly task. Listen to Me and believe My Word and it will always and forever fill you with strength, I Myself will be able to take care of you as soon as you look for Me in thought. And you will be able to master all difficulties because it is My will that much strength shall be sent to those who keep their faith in My might and love, and I will help them to progress spiritually ....


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