I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 05.10.1947 

4136   The Lord’s messenger before His coming .... Help desperately needed ....

Remarkable gifts of grace can be offered to people and they walk past them as if they were everyday occurrences. They can’t be troubled to examine them earnestly, and although they hear what is offered to them as a most precious gift of grace they do not apply it to themselves and, therefore, do not perfect themselves according to My Will. And thus the time of grace will pass without much benefit to them. The end is near. I will make Myself known in every possible way, I will use every means to open their hearts so that I may enter and teach them Myself. Consequently there will be twice as much work in the forthcoming time and My servants should take their task seriously and not deceive themselves by believing that their job is done. This short time before the end requires exceptional assistance on My part and particularly keen activity on the part of My servants on earth, if the souls are to be saved which are in extreme distress. Although it seems that you will not be very successful, since many will reject you, your work will not have been in vain.

Someone will come and speak the same words to people that you have received from Me. And people will compare and be surprised because they will recognise that the content corresponds to what they have already received through Word and Scripture. And again people will be offered a great opportunity to change their way of life and to shape themselves in accordance with My will. Because the messages from above will be so obviously consistent with the Gospel preached by him, who is My forerunner before My last coming. Only a few will recognise the extraordinary light and know that the time has come. The majority, however, will disregard a gift of grace which My love repeatedly offers to them. They cannot be helped anymore because it is their own free will as to whether they accept or reject it and which I will never compel. But the time of grace will be over soon, soon the hour will have passed and the last bell will toll. And anyone who has not found his way back to Me by then will remain distant from God for eternity and thus in a miserable state, which My love constantly attempts to prevent .... but success is up to you humans yourselves ....


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