I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 20.11.1947 

4171   Working for God and His kingdom ....

And thus a new phase will start for you, a time full of activity for Me and My kingdom .... and you will not regret having offered your services to Me, since you will feel the blessing of the work, you will multiply My church, the flock of believers around you will expand and you will be able to teach, and My spirit will constantly manifest itself through you. You will always be certain of My presence and this awareness will make you confident amongst people of hostile mind. For it will remain a battle of truth against lies and error, because humanity is already too deeply entangled in the latter. Nevertheless, people will, at first, be willing to listen to you, and the time following the natural disaster should be used since you will be able to speak freely, unimpeded by worldly power. Therefore I will need faithful labourers during this time and always seek to invite them, since help needs to be brought to those whose hearts were hardened by their destiny, and who will be looking far and wide for an explanation of the cause and purpose for this natural event. They will still possess a modest faith in divine justice, and then it will be particularly important to provide people with what they long for: light and strength, fullest understanding and a living faith in Me Myself, Who will speak to them through you in order to draw them close to Me and gladden them with My presence.

You will have to achieve a great task and thus will be guided in a worldly way such that you can fully devote yourselves to this task. Therefore you should be ready and wait for My call, and not hesitate to comply with it when you hear it within yourselves. Because I will guide your fate such that you can be at My disposal at any time, because time demands urgent action. You, however, shall receive clear vision and perception and will therefore always know where your work is needed and where it can be successful. I will lead the people to you whom I want to help through you and who are willing to believe .... For I will take care of all people who are not entirely subject to My adversary and who are of good will. I will approach them with My Word, I want to speak to them through you, and I want to win them over for Me and My kingdom, so that they will be eternally blessed.


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