I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 10.05.1948 

4295   The good Shepherd .... ‘My Own recognise My voice ....’

I know My Own and My Own know Me .... And if I call them, they will abide by Me, for they recognise the voice of the Father Who loves them and Whom they want to obey. But soon My call will go out to you, My Own, and I tell you so in advance because you feel safe, because you do not believe that the end is near. However, I need you and therefore I inform you of the fact that you will soon hear My voice, the voice of the good shepherd, who calls His sheep .... I need faithful guards for My flock, leaders who will guide My Own upwards across stony paths and cliffs, who will constantly look after My Own and draw their attention to the near end. These guides and guards will receive the truth from Me directly and convey it to you, they will emerge from the ranks of My Own and impart My Word from above to people; they will be in direct contact with Me, thus they belong to My Own themselves, so when they hear the call, they will know that the hour of their work for Me and My kingdom has come. Then they will establish such heartfelt contact with Me that regression can no longer be possible for a soul which serves Me, that it will never be left without strength, that within a very short time it will be able to speak from Me Myself and then it will fulfil its mission on earth, which is its purpose and goal of earthly life. Then it will only work for Me and gladly spread and advocate My Word, because it will be fully convinced that I Myself speak to it and therefore attach utmost significance to every Word. And the human being will receive strength in abundance. All feeling of weakness will fall away, every spiritual gift will be fully utilised and employed, and his work amongst people will be successful and richly blessed. And this activity of yours will start shortly. I Am aware of your will and your weakness of faith, but I also know the change that will occur to you shortly, I know about the adversity and the suffering of the forthcoming time, but I also know your willingness of having faith and the strength of your faith. And, accordingly, I will provide you with strength and never leave you on your own, regardless of what might happen. Therefore, always abide by My Word, draw from it the strength with which I blessed it, become My children in truth who trustingly hand themselves over to the Father and believe that He will assuredly save you if you suffer adversity. For anyone who recognises My voice is My child and his life is My concern; anyone who believes in Me will also be able to hear My voice; yet anyone who questions the sound of My voice is not My child even if he believes that he is united with Me. The sheep recognise the voice of their shepherd and will follow him when he calls them. I, however, Am the good Shepherd who will not rest until He has found His sheep ....


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