I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 01.07.1948 

4359   Luminous phenomenon before the catastrophe ....

My intervention will be preceded by a major spiritual campaign, which will be intended to fortify the faith of My Own and will be a final indication of the forthcoming natural event. My heavenly messengers will be instructed to show themselves to My Own in the shape of luminous phenomena which clearly and distinctly can be seen in the firmament so that all self-deception is excluded, and My Own will detect the same phenomenon whereas unbelievers will see nothing and ridicule all references to them as fantasies.

And this will be the last sign .... Then you will be able to safely prepare yourselves for the hour of My manifestation through the elements of nature. Then let go of all earthly things and just take care of your souls .... Then receive My Word with complete devotion, let Me speak to you in the Word and form a deep and heartfelt bond with Me so that I can be present with you in utmost hardship which will befall you very soon afterwards. Then just take care of those around you who fearfully observe the changes in nature, briefly explain it to them and refer them to Me, speak of Me as a God of love Who looks after every person and excludes no-one who calls to Him for help ....

And then wait for Me, don’t be afraid when My voice resounds with such force that people will tremble .... Stay calm and collected and know that nothing will happen to you if it is not My will, and that I have promised you My protection if you unite with Me in prayer. Then I will be present with you and you will distinctly feel My closeness .... And then that which I have proclaimed to you through My spirit will be fulfilled .... For My Word is and remains eternal truth ....


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