I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 08.07.1948 

4368   Transformation of earth .... Change .... Disintegration ....

You must always remember that nothing on this earth can last forever, and therefore even earth itself will not last, thus it has to change if it will not completely disintegrate in its fundamental substance. The latter will occur after an infinitely long time, but a transformation of earth will take place shortly. Just as earthly matter achieves its higher development through the dissolution of an existing form in order to rise again in a new form, so the earth as such is also subject to temporary changes, and all creations on earth will enter a new stage of development. Not just the constrained spirits within every work of creation strive to ascend but matter itself has to undergo this path of higher development by becoming increasingly softer, thus sheltering the spirit which, due to its maturity, is able to escape its form faster. Consequently hard matter, which has already existed for a very long time, has to be dissolved eventually too. Its development has to be continued in softer matter and new hard matter needs to be produced to shelter the spiritual substance which, in the stage of knowledge .... as a human being .... had failed and joined God’s adversary.

Such total transformations of earth’s external forms only take place within certain periods of time and are therefore unbelievable to people, because each such transformation happened so long ago that the truth can no longer be ascertained and upheld. Although a developmental period is infinitely long it will nevertheless come to an end one day.

People cannot verify or calculate the time when the end can be expected and neither can they deny it, but God wants people to believe in it because He Himself has revealed it to people through His Word and, through seers and prophets, has pointed it out time and again. That the destruction of earth, i.e. its total change, is only a matter of faith is due to the fact that the human being has to bring about the change of his soul in utmost freedom of will, and this would be instantly restricted if the timing of the end could be calculated. The beginning and end of an earth period are so far apart because the human being has to decide to believe it or reject it completely, without being forced into either. But as soon as he thinks about it and observes the growth and decay in nature he can see the process of disintegration and transformation repeat themselves so often that he will also apply this change to the creation ‘earth’ and find it easy to believe in an end. But he will never be told when it will happen because such knowledge would be detrimental to the soul. God, however, reveals that the end of this earth is approaching soon and good for him who believes His Word and prepares himself. The day will not come unexpectedly for him; the thought of the end will no longer terrify him in view of the blissful state God has promised His Own after the transformation of this earth ....


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