I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 30.07.1948 

4390   Spiritual reverse pace .... Signs of the end ....

For the spiritual reversing is more and more clearly recognizable and must be an obvious explanation to you for the earthly troubles, while this trouble is still the only remedy to shake up man in order to change their ways of life and their thinking. For man now only desires earthly goods and let self be dominated by substance, instead striving for the opposite with resulting victory against material matter.

Again and again I bring their foolish behavior before their eyes, by showing them the transience of the earthly material matter. For the smaller events have no meaning, the individual won’t change his thinking and is ignoring his sole life, for he figures only on his earth existence and has totally lost faith for the beyond. Further and further man is sinking, and shallower is becoming his faith, as more seldom his connection is with Me, their God and Creator since eternity. And this will be appearing especially clear in a short time. The day of complete change in the way of life is always moving closer, the day, where everything experiences a change, for My Will is becoming active in an apparent way.

Man will not be able to protect anything, unless I protect it for them, and powerless they will stand in opposition to My power and will end up in great distress. But blessed is the distress, if people are affected by it only earthly, if their sole is not in jeopardy ....if man have faith .... then man does not need to fear earthly distress, then man can only gain victory despite earthly losses. But for the unbeliever a trying time begins, because for their loss of material goods they will suffer terribly and will have to give up hope to gain back any of it. They will not have any substitute of spiritual goods, since they never desired any when offered to them, but rather reject them.

This sorrow must pass over the earth, it can not be spared, but only be the upbeat to the last events, to the complete destruction of the old earth, which all of you will experience, if I don’t call you out of your present life beforehand, as I think it beneficial for your sole. The believer will see and recognize all signs of the end, the unbeliever will pass them by, he only sees the earthly distress and its result on the worldly life and turns away more and more from God.

Thus in coming times, the spiritual striving will be separating each other from the totally worldly/secular people, and it will be so very obvious that the awakened human will recognize the end times. Onwards moving with gigantic steps towards the end, and you will experience the end ....


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