I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 11.10.1948 

4457   Proclamation of the end .... ‘You only have but a little time left ....’

Only a little time remains for you and you have to sincerely prepare for the day when an act of destruction will take place like it has not been experienced before. And even though I keep announcing this to you over and over you are opposing My word with doubts and are therefore lukewarm with your work of your soul. And you’ve got but little time left. But I cannot get your attention in another way than through My word; if you do not believe it you will be startled when the last signs will appear. It’s true I will forewarn you once more a short time prior to it but to those words, too, you won’t lend any more credence than to the previous announcements because My forbearance irritates you, because you cannot understand I tarry for the sake of the souls yet to be saved, even though the time has elapsed long ago. Some few are to be saved yet; to those I will spare the endless long walk of a re-embodiment [into matter] on the new earth and that’s why I’m patient and tarry.

However, the last period of grace will come to an end, too; therefore take My words seriously that you’ve only got a little time left and you will regret every day you do not make proper use of for your soul. And, surprisingly quick, a change in the world events will take place and a few days will suffice to put you into a completely new situation. And that’s when you ought to remember My words and to put the spiritual ahead of the earthly because the worries about the latter is irrelevant, since you cannot retain anything for yourselves that I do not want to retain for you and it is up to My will and might to physically protect and take care of you. Just think about your soul, wherever the need is provided to you be helpful and willing to give and get into intimate contact with Me in order to receive the strength to hold out and to do justice to all requirements of life. Receive continuous strength from My word for in it you’ve got a source of strength by which you can refresh yourselves and that will never run dry. Always be ready for Me and I will not leave you no matter what may come your way.


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