I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 05.05.1949 

4630   The dying Saviour’s last words on the cross .... Audible word .... Appearance ....

It requires a particularly high degree of maturity in order to be able to audibly hear My Word, therefore I can only impart a limited amount of knowledge to you at first, albeit to an extent which certainly enables you to work for Me and to proclaim the Gospel to other people. Even so, the end is approaching and humanity is facing the last events on this earth. People are completely ignorant and neither able to accept My Word nor to recognise it when it is offered to them. In their spiritual blindness they no longer know about the blessing of Christ’s act of Salvation, they don’t believe in Him and will therefore be hopelessly exposed to My adversary’s control if they don’t change their thoughts and actions before the end. And in order to revive their faith again, where this is still possible, something extraordinary will present itself to people which was mentioned by Jesus on earth .... signs and miracles will take place ....

The cross of Christ will visibly and so clearly appear in the sky that it will startle people who don’t believe in Him, whereas My Own will cheer and rejoice and their faith will become greatly strengthened. This will give rise to an unusual desire for clarification, so that right and wrong assumptions will prompt My servants to intervene and instruct people of the truth. And for this you will require special knowledge which I would certainly like to pass on to you but which you can only receive in the above mentioned state of maturity that the audible Word demands. This knowledge cannot be conveyed mentally, the spiritual ear and eye have to be open so as to be able to assimilate the impressions experienced by the dying Saviour on the cross and expressed with Words which no human ear heard and which consequently remained completely unknown to the human race.

The reason why this knowledge was withheld from you is based on the fact that only few people would have been able to grasp the profundity of these Words and that it requires an extremely strong faith to have come alive through love in order to understand them. But shortly before the end there will be people who will have gained this living faith through love and to whom the meaning of Jesus’ divine Words will be comprehensible.

It is My will to offer them a precious gift by transmitting these very Words, and therefore I require a suitable vessel into which I can pour out My spirit .... a servant on earth who is devoted to Me, to whom I can reveal Myself, to whom I can clearly and understandably pass on Jesus’ Words on the cross through the inner voice, so that he will convey them to his fellow human beings and thus make them accessible to humanity. As soon as the appearance is visible in the sky My Own will step forward and speak on My behalf, they will cheer the cross of Christ and perceive His Words like a gentle chord within their heart .... but by this time these Words must already have been conveyed to earth, they must have been received by the audible Word and be comprehensible to My servant and find their confirmation through those believers who likewise heard it in their heart but consider it as spoken from above.

But I will inform people in advance so that they become aware of the great miracle. And anyone being spiritually enlightened will feel uplifted in his soul and experience a tremendous flow of strength, and I want to give this strength to all those who demonstrate their loyalty to Me in the last days, and I want to give them a means which will so increase their strength that they will endure the most difficult battle and persevere until the end .... until I Myself arrive and fetch them home into My kingdom, until they enter the realm of peace, the paradise on the new earth ....


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