I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 12.07.1950 

4932   God’s will: Fulfilment of the commandments of love ....

My will plainly manifests itself in My commandment of love for God and other people. It includes everything you should and should not do, and if you therefore fulfil these commandments you will approach your perfection. For then you will neither be able to sin again nor remain within the old sin which consisted of the fact that you had voluntarily distanced yourselves from Me, thus you denied Me love and consequently became heartless towards all living creations which originated from Me. And thus your love for Me, if you fulfil My commandments, signifies renewed unification with Me and illumination by My strength of love, so that your past nature of light and strength will be restored again and you will possess full realisation and be able to work and create in line with your own will .... so that you will be perfect again, that is, you will have shaped yourselves into divine beings again which you were in the very beginning.

For this reason you humans must first know My will, so that you can live accordingly in order to become blessed. You have to be informed of My will and thus you have to listen to My Word which clearly and understandably reveals My will to you. My Word familiarises you with My commandment of love, with your obligation towards Me and your fellow human beings; My Word explains your distance from Me if you don’t try to reduce it yourselves; My Word informs you of My love, grace and mercy, of My wisdom and omnipotence, so that the flame of love for Me can ignite itself if only your heart is willing to love. My Word also describes your fellow human beings as My children whom you therefore should approach like brothers, to whom you should also give your love if you want to fulfil My will. My Word cautions and admonishes you and draws your attention to the consequences of a wrong way of life, of a heartless way of life, by failing to observe My commandments. You have to accept My Word if you want to become blissfully happy. But leave it to Me as to how My Word shall be conveyed to you, just be willing to accept it when I offer it to you, for you can only discover My will through My Word and only through living in accordance with My will can you become blessed ....


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