I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 05.12.1952 

5548   True Christianity .... Following Jesus ....

I want to provide you with an addition so that you realise how exceptionally important it is that you acknowledge Jesus, the son of man, as God and Redeemer of the human race .... My love for you humans did not want you to stay in sin, isolated from Me, which caused your wretchedness. I Myself was unable to approach you since in your state your were incapable of enduring My presence or you would have perished in the fire of My love. Nevertheless, without Me it was impossible for you to be saved, and therefore I had to approach you in a concealed way, certainly influencing you with My strength of love yet in a garment which would not frighten you, from which you would not have had to escape .... in a garment which was similar to your own .... I had to approach you as a human being .... First, you should understand that the reason why I had to come to you was to help you. Then you will also understand why I came in a form similar to yours .... Yet even this stay of My Divinity in a human being had to proceed according to law, which was certainly possible but it was unknown to you .... that My spirit of love was able to manifest itself anywhere as long as the basic requirement had been fulfilled .... where love was present. Thus Jesus, the human being, offered Me the opportunity to manifest Myself in Him by living a life of love, for I can only be in My substance where love exists .... Divine love wanted to help you and therefore chose a form in which it was able to take abode without contravening the law of eternity which, however, would have happened had I embodied Myself in a sinful human whose love and will were opposed to Me. Love wanted to help you and since Jesus, the human being, was full of love He accomplished that which was of help to you .... He atoned for your guilt. Being a God of justice I was unable to simply write off an offence which had not been atoned for yet, but I was able to accept atonement accomplished on your behalf but only if it was carried out voluntarily and for love. This is what Jesus, the man, did and thereby became your Redeemer .... I, the eternal Love Itself, was in Him and therefore love made the said sacrifice .... I Myself died for you on the cross, for I Myself was in the human being Jesus.

You ought to look at the act of Salvation from this point of view, then you will also understand that you can only receive salvation if you believe in Jesus Christ as the Saviour, but this requires you to comply with His teaching, to follow him, otherwise your belief is a mere play of words, for true faith will only be brought to life through love .... If you want to be known as Christians then you must make an effort to live a life of love; you cannot adopt this name for yourselves if you live in complete opposition to His teaching, and His teaching requires love for God and for the next person. Thus, to be a Christian means to conduct yourselves in a Christian spirit, like the human being Jesus did on earth, to practise selfless neighbourly love and to always remember that you can only be redeemed by acknowledging Him as the Son of God and Redeemer of the world .... and by demonstrating this through living a life of following Jesus ....


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