I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 30.03.1953 

5640   The bridge into the spiritual kingdom .... Jesus ....

The bridge into the spiritual kingdom was built by Me when I descended to earth in order to redeem humanity. You all may cross this bridge if you want to follow Me .... And thus understand this right: Anyone who follows Me, who has chosen Me as his leader will be able and shall travel the same path as I have taken Myself, and he need not fear to go wrong. And thus even as a human being I maintained contact with the kingdom whence I had come. Admittedly, at first My origin was also hidden to Me, the human being Jesus, I lived on earth and knew no more than other people, yet My soul persistently searched for God, My soul constantly returned again to My true home .... to the kingdom of the most blessed spirits ....

And My yearning of love for God was so great that He came to Me and soon also informed Me of My mission on earth. Hence I already recognised at an early age that I and all other people were only guests on this earth, but that in the hour of death the spiritual kingdom was opened again for everyone, only its spheres were very different. I had this knowledge as a human being on earth and was often able to look into these spheres. I saw the abundant bliss as well as the extreme agony of the spiritual beings, and My soul yearned but it was also appalled. I beheld the spiritual world due to the degree of maturity My soul had already attained on earth, and therefore My soul was no longer endangered by entering the different spheres in the spiritual kingdom. I Myself had already established the bridge by changing My nature into love and was therefore able to safely cross the bridge into the spiritual kingdom.

And thus I want to explain to you that the love within you humans is always able and will establish a bridge into the spiritual kingdom, then not you yourselves but the spirit of God awakened through love will guide you across, because it wants to introduce you to the kingdom which is your true home and which offers you incomparable treasures, that you may receive in this kingdom .... Then you can also safely and without worry take a glance into the realm of darkness, for then your love will want to help all those who need this help. The bridge leading from earth into the spiritual kingdom has to be understood literally as well as figuratively .... I have prepared the path for you which will lead to God, which you shall take by following Jesus. However, through My resurrection on the third day I also demonstrated to you that I have overcome death, that there are no limits for the living, the immortal part in you, that your soul at all times may and shall stay in the spiritual kingdom and that My spirit, if you awakened it, will guide you into areas which otherwise are inscrutable for you. Yet it is different when such contacts to the spiritual kingdom are established without faith in Me, without spiritual aspiration and without love .... Then people enter a bridge without permission, hence they unlawfully take possession of it in order to glance into the kingdom, which is hidden from them. People like these do not acknowledge Me, consequently they cannot be on the bridge which I have established through My crucifixion .... Yet they also see a bridge leading into the spiritual kingdom, an illusion, which My adversary makes them believe because he wants to entice them to him, which he easily succeeds in doing .... by plunging you into ever deeper darkness, because no light can be found in darkness.

But anyone who desires light will be met by the beings of light, and they will provide him with an abundance of light, with the pure truth, which can only ever come from God’s kingdom, from the kingdom of eternal truth. From the kingdom of darkness comes nothing but harm, from the kingdom of light only blessings; you shall close yourselves to the kingdom of darkness but open yourselves to the kingdom of light, for I Myself call to you from this kingdom: Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavily laden, and I will give you rest. And if I call you to Me then you must also enter the bridge which I Myself have established from earth into the spiritual kingdom in order to smooth the path for you which leads you to ascent, to Me, but which can only ever be found through love ....


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