I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 07.05.1953 

5670   The works of the flesh will be revealed .... Beyond ....

The actions you accomplish on earth have an effect in the spiritual realm .... These are therefore works carried out by the flesh, which can be beneficial or evil, depending on which impulse caused them. For the human being can listen to the voice of his spirit but also to the voice of the world, which tries to influence the body and the body’s desire more often than not contradicts the urging of the spirit. The spirit, however, urges loving actions, and if the human being, who lives on earth in the flesh, acts accordingly he will accomplish works of love and subsequently also receive his reward according to these works, whereas the body’s desire is always based on selfish love and the works of self-interest will likewise be remunerated in the beyond, albeit not in a way that denotes happiness. Yet people who merely selfishly create and work in order to improve their body’s sense of well-being have already received their reward .... they have created their earthly fate of pleasures and enjoyments and are not entitled to be rewarded in the kingdom of the beyond because they are lacking love, which alone is valued by God .... And thus a person can live on earth in affluence and happiness, if he does not use his wealth for kind-hearted activity then no good works will follow him and he will enter the kingdom of the beyond in a poor and wretched state, then the works of the flesh will be evident and he will be judged according to these works .... For he did not lack the strength on earth to be active according to God’s will. But if he arrives in a deprived state on the other side he will also lack the strength to catch up on what he neglected to do on earth, then he will be dependent upon help to receive what he is in need of. Nevertheless, even this help presupposes his will as it did on earth, and a soul’s will in the beyond is rarely different from what it was on earth. And on earth it was only his will which prevented him from carrying out kind-hearted activities, because his selfish love was too strong and he did not rise above himself. As you work on earth in the flesh, that is how your reward will be in the spiritual realm .... And what you neglected to do on earth, even though you were able to do it, will likewise be taken into account as a shortcoming, for which you will have to justify yourselves one day. Therefore create and work for eternity, don’t value earthly life too highly, consider the soul’s fate after the body’s death and create for that life, make sure that only works of love will be revealed on the last day, on the day you depart from this earth when you will be judged according to your works .... for you can only be rewarded for works of love, because these works will follow you into eternity ....


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