I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 13.05.1953 

5675   Calling upon the beings of light .... Prior connection with the Father ....

Make contact with all the virtuous forces in the spiritual kingdom by appealing for their protection, for their care and help in spiritual as well as in earthly adversity. They are devoted to you in love and always want to help you, yet they are also bound to observe the laws of eternal order so that they may not help you until you call upon them yourselves, because your own will determines the influence of good or evil forces .... Thus you may turn to the spiritual world of light, however, by doing so you must not forget .... Me Myself .... I want to be King in your hearts, it is My will that you establish the connection with Me Myself, that you ask Me Myself to send you My helpers, that I give My blessings, that nothing shall happen without My will. Your connection with Me is the goal of your earthly life and if you exclude Me by exclusively handing yourselves over to the beings of light you will hardly reach your goal, for then you will be missing one thing: childlike trust towards the Father, which will also let you find the direct path to the Father .... I try to gain your love, the love of a child for its Father .... And you lack this love if you don’t call upon Me in every adversity of body and soul, for if you love Me your heart will impel you to Me.

This is why the straight path to Me is also evidence of your love and faith, and all My angels, My messengers of light and helpers, rejoice if you offer Me this love and then they will work on My instructions on your behalf and within you. And if you also mentally entrust yourselves to their care the influx of strength, which then will constantly flow into you, will never be ineffective. You can confidently put your trust in them, yet the connection with Me must always come first, for I want to hear your call before I instruct My forces to provide help for you. They all merely comply with their Lord’s will, which is also their own will, and in order to receive their Lord’s instruction to be helpfully active He also wants to be called upon by those who require help. However, when the love of a child calls for the Father, the Father will mobilise all the forces of heaven in order to give His child what it requires .... For love achieves anything, and I want to receive this love from My child ....


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