I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 09.07.1953 

5719   Strength of faith .... Antichrist .... Counteraction

Intensive counteractions will have to be carried out when the Antichrist starts his last work of curtailing all spiritual aspirations, when he visibly works against God by trying to eradicate every Christian belief and thus his anti-Christian attitude becomes clearly evident. Then all forces of heaven and earth will have to be mobilised, for this will be the start of the most difficult battle the Christian community has ever experienced .... Then the last battle of faith will commence, which is the beginning of the end and which will be waged with ruthlessness and brutality, because Satan himself will rise against God in order to bring Him down and elevate himself to His throne. But then all servants of God on earth will also be greatly supported by the world of light, for then diligent work has to be done in order to refute the enemy’s offensives, in order to proclaim Jesus Christ and to confess Him before the world .... Then the secrecy will be over and it will be revealed who believes in and loves God, who is strong enough to acknowledge Jesus Christ as his only Lord and does not fear the orders of the opposing power .... Then every proclaimer of the divine teaching of love will be blessed twice over, for then his work will be urgently required .... he will proclaim God with conviction, Who is supposed to be renounced, he will fight on His behalf and not fear those who threaten him with death .... Such work can only be carried out by someone who has gained realisation, who knows about everything including the signs of the end and who therefore cannot help but speak up on behalf of Jesus Christ and His act of Salvation, because he has been seized by His love and grace and feels His activity and because this provides him with the strength to achieve anything, including openly confessing his faith, which will result in a most bitter earthly fate. He disregards the difficulties because he has become knowledgeable and no longer fears anything in this world .... because he has recognised the right Lord and also gladly gives up his life for him.

The counterwork demanded of God’s fighters is to offer clarification where doubts exist, to persuade the souls to hand themselves over to Jesus Christ, Who is every soul’s Redeemer and Saviour and Who will also deliver them from the earthly adversity and distress when the end has come .... Their work consists of spreading the recognised truth and of courageously confronting slanderers and blasphemers, representatives of misguided teachings and all those who are hostile-minded towards Christ’s teaching .... Their task consists of spreading light because people are enshrouded by the darkest spiritual night. And even then there will still be people who are undecided which way to turn, and to present the true nature of God to them is likewise part of the work for the kingdom of God, for the pure truth can and will not fail to have an effect on a truth-desiring heart, and this applies to the few who are undecided, who will have to be treated particularly kindly in order to come over into your camp and to become your friends instead of your enemies .... The weapons used by the Antichrist in the last battle of faith will be devoid of all love, however, you, too, shall eagerly fight, but with the weapon of love .... you should try to impart to them that which you possess yourself, which you received from God .... His Word, which will affect everyone according to his will. Anyone who truly desires light will become enlightened, and anyone who possesses light will also know how to conduct himself in the days when God’s adversary rages and tries to seize all souls for himself. The battle will indeed be very unfair, for you will only be a small flock but your enemies will be large crowds .... Yet you will truly have more strength, for you receive it from God directly, and this strength can defeat your worst enemies. With your strong faith you will also be able to give evidence of Me and My might to the enemy .... and can thereby ruin the finely laid plans of God’s adversary, for the strength of faith obviously testifies to God, the strength of faith can still defeat your enemies before the end so that they voluntarily let themselves be taken prisoners by you. They can come over into your camp and be saved forever ....


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