I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 13.10.1953 

5788   The church of Christ ....

A person who seriously strives for Me will also reach his goal .... I Am the way, the truth and the life .... Anyone who seeks Me has already entered the path, and he will be guided by Me into the truth which will give him life .... However, anyone who seriously looks for Me will not try to find Me in a specific school of thought for he will know that I can only be found in his heart, that his heart alone is the crucial factor as to whether I Am present where I Am proclaimed .... My doctrine of love can be preached everywhere .... but whether the human being will find Me everywhere is entirely determined by the desire of his heart and .... whether it is genuinely searching for Me .... The Words can ignite everywhere and awaken the yearning of love for Me, but only after they have ignited will the right path have been entered. And then the person will also be capable of discerning the pure truth .... he will accept and strive for that which alone leads to the life which lasts forever. Once the heart has been captured by My Word the connection to Me will have been established and My presence will be assured to him .... Then he will no longer belong to any school of thought but to My church, which I Myself founded on earth and to which any church organisation can lead which proclaims My divine teaching of love, which demands faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Redeemer of the world.

Therefore, do not fight each other if you all strive for Me, for then I will guide you on the right path, on the path of truth, which leads to eternal life. Then everyone belonging to My church will recognise which teachings differ from the pure truth and he will also be able to guide the blind who, unaware of the danger, walk along byways which do not lead to the goal. And if these blind people are also genuinely searching for Me, then they will also allow themselves to be led and be grateful for the help because they recognise My guidance, because .... anyone who seriously tries to find Me .... will also be seized by My love and feel this love of Mine .... I Am the way, the truth and the life .... anyone who endeavours to reach Me, whose heart is turned towards Me, cannot go astray .... And even if he is still caught up in the greatest error, thus still far away from the truth .... he will nevertheless end up in My church which I Myself founded on earth, because his desire for Me, his faith in Me, is the foundation on which My church is built .... For only a profound and living faith will strive for Me, only a profoundly faithful human being has his heart’s desire directed towards Me, and I will truly let Myself be found by him ....


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