I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 03.01.1954 

5844   Acknowledgment or rejection .... Jesus Christ ....

You humans can only acknowledge or reject Me. The latter merely proves your complete unbelief and will have very painful consequences for you, for the rejection of Me means that you are still completely under My adversary’s control and openly oppose Me. However, acknowledging Me means being fully and completely on My side and also having entered My eternal order, acknowledging Me means believing in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Redeemer of the world and living as a disciple of Jesus; acknowledging Me means striving towards Me, the eternal Love, which is only possible through living a life of love, since only this establishes the union with Me .... And thus it will also be understandable to you that I only recognise a Yes or a No and that I cannot be deceived by evasive Words which are used when I Am only professed with words voiced by the mouth without any involvement of the heart .... You do not acknowledge Me if your way of life does not reveal your serious striving towards Me, if your way of life lacks love, if you do not hold My image in your heart, if your faith has not yet come so alive that you eagerly work at improving your soul, if you do not turn to Jesus Christ imploring Him for help and grace, if you walk along without Jesus Christ .... In that case, all your words which intend to demonstrate belief are mere empty phrases, which do not deceive Me regarding your true state of soul and which are synonymous with rejecting Me .... The person who acknowledges Me also lives with Me, time and again he makes contact with Me in thought, he enters into heartfelt dialogue with Me, he lets Me speak to him as his Father for he feels himself as My child, and thus he belongs to My Own who I have won back forever. He belongs to those who are redeemed, for he was only able to attain the strengthen of will to reach Me through the grace of the act of Salvation .... Understand .... the path to Me can only lead through Jesus Christ .... No one will reach Me and no one will strive towards Me either if he has not requested the blessings Jesus acquired .... who therefore consciously places himself under the cross of Christ. For he can only seriously strive towards Me when he has come alive through the blessings of the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ, in Whom I became a visible God for you humans. Yet ask yourselves whether and to what extent you seriously strive towards Me, and don’t believe that you can be counted as My Own if you are not yet permeated by My spirit of love, if you only outwardly want to show your faith in Me but your way of life lacks all contact with Me .... Words alone will not do, and the affiliation with a Christian denomination does not make you aspirants of My kingdom if you have not yet found the path to Jesus Christ, if you have not yet seriously called upon Him to take mercy upon you who, without Him and His Salvation, are still enslaved by the adversary .... You must recognise yourselves as being burdened by guilt and confess your guilt to Him and appeal to Him for salvation for the sake of the blood He shed on your behalf .... Then you will belong to those who voice a loud Yes when the Father’s call of love rings out, you will belong to those who hurry towards Him, who have separated themselves for good from My adversary, who love Me with all their heart and enter into marriage with Me .... who will remain My Own for all eternity ....


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