I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 23.01.1954 

5860   Prevalence of sin .... Battle of faith .... End ....

When sin gets out of hand, when there is no more faith in God’s justice among people, when people irresponsibly live their lives to the full and give their instincts free reign, when no love whatsoever is found among humanity, when all desires purely concern the world and its possessions, then the end will have come and the Scripture will come to pass, the prophesies of the seers, having always announced the end on God’s instruction, will come true .... And if you humans look around yourselves, if you keep your eyes open and observe everything that happens on earth, then you will know, providing you are of good will, which hour you live in .... You will recognise that these are all signs of the near end, that humanity itself gives rise to the end because it lives in sin and pays no more attention to God .... As yet there are still people who are not entirely corrupted, who as yet do not belong to the adversary completely but who have no faith either and therefore thoughtlessly go on living .... nevertheless, the closer it gets to the end there will also be increasingly fewer of these people .... They will partly descend further and become subject to the adversary’s power and partly be recalled from this life into the kingdom of the beyond .... The number of depraved and evil people will increase, and only a few will remain faithful to God and live on earth as it is His will. They will have to suffer greatly under the former, because they will be hated and persecuted on account of their faith .... And as soon as open actions are taken against all those who profess God in Jesus Christ, the end is imminent for you humans. This, too, was announced to you humans a long time in advance so that you will have to justify yourselves and be judged for the sake of Jesus’ name .... So as soon as all spiritual aspiration is treated with hostility, as soon as God’s servants are prevented from working for the kingdom of God, as soon as they are ridiculed and laughed at because of their faith, the time will have come when satanic forces are at work which, at the end, will rage against everything that points to God. And all those who are weak and not entirely evil will be recalled from earth, so that they will not fall into the hands of God’s adversary when the final days dawn, when the believers are treated in such a way that only people with strong faith and absolute trust in God will stand firm, because their faith will give them strength and because they can be manifestly helped by God on account of their faith. Then Satan’s activity will reveal itself, for he will embody himself in all people who belong to him as a result of their disposition .... And the works done by each one of them will scream for retribution .... And retribution will come .... The day will come which will put an end to this activity, when God’s righteousness will come to the fore and every person’s actions will be revealed .... The Day of Judgment will come as it is written .... when everyone will receive the reward he deserves .... when the Word of God will come to pass because it is the eternal Truth ....


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