I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 06.08.1954 

6017   Compassion ....

You expect compassion from Me and should therefore also grant it those who ask you for it .... You should consider that you are all sinful and that My mercy and compassion protects you from the fate of going astray forever .... Consider, that My death on the cross was an act of compassion of immense proportion, for I took pity upon your adversity which was caused by your own fault .... I took pity on your weakness and your darkness even though they were the just consequences of your sins .... My love for you was greater than My righteousness, My love accomplished an act of profound mercy .... it took upon itself your guilt of sin and atoned for it. Hence, you, too, should practise mercy, you, too, should overlook your fellow human being’s fault and only see the immense hardship he got into and help him to rise above it again, always remembering that you, too, experienced My mercy or have to lay claim to it if you want to attain forgiveness for your sins .... Your love must be so great that you dispose of all guilt in order to help your brother. Your compassion should start where justice would like to come to the fore .... because all of you, without exception, need My mercy in order to be redeemed from your guilt. An act of compassion is the evidence of genuine neighbourly love, it is proof of a gentle and sympathetic heart which may always count on receiving mercy from Me as well, for wherever I detect pure and unselfish love My love is always willing to help. Therefore, don’t harden your hearts even if a rejection seems to be justified .... Practise mercy and act as you would act towards a fellow human being who innocently incurred destitution .... Grant him love and be willing to help him in every way. Try to ease his fate and know that you thereby awaken love in return and can achieve far more .... that, spiritually, you do him a favour too; for his soul will sense your love and feel urged to respond to it .... And where love is kindled, there is also hope for redemption ....


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