I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 05.10.1957 

6936   Statements by seers and prophets ....

Listen to what the spirit of God proclaims to you: the seers and prophets are chosen by Me Myself because they have to fulfil a great and important task .... informing people of the forthcoming Judgment of the world and admonishing them to prepare themselves for it. These seers and prophets don’t use their own words but merely pass on what My spirit tells them. Thus, in a manner of speaking, you receive a direct proclamation from Me Myself, I merely have to use a mediator in order not to compel your thoughts and actions. You therefore can believe it but are not forced to do so. You will believe it if you acknowledge the gift of vision and prophesy in these mediators; you will reject it if you doubt their mission. But I want to make it easy for you to believe them, I will visibly emphasise their mission by allowing the announced events to happen which precede the Judgment .... I will make sure that these announcements will be spread, that many people can be informed of them and that they then will experience the evidence of it, because everything will happen as I predicted through seers and prophets. Although I warned people .... when I lived on earth .... to beware of false Christ’s and false prophets and pointed out that My adversary’s emissaries will also wreak havoc, I now caution people once again not to get caught in his nets of lies and to believe his intrigues, for he is active and through remarkable accomplishments, through physical works of wonder, is trying to awaken in people the belief that the ‘powers of heaven’ are expressing themselves ....

But precisely his remarkable activity during the last days also gives rise to My countermeasure which consists of using methods that revive a weak faith again or let a lost faith arise anew. And this cannot happen in any other way than through pure truth, which comes forth from the source of truth but must reach you humans through mediators because you are unable to receive it directly yourselves.

And thus I present to people what lies ahead of them. And the people I have chosen to mediate between Myself and you humans can be acknowledged by you as genuine prophets whose words you should believe. I Am also prepared to demonstrate that they speak on My instruction and inform you of what is to come by very soon making the first announcements come true. For the most important task of these seers and prophets is the announcement of the end, which is of utmost importance for you humans and which you thus should await being prepared. And for this you are still granted a period of time which can suffice to save your souls from ruin.

And so I will not hesitate much longer, I will confirm My seers’ and prophets’ mission, I will let their proclamations be followed by action .... Prior to this .... before the end .... I will shake the earth and show Myself to all people through a natural event which time and again has been announced according to My will. For I gave them the instruction Myself, they only spoke as My instruments, as My representatives on earth who should admonish and warn people on My behalf. You must not deem yourselves safe from events which testify to a higher Power, you should dread them and believe that My Word is truth, that I Myself speak and have spoken to you through them and that you are therefore definitely approaching an extremely difficult time, if My grace will not call you back beforehand. You are facing the end of an era, and in this certainty you should live your life accordingly .... always in view of a sudden end which, however, need not be feared by anyone who consciously improves himself, who pays more attention to his soul than to his earthly body, for he will not lose anything but only gain ....


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