Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8066 21.12.1961

2 Peter 3:10 ....
The day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night ....

The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night .... the day when I will reveal Myself to humanity with a voice of thunder which will be heard by everyone and which no human being will be able to avoid .... For sooner or later the act of transforming the earth will have to take place, sooner or later order must be established once again; the earth must again become a place of education for the souls which should mature fully and reach perfection. And this day has been planned for eternity, My plan is based on the fact that a transformation like that will occur one day because the human race itself will provide the reason for it .... which was certainly recognised by My wisdom .... And thus My power will also implement the plan and you can expect this day with certainty .... it will bring one period of Salvation to an end and a new one will start, as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture .... Time and again I point this out to you, but since you humans don't believe, since you don't take My Words seriously, it will take you by surprise, for even if My adversary reigns on Earth in the last days, even if he brings people so completely under his control that they lose all faith and in the end are true devils which oppress My Own and cause them utmost distress, they will nevertheless be equally horrified when My Own are lifted up before their eyes and they realise that they cannot be saved anymore, that they will fall prey to an act of destruction themselves, that there is no way out anymore and that the earth will devour them .... For there is no other way to purify the earth; all living creations will have to be dissolved and the spiritual substances within be placed into new forms .... a comprehensive cleansing work has to take place so as to re-establish order, which will also guarantee progression for the spiritual beings and which will completely exclude My adversary's activity for a period of time, on account of which he and his followers will be constrained for a long time.

This day of the end is proclaimed to you humans over and over again, yet only a few believe in it and even these few have no idea how close it is .... yet I will repeat My admonitions and warnings until the end, until the end I will address everyone and draw your attention to it, and until the end every one of you will still have the opportunity to avoid the horror of this end .... And therefore don't pity those who leave you, whom I take from this life prematurely .... don't pity them, for their fate is better than yours who live until the end and don't believe .... They still have the opportunity to attain light in the beyond, but the former continue to descend ever deeper, for I know that they would also choose the path to the abyss in the kingdom of the beyond, that they would not make use of the blessings of an early death; after all, I know the state of every soul and accordingly also shape its earthly destiny. And even if it is difficult to believe in an end of this earth, people will nevertheless have no excuse for they should only live righteously, then their end will not result in their banishment into hard matter, then they will either belong to My Own, whom I will return to the new earth, or they will still be recalled before and then they will not go astray either .... But it is better that they prepare themselves for an approaching end, that they take the possibility into account of being suddenly faced by an act of destruction from which there will be no more escape .... Anyone who reflects on these thoughts just once will certainly also find the path to Me, to the Creator of heaven and earth, Who brought everything forth from Him and therefore can also destroy everything again .... And I would like to rescue all of you from ruin; consequently I will bring the final work of destruction on earth home to you time and again .... And anyone who believes will not have to fear this day either, for he will prepare himself, and even if he is still weak and not perfect, he will nevertheless find a merciful Judge Who will not condemn him but help him attain eternal life ....



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