I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0192    on  21.11.1937


(Continuation of no. 0191)

But now different forces take effect in the human heart, good argues against evil, and very frequently evil has indeed great power over the human being .... A person is far more inclined to accept what will distance him from the Lord, if his external circumstances in life don't prompt him to appeal for help from the Lord in heartfelt prayer. Thus the strength with which the human being would be able to resist the temptations of evil will steadily diminish and the tempter's power, his influence, grow ever more. Prayer is very often forgotten by a person whose life consists of barely any struggle for existence. In due course, these poor souls will completely harden their hearts to the beneficial influences of the spiritual beings which are assigned to them for their protection.

This is why we most urgently suggest renouncing the world and its earthly pleasures, for only this will increase the strength to work for the salvation of the soul. All people blessed by earthly possessions have the urge of wanting to indulge themselves, which is a great danger, for the more they focus their intentions and endeavours on the world, the more they will distance themselves from the spiritual world .... and if they are made aware of the fact that the real purpose of life is actually another one, they merely try twice as hard to deaden such thoughts .... which intend to guide them onto the right path .... with earthly pleasures. They live their life as if they were able to live forever .... And yet every person will receive enough indications and they can see by the fate .... the sudden passing away of many a fellow human being .... how necessary it is to familiarise themselves with the thought of the beyond. The hour will come to everyone, early to some, late to others; and to have lived a long life without having grasped its meaning is indescribably painful ....

This is why the effort of gaining these souls is twice as hard but also commendable .... To draw such a soul away from the opponent requires much love and patience and loyal endurance. Anyone with the opportunity to influence such hearts should not neglect to do so .... although they certain will need infinitely more help on earth, because these poor souls' thoughts will ever more deludedly turn away from spiritual matters.

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