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  Portrait-Zeichnung von Bertha Dudde, die eine Offenbarung Gottes durch Jesus Christus erhielt.

Bertha Dudde - portrait drawing

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The Revelation of God

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Also today God speaks
to people who have prepared themselves for His address.

As in former times God reveals himself
also in this latest time, far away and unnoticed by worldly perception.

True prophecy is a gift of the Holy Spirit,
a gift of God that is conditional upon the true following of Jesus Christ.


Because of this condition and these promises the texts recorded by Bertha Dudde and also published on this homepage could find their way into our world.

Bertha Dudde was allowed to receive 9000 chapters or individual testimonies from 1937 until her death in 1965. and write them down from 1937 until her death in 1965.

In the texts received by Bertha Dudde, God Himself is revealed in Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God ....

This revelation of God subsequently teaches the Bible to be to understand, to seek and to acknowledge Jesus Christ.

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  Scan einer Handschrift von Bertha Dudde, die eine Offenbarung Gottes durch Jesus Christus erhielt.
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Scan of Bertha Dudde’s handwriting



Who is addressing whom here?

The Dudde revelations reveal a God who, in His word. comes very close to us humans in His Word.

The Eternal Word Itself reveals Itself to us humans, who are created spiritually, i.e. with an understanding of words.

For Bible readers, the presence of God is confirmed in the Word.

See John 14:21 ... 16,12 or 16,25
and other such. Promises of Jesus Christ.

Yet despite knowledge of the relevant Bible statements, God's Word is for our days is taken little or not at all to the knowledge or is rejected even unbelievingly rejected.

Dramatic consequences result from this rejection.

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Notes on the offer of this homepage

  Veröffentlichte Editionen aus dem Werk Bertha Duddes, die eine Offenbarung Gottes durch Jesus Christus erhielt.

Various book and Issue editions
 different publishers


The last great revelation of Jesus Christ

A mighty work
for the ignorant, seekers and doubters

The work of Bertha Dudde, the revelation of God through the Inner Word - through Jesus Christ - teaches in consequence to understand the Bible, to seek and to recognize Jesus Christ.

Edition of the complete work

Bertha Dudde - * April 1, 1891 in Liegnitz, Silesia † September 18, 1965 in Leverkusen - has received 9030 individual revelations from 1935 to 1965. She herself explains in her |Autobiografie| the process of the reception.

The revelation work of Bertha Dudde was presented and known over many decades alone by the passing on of booklets. These booklets originated since the sixties of the last century by the most different editors often laboriously under large personal sacrifices. This initial publication work contributed to the decisive initial ignition for the later complete printing of the work.

In April 1991, on a private initiative, a small group of friends decided to edit Bertha Dudde's complete works for the first time - chronologically with all the announcements available in the original manuscripts. At the end of 2000, this transcription work was completed with the publication of a first Dudde complete CD and a first book edition. Now, for the first time, anyone interested could study the revelation of God to Bertha Dudde in a coherent way.

This homepage continues since May 2002 this publication work with introductory references and information and makes the on-line reading possible of the complete work in editions prepared for it.

Comprehensive and free download possibilities of the complete work allow a varied expression of the work for the reader who prefers to hold books in his hands.


The work of Bertha Dudde is presented here in its entirety and offered for reading or downloading. Discussion of the content is not intended in this setting. Those who would like to get in touch with other students should visit our |Contact offer|.

Those who would like to inform themselves about their own research in the complete work can comfortably work with a clearly arranged |Full Text Search| function.

The section |Welcome| allows you to get a first overview of both the offer of the homepage and the content of the revelation work.

Under the heading |Introduktion| you will get information about the origin of the work combined with an autobiography of Bertha Dudde. In addition, the attempt is made to convey a first access to the work of revelation, to this new revelation of God, with different introductory texts.

Under the heading |Reading choice| the complete works of Bertha Dudde are additionally available to you with a large selection of thematic booklets for online reading. Both the online versions and the print versions have been completely re-edited since December 2012 and have been provided with reader-friendly paragraphs.

The reading selection section serves in various forms for researching all the announcements of the comprehensive revelation of God. Here you can read the announcements in the formats PDF and HTML and print them out individually or in book or booklet form.

You can find information about the purchase and the edition of the announcements in the form of books and booklets or as a loose-leaf collection under the rubric |Editions/Offer|. Information on new editions and files for self-printing of the complete works or the thematic booklets is also given here.

Under the heading |Downloads| the complete edition of the new Revelation of God is made available to you since September 2004 in a book edition (pdf) without paragraphs and from December 2012 in a completely new edition (pdf) with paragraphs for free download.

In addition there is here the new loose-leaf collection (pdf) in the A4 format with the new paragraphs, which are set beyond that also in the provided topic booklets in agreement in such a way.

The new eBook editions of the complete works (first editions in March 2012), additionally with topic booklets and introductory texts, in complete packages for the formats mobi and epub, still supplemented by an iSilo edition, are to be particularly mentioned.

An online version of the complete work is so far the latest download offer. With this HTML version of the Dudde Complete Works, you can very comfortably study offline all of the Kundgaben or even all of the Themenhefte. After unpacking the zip file and a subsequent double click on the index file, a mini homepage opens in your browser. The display corresponds largely to this homepage, which you can then use offline without an Internet connection.

Furthermore, all currently translated announcements are available for download in English, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Croatian, Polish, Korean, Greek, Romanian, Russian and French.

Heading indexes, a keyword concordance, etc. can also be downloaded here.

The section |Gottesoffenbarung| was added to this homepage in September 2016 and sketches the meaning and purpose of creation, God's plan according to God's revelation to Bertha Dudde. With the clarifications provided here to the salvation event the evolution and with it origin and final goal of the human being becomes understandable from a spiritual point of view. At the same time this sketch structures the essential content of this revelation of God.

The column |Aktuelles| addresses itself with current information around the Dudde Work to all friends of the last great revelation of Jesus Christ.

The website || undertakes since February 2020 with current contributions the attempt to convey the revelation of God to Bertha Dudde in a new way.

Thank you very much for your interest!

Franz-Josef Davids




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