I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0201    on  26.11.1937

The Saviour's Words

Storm clouds ....

My dear child, what, indeed, should I deem more serious than protecting you from error? .... Accept all Words with faith in Me and don't be afraid of anything. A spiritual guard keeping all evil at bay will always be placed beside anyone of My Own who strives to hear My voice .... So continue wishing to hear the wisdom of God and spare no effort in order to receive it. Many thousands certainly try hard to penetrate a sphere which is still closed to them, however, they only want to ascertain it scientifically but not experience it in their heart .... and if their appeal for enlightenment does not arise from deep within their heart, then realisation will stay away. However, to My Own I will give understanding and speak to their hearts. My dear child, indescribable joys await you, and the suffering on earth is merely the ladder to the happiness intended for you, and all My children are guided by Me according to My wise plan. Particularly when you are in danger of failing I must let you fight in order to rise above yourselves, so that everyone will seek the Father of his own accord. Yet I will always support you with My grace .... Therefore, don't despair when you find it difficult .... but always let your thoughts fade out with the prayer 'Dear Lord, stay close to Me with Your love and grace ....' When storm clouds threaten your spiritual horizon then each one of you, My faithful followers, will be faced with the task of bearing up against the imminent storm. These clouds are already taking shape and will cast their shadows upon all who are willing to serve Me .... By using all those who want to fight against spiritual life, the world will also try in short intervals to stop you who are seeking .... You will be forced to only work very quietly, yet then your effort must be even more determined .... After all, it is essential to still lead many more people out of the darkness into the light, who ask like you and appeal to Me for help. You will indeed accomplish much, since you will always have this .... you are active and work with Me .... and when your heart anxiously looks up above, you will never be left without comfort .... Accept what you are offered, and thank the heavenly Father every day for His love and kindness.


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