I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0203    on  27.11.1939

Straying souls in the expanse of ether

Light and darkness


Light ....

Once again we are gathered around you to give you the bread of heaven, to strengthen you and to share the divine grace with you. As soon as we feel that you are yearning to hear the wisdom of God we are in contact with you and listen to every stirring of your heart. Thus begin: Behold, there is a chaotic disarray of seeking and straying souls in the expanse of ether, and the danger of loneliness is the worst that can happen to these souls .... but the Lord sends spiritual beings to them which do their best for these souls and try to point out to them that they must also strive for perfection in the beyond, that is where the first labour of love starts for these souls already. By closely joining these benign spiritual beings they slowly strive towards the path of ascent .... God's goodness and love prevails everywhere, and in the slightest happenings and processes .... both on earth and in the beyond .... divine wisdom and divine guidance of all beings is always hidden .... The effect it has on these beings, on these seeking souls, as soon as a glimmer of realisation regarding their situation and their purpose comes to them, is indescribable. From then on, they tirelessly strive to ascend .... Tirelessly they devote themselves to all tasks expected of them and, in turn, try to help the still lesser informed souls. It is an activity of love for each other in order to reach the highest goal. If you begin to strive spiritually on earth, you will be greeted by the brightest light when you enter eternity, you will understand and know .... and you will be spared the straying in darkness with all its battles .... The closer you are to the Saviour on earth, the more radiant brightness will surround you one day. It will give you incredible satisfaction to know that you had already found the Lord during the battle of life and, without a second thought, you will take part in the work of love in the beyond and feel the innermost desire to always lead new souls to the Lord with tireless loving activity and to show them the path to the light. The life of the person who bears this in mind while he still lives on earth will be richly blessed, for his every thought, action and achievement will bear fruit in eternity, and every soul will benefit if it steadfastly strives upwards .... towards the eternal light.


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