I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0208    on  29.11.1937

Awakening from darkness


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Blessed be the name of the Lord forever and ever .... Wake up from your sleep, all of you who are still in spiritual darkness. The first signs of the dawning day are appearing and the voice of the Father rings out .... and wherever it is heard faint fear creeps into their hearts and anyone not following this voice will hopelessly go astray .... When the first rays of the morning sun break through the darkness the time will have come for everyone to turn to the light .... for he who wanted to deny His Power will shudder and he who deemed himself powerful will tremble .... for neither will be able to claim for themselves 'The Lord bestows His grace upon the humble ....' for humility is unknown to all those who renounce Him today. The will to dominate is extremely strong and, in awareness of this, they inwardly resent subordinating themselves until the higher Power nevertheless puts an end to their activity .... The Lord in His greatness and kindness so often provides the evidence of His Power and His activity, yet people are so deluded .... they pay no attention to the telltale signs sent by the Lord in order to warn them .... everything has become commonplace to them, they keep their eyes and ears closed and, like the blind, keep groping in the dark until the Lord announces Himself .... Many messengers walk through all places .... a tiny grain remains wherever they have sown, and this tiny grain will grow and, nourished by the servants of the Saviour, it will spread and bear fruit one day when the time has come. Thus you should lovingly cultivate faith everywhere .... you should always remind people of the days of terror so that they will not blindly walk into their downfall .... into the downfall of the soul .... and where you were instructed from above you should come together and unite in prayer .... Penetrating divine truth will always be denied to the researcher .... but the child of God which hands itself over to Jesus' heart and beseeches Him in ardent love is granted an insight into eternal wisdoms .... It will be instructed by the Saviour Himself and be able to accept bright and pure truths, and its life on earth will be a blessed one as long as it remains in the Lord. Always remain conscious of the fact that you are under the protection of the Lord if only you always sacrifice your every action and thought to Him in love .... if you trustingly hand yourself over to Him and devotedly and humbly subordinate yourself to His will. The Lord will help you in days of need, and thus you, too, shall help those who appeal for help for their soul in adversity. The Lord will lead such souls to you and it is your task to always give to them as you were given yourself.


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