I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0224    on  12.12.1937

God's means to gain realisation

(Continuation of no. 0223)

Every proclamation is the heavenly Father's answer to your supplication. The Father's love considers each one of His children according to His judgment .... The most beautiful and valuable goal you can set yourself in earthly life is to strive for eternal life. Illuminated by His grace no darkness can cast a shadow over the path to the top .... led in bright light across all obstacles .... the Lord will draw you to Himself. In tireless work your life flies by .... and you will replace your life on earth with life in the beyond .... so lend us your ear today again in order to receive the Words of the Saviour: The hour which may be decisive for their every activity on earth is often met with indifference by people. The opportunity certainly often also presents itself to people in life when they are being admonished to leave the broad path in order to reach the top on the narrow and laborious path .... yet they rarely listen to the inner voice until they receive ever more serious pointers to eternity. If someone would merely not let them pass by unused .... it would be to his own benefit. It is the Father's will that the earthly children shall be warned over and over again .... With untiring patience the Lord wants to bring help to all those poor people who spend their life in delusion. Since the Father, in His love, is so concerned for His children .... it would be really easy for you to listen to the Words of exhortation He proclaims to you .... He cares for His children on earth with never-ending mercy and uses the strangest means to inform them of His will .... Oh, listen to the voice which only holds love for you, His living creations .... comply with it gladly! ....


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