I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0245    on  02.01.1938

Book: Jesus' childhood

by J. Lorber

Thanks be to the Lord of Heaven and Earth Who directs every person's destiny .... and on His instructions the transmissions are made so that you shall be permeated by love for the Saviour .... so that your prayer shall be granted .... In your love for the Saviour your heart shall make heartfelt contact with all spiritual beings. Everything you were hitherto unreceptive to shall come alive in you, and only now will you recognise the Lord and Saviour's profound love, and even more humbly will you bow to His will .... As a result of your devotion the Lord was able to take abode in your heart, yet in order to make it worthy of His Divinity you must first come aglow in sacred love for Him .... My child, every Word He sends to you tells of His great love .... yet He also wants to posses your love and so places His Word deep into your heart, because you will accept the Words which God gives for the benefit of all .... and they will kindle bright light in you .... The flame of love will ignite and flare up into bright radiance, and soon the fire of love for the Saviour will permeate your whole heart and make you so happy, for with this sacred love in your heart you will live in bliss and only then will your love for Him guide your every action and you will be blessed a thousand fold on earth. The Lord will give you every gift so that you can accomplish what the Lord has determined for you to do on earth .... if you are guided by your love for the Saviour .... Thus immerse yourself in the book the Lord gave you with love in order to awaken love again .... and regard every event as God's providence, and if you willingly entrust yourselves to His guidance you will only ever reap blessings. Praise the Lord, for His kindness endures forever!


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