I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0252    on  08.01.1938

The souls' wretchedness

Being of service and willing to help

Reward ....

Greetings, My child .... Let My Words refresh you and always remain My obedient child, and I will give you all My love if you are of service to Me .... for the wretchedness of My earthly children is immense, they continue on the path which leads away from their real goal .... from eternal beatitude .... and indifferently walk through the earthly valley. I see the misery grow worse every day, I take mercy upon them and would like to offer them My help, yet they close their hearts and ears to My Words and admonitions. I will bless every one of you who serves Me, yet I have tasks awaiting you and need your complete commitment .... If your activity is to be crowned with success you must, for love of Me, accept opposition when it arises, for I need confrontational servants who are willing to suffer for My Words and to endure hardships .... Behold, My child, as a result of your striving your soul will derive a wealth of grace .... no human child is able to estimate this treasure, its physical eyes do not see the shine brought about by such striving in My spirit and in accordance to My will .... A child which serves Me with love and loyalty can never fail .... it will only ever dedicate itself more eagerly to its Lord and Saviour, and for this I will bless it for all eternity .... All souls are dear and valuable to Me, and every child helping Me to show these poor beings, which take the wrong path, the right direction so that they will turn to Me and allow Me to enter their hearts, will be rewarded by Me with My love. One day eternal light shall shine for them, they shall all taste blissful happiness, which is forever prepared for them in My Father's kingdom. For My love wants to give eternal life to all of you.


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