I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0341    on  21.3.1938

Divine Grace

Spiritual Friends

Dangers from outside

Help ....

Only a few hear the voice of the Lord, and therefore it is always necessary to remain in deepest humility and to beg for God's blessing .... Each one of us may well be working from the urge of his heart, but all these feelings must be directed towards the eternal Lord, and so he will also be blessed by the Savior to unfold all his daily work .... But where the spirit does not willingly submit to all orders, it will be difficult to be able to comply with the divine will.  All of you who long for the Lord, put yourselves in His grace .... Not one of you will lose this divine grace if you follow the inner voice that will always show you the right way.

In all spiritual work, the spirit-beings surrounding you, participate with all zeal .... you are never abandoned, but in the loyal care of these beings - who are unceasingly striving to further your souls - and in this work fulfill their actual work in the hereafter.  Only be careful that you offer resistance to all evil influences from outside .... the danger always lurks around you, you are always exposed to temptations that want to destroy your spiritual work and the work on yourselves.

Leave yourselves also there trustingly to your spiritual friends .... they repel everything from you, if you only yourselves ask for them and desire their protection.  No earth-being can so form itself .... bring it's soul to perfection when it is not effectively supported by the spirit-beings, and this support will be given to you in such a rich measure when you are only yourselves willing to use this protection.  Because otherwise help is impossible for you .... you must continually create the connection with them through your will, before they can support you most actively, and that in every way, both in the earthly activity as well as in the spiritual work, they stand by you helpfully and help you to accomplish everything for the Lord and Saviour and to work for His glory in eternity ....


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