I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0345    on  23.3.1938

The blessing of disease and suffering ....

My dear child .... blessed, whoever patiently bears his suffering, whoever willingly takes up his cross and is always ready to serve Me.  From him I will avert every suffering in a short time.  Pay attention to the health of your body and soul, because only then you can carry a healthy spirit within you.  Physical suffering requires docile people, if it does not want to deform the spirit, but even if you are content with your fate to suffer, never forget that it is always the means to eradicate defects or weaknesses in you ...  but you are also often to blame for the cause of illness and physical disorders yourself .... Likewise, the forces of darkness also use such means to make you stumble you on your way up.

Therefore, have much patience and often surrender, so that the suffering may pass over you in a beneficial way.  I bless the suffering that cleanses man and puts the stamp of surrender on him.  Therefore, do not fall into the error of rebelling against this, but also thank your heavenly Father for it, because it is again a step that leads you higher to Him .... And again prayer will bring you relief when it is time.  For never does the Father lay a cross on you that would be too heavy for you to bear; he knows what is necessary for you and only leads you through painful ways so that you become perfect.  Therefore praise the Father for all eternity ....


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