I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0372    on  9.4.1938

Reasonable will to transfer

Inner Knowledge ....

A man of understanding will always make an effort to accept the teachings of the Lord, but if he lacks any will for it, then he never sees in these a gift of the Lord, even if he cannot unravel their origin.  And so a barrier will always then be set to your endeavor when it is based on a mere intellectually correct will to transfer.  Only then, when the soul resonates, when it succeeds to awaken innermost emotions so that through these the urge for union with God fills the people, also the Word and His teachings will fall on fertile ground, and then the activity of such a soul will find no limits to be in the will of the Divine Lord .... then the intellect understands as quick as lightning because the soul is simultaneously active.

So man may well strive to live himself into such problems, but if he still lacks the power of inner knowledge .... everything is still dead in him and can only then unfold and form when the teachings influence his thinking in a truly living way .... the process of recovery can only then begin when the mind of man seeks the Father alone and finds the right relationship with the Father.

But this should not take away your courage .... always there, where the resistance is great, loyal helpers support you, and you know that just as many spiritual beings strive for such hearts and thank you for all support.  Because your words do not fade away without an impression .... So many words arouse interest of those present, these will cause a connection to be sought and found in further events, and if the person has taken the path of searching in this way, then success can no longer be turned away from entirely ... even if it seems a long way off.

What moves the heart of such a person the most?  The history of creation with it's many questions, which seem unsolvable .... if now in this area a satisfactory explanation is given to humans, then already everything else loses improbability .... they then look for everything with the eyes of one searching God .... and success will not be absent, because who walks the way with God, confessing the true faith, will be correctly guided from that hour on ....


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