I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0374    on  12.4.1938

Divine Commandments

Work of the spirit-beings ....

Hear the Lord's instruction .... Thousands of beings live in His realm, to whom the pure keeping of the Divine commandments was given as law, but who never bother to fulfill these commandments.  In such a case it can hardly be assumed that they could possess the same power of judgment .... that they can recognize the value of these Divine commandments .... the surrounding spirit-beings, however, have in their orderliness no further desire than to bring the most possible enlightenment to those who so dwell in the darkness of the spirit .... and therefore it is continuously shown to them how everything on earth becomes invalid when the commandments of God are not recognized.

The wrath of God hits all those who work against His Word, for they willfully destroy the cornerstone of all the building work for eternity .... Without this Word of God, even he whose will is good would grope around in blindness .... And so it builds up on only that which can make mature and perfect for eternity.  In order to be able to obey the commandments of God, it is necessary above all to teach what the Lord demands.

No being has the gift of being able to penetrate into the deepest wisdom of creation without any instruction from the Lord .... Likewise, no being is able to subordinate itself to the will of God and then carry out this will if it is not informed of it's task, the fulfilment of which first guarantees it the state in which it then receives the gift of knowledge of it's destiny in the universe .... One cannot be without the other, one must properly follow the other, and so above all the transmission of the commandments of God is indispensable, because only then the work of man on himself can begin, because to climb the height, he must have fulfilled the preconditions ....

Who now believes, without such self-activity, without this work on himself to be able to fulfill his purpose on earth, is so immensely mistaken that the surrounding spirit-beings have a painstaking work to explain to these earthly children the adjustment into God's order and will, and this can only happen through hints and suggestions, which on earth concern the people themselves .... and which, seen on a small scale, establish exactly the same relationship as that of the child to the heavenly Father .... that therefore everything you owe to the heavenly Father, you also demand as a matter of course from your fellow men .... that you then touch yourself perceptibly when the fulfilment of such earthly commandments remains denied to you, and that you recognise by it how you still deny the same to the Father, who can expect it from you to a far greater extent.

So then the objection can never again be raised that man is not able to recognize the commandments of God as the teachings of God .... he cannot suffocate in his heart the voice that speaks to him, and he will therefore never be able to refuse that the same thing that he demands, must also be demanded of him if he wants to make himself worthy to live in the community of beings who are begotten by God and are to strive for the same .... the union with the eternal Father .... But this presupposes first a willing submission .... and in addition also the commandments of God are given that you - above all - place your will under the Divine will .... because only then you can be one with the Father when you are of the same will ....


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