I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0391    on  29.04.1938

Seclusion from the world

Monastery? ....

Cast all your cares onto the Lord .... Behold, if you follow Me I will know how to take your suffering from you, and during days of inner contemplation you will receive the constant flow of strength that I always have at your disposal, and thus you will know that the Father is close to you if only you ask for Him .... because I want to give to you what you desire. Behold, My daughter .... The suffering of the world is the result of the sin of the world .... If you strive for God's reward you will be far less exposed to suffering on earth .... then you will only have to bear what you voluntarily accept for the sake of other people in order to alleviate their suffering, and so I will doubly bless this suffering. If you believe that you will enter into God's glory without having acquired your final maturity of soul .... thus, if you strive for the perfection of your soul but prefer to withdraw from all earthly suffering, you will hardly be able to enter the state which will elevate you to Godlike beings.

Anyone who participates in Christ's act of Salvation, who carries the cross imposed on him .... who sacrifices all his suffering to the divine Saviour without grumbling and complaining, will thereby constantly move in divine grace and his departure from this world will be a glorious one. For this reason I did not instruct you to withdraw from the world, which is indeed perilous everywhere, rather, you should willingly accept your cross, let its dangers make you stronger, rise above them and as conqueror of this world become an example to others. You should try to gain the Lord's loving kindness and His mercy which will equip you with the necessary strength and grace to cope with all worldly demands while nevertheless enabling you to free yourselves from your restraints. As I grant My grace to everyone, because every child may draw from My love's fountain of blessings without limitation, you are also given the power to resist the world ....

Behold, My child, nature is governed by many different forces .... the Lord uses them all so as to give people the opportunity to mature. The purpose of these natural forces is to awaken and to shape the concept of good and evil within the human being .... The same applies to the dangers of the world which are also permitted for the sake of a final choice of direction .... either for good or for evil. This detachment of the soul from the constraints of darkness needs to be aspired to and done entirely voluntarily. For this purpose, however, evil must be able to exercise its influence too, for if a soul does not know evil, the state of perfection without a fight would be valued far less than if it were achieved by constant struggle .... Although there is sufficient opportunity in every situation in life to fight evil, the power of darkness will certainly predominate in the commotion of the world .... it will try to approach the human child from all angles, and the merit of such soul will be far greater .... The earthly children's love for Me, their Creator and Saviour, is indeed a fine testimony for all those who want to serve Me, but a life in seclusion without this love would be a mere escape from an environment especially created for the purpose of humanity's perfection, which then would not result in any blessing for the person .... because the criteria and stages of temptation would not be overcome but avoided .... And to maintain one's love for the divine Saviour amidst the commotion of the world is very enjoyable indeed .... To renounce earthly joys and cravings due to this love will result in a child who is pleasing to God on earth already, who will also be carefully looked after by the Father and lovingly and paternally guided past all obstacles in life. You humans on earth should also consider that you yourselves chose this state of embodiment on earth .... That you were willing to accept every burden on earth in order to achieve the degree of childship to God, which is meant to shape you into Godlike beings ....

Although it is up to your free will to then withdraw from your designated fate, and your good intention to serve Me is not to be condemned either .... but you are depriving yourselves of the opportunity to achieve a degree of perfection, since you consciously abandoned this opportunity after all. The human being matures and shapes himself the more willingly he accepts the suffering of the world .... thereby becoming a bearer of the cross and voluntarily walking the narrow path, which has no boundary and can be easily exchanged again for the broad road .... the earthly joys and pleasures .... in contrast to the broad road which makes a crossing on to the narrow path impossible. And thus the former is indeed significantly more commendable for your soul, which is in need of deliverance and light.


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