I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0404    on  7.5.1938

"Oh come all to Me ...."

Cast all your cares on the Lord .... and if the worries concern your spiritual well-being, you shall not remain in need for long.  One thing above all is needed for you, that you do not consider worries too small or too great to entrust them to the Lord .... If you are always careful to trust in the heavenly Father, His love also always care for you .... because you would have to despair without His help, the Lord takes it from you immediately on your prayer .... because through this prayer you also increase your strength to bear what is imposed on you, and therefore it will be useful for you to turn to Divine love and mercy in every tribulation.

"Oh come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened .... I will refresh you ...." All consolation and all love lie in these words of the Savior, and not for a second should you tarry where the Lord's help is so dearly offered to you.  The greatest concern of the Lord is that you would not need Him on your way of life, that you believe .... relying on your strength, to be able to do without His help .... then your spiritual progress will be very slowly because man is only able to do very little from within himself, but with the help of the Divine Father, infinitely much.  So turn to Him in every trouble of soul and body; He will not let your prayer go unheard, and you will only win for now and all time.


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